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Anonymous 45661

What do you think and how do you feel about short men?
Would you actually date them?

Anonymous 45663

Depends on the rest of him. Plenty of short guys make up by getting fit, and some just have charisma. If he doesn't slouch that's enough for me.

Anonymous 45664

Only a fetichist would date somebody shorter

Anonymous 45665

Moid hands types this

Anonymous 45667

I've dated a short guy. It was a good relationship, his personality wasn't very compatible with mine, though, so I ended it after almost 3 years. He was quite cute, too, probably planted or encouraged the preference of mine to be with men similar to my size.

Anonymous 45668

Yeah, I'm only into short guys.
I feel very strongly about them. Pure passion.

No, if you wouldn't then you just fetishize tall men. Women who are indifferent to height are the only non-fetishists.

I will proudly proclaim it's a fetish for me though. Just facts.

Anonymous 45669

Insecure moids are the worst.

>random woman dates short man

"She's a weird fetishist / he has money and she's a gold digger / she settled for him."

>random woman on Tinder demands over 6 feet tall guy

"Women are dumb and shallow, it's over for me."

>random woman says she doesn't give a fuck about height

"She must be lying reeeeeee"

Anonymous 45672

Damn, why every single anon here like shorter men? I've never in my life saw an actual couple like that, is this some kind of cope or what?

Anonymous 45673

a lot of girls into light domming here but also some desperate ones
To chime in, my height preferences are almost non existent (and I'm 5'9''), my first bf was shorter than me and it never bothered me

Anonymous 45674

I don't agree with the anon you answered to, but your line of thinking is pretty flawed as well. It implies every preference is a result of a fetish

Anonymous 45675

It can't be cope if they keep rejecting me.

Anonymous 45676

Samefagging, but what is the difference between preference and fetish, then? Is it intensity?

Anonymous 45677

I am short already, so I wouldn't date a man shorter than me. I am just 1.60 m. If I were a tall girl, 1.70+ m, I'd consider it. Because most men in my country are barely 1.8 m anyway.

So what is the point of these threads?

Anonymous 45678

I'm >>45667 and I did not date him out of any sort of fetish or preference. I suspect since he was my first boyfriend he influenced my preferences, though.

As for your second comment, I've known multiple couples where the female was taller than the male. I live in a large city, though.

Anonymous 45682

A tall hot guy is better than a short hot guy, but let’s be real, face is everything. If he’s not 6-7+ in the face it doesn’t matter. And no you’re not a 6 for being skinny and white lmfao.

Anonymous 45684

As long as he's taller than me, and I'm 5'5.

Anonymous 45685

This whole site men roleplaying as women.

Anonymous 45687

Anons with short guy preferences are most likely real.
Because insecure short men never promote their height as a positive fetish thing. They tend to wallow in their self-pity and trade screencaps of tinder bios of attractive women who only want 6'2" tall guys. I doubt they'd roleplay as women who rave about short men.

Anonymous 45688

I bet you think the small penis love thread on nsfw is real too

Anonymous 45689

this, scrotes coping about their height.
I don't mind short dudes, but I've never met anyone that preferred a guy shorter than them

Anonymous 45690

Does it come up in conversation regularly with all your acquaintances or something lol? I don't mention it to anyone unless they ask or it's topical. My closest pals know, but otherwise it never comes up. I only ever revealed it to one guy I pursued, even. And maybe one other could make an inference.

Anonymous 45691

except some of us actually love small dicks, especially if said dicks are attached to someone who is okay with being humiliated for it.

Anonymous 45739

I kind of prefer guys around the same height as me (for reference, I’m 5”2 so that would be pretty short for a guy). It feels really intimate to be at the same level as him, like you could easily reach over and kiss him. Not sure about guys significantly shorter than I am though. Haven’t met a lot of guys that short.

Similar to >>45667 this is shaped by my experiences. My first crush was on a short guy who was hella hot and charismatic, so I guess >>45663 rings true. That guy I had a crush on was pretty fit too.

Anonymous 45742


So you don’t actually like small dicks, what you like is humiliation, is that correct?

Anonymous 45746

No, I like small dicks.

it's just I would have even more fun with a guy who is willing to be humiliated for it.

But to tell anyone the truth, I think humiliation is only something I can fantasize about. If I really were with a guy who had a small dick, I'd want him to feel confident in that I love his body. It'd be hard for me to ever bring up humiliation unless he brought it up first. Even then, I project that I'd probably try it and hate myself for it because I don't like making people, especially my partner out of everyone, feel bad or less for their bodies.

Plus I recognize that it'd be probably be viewed as hypocritical of me because I'd refuse to be humiliated for having small breasts. The truth is, I don't seem them as anything to be ashamed of. If I were to be humiliated, it'd have to be for different reasons.

Anonymous 45747

Extremely wholesome post.

Anonymous 45883


I'm 6,1 foot tall n my bf 5,7.
Since I'm a tall mofo I've generally only been romantically involved with slightly shorter or slightly taller men, so my current and most likely final catch is the shortest by far.
Never aimed for a short dude, this one just happened to be my closest fried for 10+ years and dating him was seemed like the best decision.
When we meet irl the height thing was making me extremely self conscious for about a year, but he always seemed super into it. Slowly i realised that my own vanity and fear was getting in the way of me enjoying his awesome company and all the adventures we were taking on. So I worked hard to self love more and get rid of my fears of appearing "big".
Now i really find it endearing and hot, I like having my arms on his shoulder and his around my hips when we walk. I like to smother him and rub my tits in his face and pat him on the head. I like being the having to reach the top shelves.
Now I even think I get why a lot of guys like shorter girls, it makes one feel empowered af.

Anonymous 45887

reading this makes me wish my bf was shorter, especially considering he loves to be the little spoon kek

Anonymous 45888


Anonymous 45903

I would prefer a shorter guy. I get uncomfortable if people are taller than me.

Anonymous 45915

>Now I even think I get why a lot of guys like shorter girls, it makes one feel empowered af.
How do you explain sub guys who like shorter girls then?

Anonymous 45930


Anonymous 45939

And how about those who aren't into humiliation?

Anonymous 45949

submitting to a pretty short girl adds to the power dynamic, feels more psychological to be overpowered by something small and cute.

Anonymous 45960

I’m fine with “shorter” guys, but I need the guy to be taller than me (as in 5’6 or above). This is mostly due to the fact I’m fat and afraid of crushing a really tiny guy. Also in my experience really short guys are super insecure or have weird femdom fetishes that my vanilla ass can’t handle.

Anonymous 45967

atleast my height+heels

Anonymous 46110

im 5"3/5"4 and i prefer guys above 5"8. being with someone taller makes me feel safe and taken care of etc. its also just more masculine

Anonymous 49269

>This is mostly due to the fact I’m fat and afraid of crushing a really tiny guy.
I don't wanna be mean or anything, but this is a really funny thing to imagine, but to have that sort of worry is also really endearing.

Anonymous 50037

How short is short? Below 5'9?

Anonymous 50038

Anything under 6' is short.

Anonymous 50040

idk, 5'10 and above is taller than the vast majority of woman

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