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Anonymous 45661

What do you think and how do you feel about short men?
Would you actually date them?

Anonymous 45663

Depends on the rest of him. Plenty of short guys make up by getting fit, and some just have charisma. If he doesn't slouch that's enough for me.

Anonymous 45664

Only a fetichist would date somebody shorter

Anonymous 45665

Moid hands types this

Anonymous 45667

I've dated a short guy. It was a good relationship, his personality wasn't very compatible with mine, though, so I ended it after almost 3 years. He was quite cute, too, probably planted or encouraged the preference of mine to be with men similar to my size.

Anonymous 45668

Yeah, I'm only into short guys.
I feel very strongly about them. Pure passion.

No, if you wouldn't then you just fetishize tall men. Women who are indifferent to height are the only non-fetishists.

I will proudly proclaim it's a fetish for me though. Just facts.

Anonymous 45669

Insecure moids are the worst.

>random woman dates short man

"She's a weird fetishist / he has money and she's a gold digger / she settled for him."

>random woman on Tinder demands over 6 feet tall guy

"Women are dumb and shallow, it's over for me."

>random woman says she doesn't give a fuck about height

"She must be lying reeeeeee"

Anonymous 45672

Damn, why every single anon here like shorter men? I've never in my life saw an actual couple like that, is this some kind of cope or what?

Anonymous 45673

a lot of girls into light domming here but also some desperate ones
To chime in, my height preferences are almost non existent (and I'm 5'9''), my first bf was shorter than me and it never bothered me

Anonymous 45674

I don't agree with the anon you answered to, but your line of thinking is pretty flawed as well. It implies every preference is a result of a fetish

Anonymous 45675

It can't be cope if they keep rejecting me.

Anonymous 45676

Samefagging, but what is the difference between preference and fetish, then? Is it intensity?

Anonymous 45677

I am short already, so I wouldn't date a man shorter than me. I am just 1.60 m. If I were a tall girl, 1.70+ m, I'd consider it. Because most men in my country are barely 1.8 m anyway.

So what is the point of these threads?

Anonymous 45678

I'm >>45667 and I did not date him out of any sort of fetish or preference. I suspect since he was my first boyfriend he influenced my preferences, though.

As for your second comment, I've known multiple couples where the female was taller than the male. I live in a large city, though.

Anonymous 45682

A tall hot guy is better than a short hot guy, but let’s be real, face is everything. If he’s not 6-7+ in the face it doesn’t matter. And no you’re not a 6 for being skinny and white lmfao.

Anonymous 45684

As long as he's taller than me, and I'm 5'5.

Anonymous 45685

This whole site men roleplaying as women.

Anonymous 45687

Anons with short guy preferences are most likely real.
Because insecure short men never promote their height as a positive fetish thing. They tend to wallow in their self-pity and trade screencaps of tinder bios of attractive women who only want 6'2" tall guys. I doubt they'd roleplay as women who rave about short men.

Anonymous 45688

I bet you think the small penis love thread on nsfw is real too

Anonymous 45689

this, scrotes coping about their height.
I don't mind short dudes, but I've never met anyone that preferred a guy shorter than them

Anonymous 45690

Does it come up in conversation regularly with all your acquaintances or something lol? I don't mention it to anyone unless they ask or it's topical. My closest pals know, but otherwise it never comes up. I only ever revealed it to one guy I pursued, even. And maybe one other could make an inference.

Anonymous 45691

except some of us actually love small dicks, especially if said dicks are attached to someone who is okay with being humiliated for it.

Anonymous 45739

I kind of prefer guys around the same height as me (for reference, I’m 5”2 so that would be pretty short for a guy). It feels really intimate to be at the same level as him, like you could easily reach over and kiss him. Not sure about guys significantly shorter than I am though. Haven’t met a lot of guys that short.

Similar to >>45667 this is shaped by my experiences. My first crush was on a short guy who was hella hot and charismatic, so I guess >>45663 rings true. That guy I had a crush on was pretty fit too.

Anonymous 45742


So you don’t actually like small dicks, what you like is humiliation, is that correct?

Anonymous 45746

No, I like small dicks.

it's just I would have even more fun with a guy who is willing to be humiliated for it.

But to tell anyone the truth, I think humiliation is only something I can fantasize about. If I really were with a guy who had a small dick, I'd want him to feel confident in that I love his body. It'd be hard for me to ever bring up humiliation unless he brought it up first. Even then, I project that I'd probably try it and hate myself for it because I don't like making people, especially my partner out of everyone, feel bad or less for their bodies.

Plus I recognize that it'd be probably be viewed as hypocritical of me because I'd refuse to be humiliated for having small breasts. The truth is, I don't seem them as anything to be ashamed of. If I were to be humiliated, it'd have to be for different reasons.

Anonymous 45747

Extremely wholesome post.

Anonymous 45883


I'm 6,1 foot tall n my bf 5,7.
Since I'm a tall mofo I've generally only been romantically involved with slightly shorter or slightly taller men, so my current and most likely final catch is the shortest by far.
Never aimed for a short dude, this one just happened to be my closest fried for 10+ years and dating him was seemed like the best decision.
When we meet irl the height thing was making me extremely self conscious for about a year, but he always seemed super into it. Slowly i realised that my own vanity and fear was getting in the way of me enjoying his awesome company and all the adventures we were taking on. So I worked hard to self love more and get rid of my fears of appearing "big".
Now i really find it endearing and hot, I like having my arms on his shoulder and his around my hips when we walk. I like to smother him and rub my tits in his face and pat him on the head. I like being the having to reach the top shelves.
Now I even think I get why a lot of guys like shorter girls, it makes one feel empowered af.

Anonymous 45887

reading this makes me wish my bf was shorter, especially considering he loves to be the little spoon kek

Anonymous 45888


Anonymous 45903

I would prefer a shorter guy. I get uncomfortable if people are taller than me.

Anonymous 45915

>Now I even think I get why a lot of guys like shorter girls, it makes one feel empowered af.
How do you explain sub guys who like shorter girls then?

Anonymous 45930


Anonymous 45939

And how about those who aren't into humiliation?

Anonymous 45949

submitting to a pretty short girl adds to the power dynamic, feels more psychological to be overpowered by something small and cute.

Anonymous 45960

I’m fine with “shorter” guys, but I need the guy to be taller than me (as in 5’6 or above). This is mostly due to the fact I’m fat and afraid of crushing a really tiny guy. Also in my experience really short guys are super insecure or have weird femdom fetishes that my vanilla ass can’t handle.

Anonymous 45967

atleast my height+heels

Anonymous 46110

im 5"3/5"4 and i prefer guys above 5"8. being with someone taller makes me feel safe and taken care of etc. its also just more masculine

Anonymous 50038

Anything under 6' is short.

Anonymous 50972

no if u date anyone below 6'4 its just compensating. manlets need to die out(Rule 14)

Anonymous 50977



Anonymous 50991

6'4 is just too much tbh, though it"s better than the average height.
5'11-6'2 is the best IMO

Anonymous 51019

I once went out with a guy who was 5'3 (I'm 5'4). We were going to a formal event together, so I bought nice flats that went with my dress. Then he broke up with me a few days before the event </3 I could have worn heels…

Anonymous 51020

The guy I went out with prior to him was 6'4, so I guess you could say I really made a DOWNgrade ha!
Jk the first guy was shit and wouldnt eat pussy

Anonymous 51038

1 They go from annoying to outright disgusting to idgaf
2 No

Anonymous 51228

Absolutely not. I’ve dated a short guy before and it was a nightmare. they always try out for me because I’m 4’10” and make them feel like less of a manlet
Current bf is over 6 ft and I can tell it pisses the lil boys off that a tall guy has me lol

Anonymous 51229

The question isn’t about tall women, it’s about short men.

Anonymous 51345

honestly? i don't think i could date a short guy. i just want a guy that is my height (5'6) or slightly taller.

Anonymous 51362

There are things you can't change about yourself. Height is one of them. I kinda feel sorry for them because despite having good qualities (assuming they actually do) some people will treat them like lesser people just for being short.

That said, there's nothing wrong if you want to date a shorter or taller guy and refuse to date the other, it's just preferences.
I would date one, if he's cute.

Anonymous 51369

I wouldn't date someone shorter than me. Someone my height and taller is the ideal. I'm 5'9

Anonymous 51574

>all posts that hurt manlets feelings get deleted

Anonymous 51578

Makes sense to have a sensitive trigger finger when there's a bunch of spammers around like today though. Especially since most people who post about having extreme preferences like yours are even more obviously falseflag baiting. Which is weird behaviour because that stuff is mostly going to hurt male lurkers with poor self-esteem and not really any women, but they're oddly obsessed with that meme so maybe they think it also bothers everyone else a lot or something.

Anonymous 51580

>all posts that hurt manlets feelings get deleted
>It seems like mods are manlets lol
The post that was removed said "Kill all men under 6 feet." Whether it was a genuine sentiment or just bait, don't act like you have no clue why it was removed. Inflammatory, low-effort "kill all (group)" posts don't contribute anything to the discussion.

Anonymous Admin 51582

The deleted posts were from the same users who only just started posting today and did nothing but post samefag bait about exaggerated preferences.
I'd also like to remind everyone of rule nr. 13. We don't need that kind of bait either.

Anonymous 51583

-t. undercover manlet

Anonymous 51589

get her ass

Anonymous 51592

you mean >>50972 ?
that one is still there

Anonymous 51593

No, there was a post saying "Kill all men under 6 ft" made within the last 24 hours that was removed.

Anonymous 52875

I'm 5"3. I wouldn't date someone below 5"8

Anonymous 52897


>would you date them
Would I date a failed man? No

Anonymous 53062

this, no woman in their right mind would date a guy under 5'9.

Anonymous 53079

>What do you think and how do you feel about short men?
Why are most of them assholes? You can’t be short and a cunt. Pick one struggle.
>Would you actually date them?
Hmmm maybe, but it depends. My boyfriend is around the same height as me. I wouldn’t mind if he was a couple inches shorter though.

Anonymous 53103


It's really my main preference. I especially like muscular or thin short men. They generally have better/more youthful faces than tall men as well.

That being said, the only guys who hit on me are 6'+ (actually… more like 6'3+. They are just huge). I live in a country with one of the tallest men in Europe, so that sucks. Meeting a guy who is shorter than me is pretty rare, and they are usually either gay or they feel insecure around tall women. Idk where I should look for a short bf. Also, I'm not really into femdom that much, I'd prefer vanilla or dominant short bf.

Anonymous 53166

what manga is that

Anonymous 53180

It was probably moids posting it. I've noticed 4chan has a weird fascination with pretending to be the people they hate. And the worst part is that they all actually fall for eachother's bullshit.

Anonymous 53192


Anonymous 53212

I would date a guy 5'4"-5'6" I think it's cute.

Anonymous 53557

Always dated really tall men, but all my crushes that I didn't get to be with were my height. I am really short.

Anonymous 53588

I wouldn’t date a short dude, and I’m under 5ft. All of the guys I’ve dated have been about 6ft or more, I love the contrast

Anonymous 53599



Anonymous 53602

My husband is shorter than me. I don't really care tbh as long as he doesn't like beat the shit out of me or cheat on me. Past DV gives you really low standards.

Anonymous 53612

Kinda of rude saying that going for shorter men is having low standards. lol

Anonymous 53755

i think they are pathetic…the white ones and black ones though. Cause most white men and black men arent short commonly. Now if he was of another ethnicity i would understand. And personality wise and penis wise are considered a lot. Even more so for white and black shorties.

Anonymous 53757

>Cause most white men and black men arent short commonly
You're acting as if they simply aren't trying hard enough lmao.

Anonymous 54106

Physically I love short men, but god so many of them have huge complexes about their heights (rightfully so, I suppose) and it turns them into jaded little freaks :/

Anonymous 54108

I prefer guys who are a bit shorter, because it never influences my attraction unless it's extreme (growing up I was surprised to learn that many women have a strong preference for taller guys, because it usually just doesn't even register to me - not saying there's anything wrong with preferring taller either, and I have other "shallow" preferences like weight). Economically speaking, if most women prefer taller guys, there should be more short guys on the market who have the other good qualities I care about. Any single short guy has a higher likelihood of being otherwise good relationship material, because he might have gotten rejected just for this trait I don't care about myself. Unless he also has some dumb hangups about his height of course, but I've rarely seen this in Europe, because here women's preferences for taller guys are not as strong as in the US, so short guys usually don't feel like it's impossible to get a partner and grow bitter as a result.

Short people also live longer, and since men are often a year or two older in relationships and don't live as long as women, I like the idea of maybe having to spend a bit less time alone when I'm old. I don't want kids, so if I can have my partner beside me for a couple extra years, probably my old age will be better.

Anonymous 54118

Anonymous 54119

i have a preference for guys who are taller than me, but i could date a short guy if i liked him

Anonymous 54244

>But animals that suffer stress and became a submissive animal, that makes him a double loser, and the female will not spend time with him.
If a male spend adolescence undergoing social stress, then the only way he will ever be attractive to anyone is if he comes out of it as a dominant, aggressive animal. Short men necessarily underwent social stress, so only dominant short men will even be sexually visible, presumably on through adulthood.

There is a usual counterargument that there are "plenty" of women who would love a submissive man, "if only they existed." The reality of submissive men is like the reality of submissive rats, they do exist but not on terms that anyone could actually find appealing. If I recall correctly, and I no longer remember who published the paper on this so I easily might not, there are only two psychological molds for submissive men, those being the neurotic whose entire life and psychology is a complete wreck (and is likely too unaccomplished and socially disconnected to ever come to anyone's notice), and the perverse, who will tend to be more driven and more accomplished in real life, whose sexuality is defined by compartmentalization to such an extent that all sexual behavior follows incredibly rigid procedures and rituals. Between the two the perverse is obviously going to be actually likable, since his rigidity and compartmentalization mean he does not spill his emotional and sexual needs into every aspect of his personality and lifestyle and seems on the surface to be more together and a more mature personality, but by that same compartmentalization the submissive pervert is only submissive in highly specific performance rituals and not outside of them, and expects their sexual relationship to be based on his "domme" being nothing more than a meat robot who dispenses highly specific fetish material according to those rituals. It is not possible for there to be a male submissive who has all of the compartmentalization of the pervert but the flexibility and emotional responsiveness of the neurotic type in the bedroom, since it was the development of ritual that allowed compartmentalization to develop. The neurotics are worse, not better, despite not having the rigidity of the perverse type and generally being more partner-oriented, due to their partner-orientation being a product of incompleteness and immaturity. This results in the neurotic type being less successful even in the one area they actually fixate on, relationships. The case study of the neurotic type as I remember it involved a man who was hospitalized by smoke inhalation, which was the point that the depth of his disorder actually became apparent to his girlfriend. He had been drawn to her because she was a highly controlling person who habitually gave him chore lists with explicit instructions on a nearly continuous basis even for how to go about simple tasks like doing his laundry, and this enabled his Dependent Personality Disorder to go largely unnoticed, but for her birthday he tried to show some initiative and make her a dinner and a cake. Dependent Personality Disorders do not do well with initiative, so small accidents that a normal person could have easily addressed became an oven fire, which left him staring vacantly as he was unable to respond to the situation. The fire did not spread beyond the stove, but he had simply stood next to the oven until he collapsed, despite the fire alarms. If he had stepped even as far away as the telephone to call someone for help he would have been fine. Instead he was actually incapable of being human on his own, and not just in need of a mommy to take care of him, more at the level of needing her to be his own brain. The sort of man who is interested in having a woman be his controlling intelligence, his Borg Queen, his Cortana, his Goddess Athena, is the sort of man who does not provide any of his own.

Anonymous 54257

Unironically see a Psychoanalytic psychologist and occasionally trip LSD providing any hallucinations as dreams. Then get over it.

Anonymous 54261

You're a drug addict?

Anonymous 54262

>What do you think and how do you feel about short men?
Neutral, I don't notice height most of the time unless it's too extreme. I do feel bad for men who are shorter than I am though because they must have it really hard
>Would you actually date them?
idm as long as they're taller than I am (I'm 5'5 so that wouldn't be too hard)

Anonymous 54367

That depends, what is your definition of a drug addict? By the dictionary definition I am not.

Anonymous 54385

Great, and you're deceptive. There goes all your advice, into the toilet. Don't you have a bridge to sell?

Anonymous 54388

You decided I was deceptive the first time you responded, which is why you used an accusatory tone and not a question. "You are a drug addict?", not "Are you a drug addict?", just because you threw a question mark on the end doesn't hide your intent. So I will humor you, I do not consider myself a drug addict, the dictionary does not, what standards are you measuring by?

Anonymous 54925

The differential between the compartmentalized and freeform neurotic is very interesting. Is there any further reading on that?

Anonymous 54929


Literally all men I have dated were short, one of them was shorter than me and I'm very short. Never gave a fuck about height honestly

Anonymous 54933


This guy looks like a 12yo kid

Anonymous 54941

My husband's 5'5 while I'm 5'4. I was pretty indifferent about it at first, but now I'm really big fan of it (probably helps that he's finally stopped being insecure about it these past few years). I feel like I might even find him hotter if he was shorter than me at this point, haha

Anonymous 55030

Yes and no. Yes, in that there's a very large amount of ink spilled on the subject, particularly in Lacanian psychology. Lacanians believe that there are three basic patterns that can be followed in a person's relationship with reality; the Psychotic, the Neurotic, and the Perverse. The Lacanians argue that the Neurotic and Perverse positions are different but not unequal, and that the majority position will be Neurotic but this does not indicate that it is psychologically healthier or superior to the perverse position. The compartmentalized versus generalized form is related to the structural differences between the perverse and neurotic attitude, since the Perverse attitude is distinguished from the Neurotic by Disavowal, by Drive, and by a particular relationship with the Other, all of which play a part in what is compartmentalized and what is not. Very broad descriptions can be found on lots of websites with a focus on psychology, or wikis such as this:
but, because the whole subject is extremely complicated and relies on vast stores of referential knowledge, and the language makes it rather hard to follow (for me at least), any meaningful application of theoretical psychology always requires specific cases, examples, stories and data for me to actually follow anything or learn anything. And that's where the "no" comes in. The "no" is that I believe the author of the deeper study of sexually masochistic and submissive males I was basing my comment on may have paywalled or taken down their paper because I am not having any luck finding it.

The differences in compartmentalization I wrote about can to a small extent be extrapolated from a few fragments of this rather lengthy essay:
Particularly these pieces:
> In perversion the other's desire does not raise a question, or to be more precise, the other's desire must not force such a question. Rather, the other is a puppet in that scenery which is an imperative necessity for the perverse subject's fulfilment of satisfaction.
>That the prostitute or the other in general is a puppet in the perverse subject's fantasy can explain why the question - of how the obvious simulation of the prostitute can have an effect - is naive and beside the point; it is an irrelevant question. In the perverse scenery the seemingly naive illusion dominates. Authenticity is neither an issue nor a problem in perversion. Only the neurotic worries whether the Other's, meaning the lover's, desire and manifestation of lust is authentic. The Other's desire is never occasion for knowledge, only occasion for doubt and supposition in a neurotic structure.

>The neurotic can fantasize about, and entertain friends with 'perverse' speech; the neurotic's statements can be 'perverse' according to conventional standards of the depraved and the vulgar. To the pervert, at the level of enunciation, however, the fantasy rests in silence. Fantasy compels to act. For the pervert there is no contradiction between depraved acts in the night, and outspoken and eloquent moral crusades in the daytime, as the chairman of the parish council. Hypocrisy is not cause for guilt or shame; hypocrisy as commonly understood, i.e. as the image the subject wants to create of himself, his 'subjectivity,' cannot be supported by the conventional value of his actual acts. It is a relatively peaceful coexistence between two contradictory propositions: : that the mother has not a penis and that she has a penis, that the Other does not lack and that the Other does lack. Freud called it an "Ichspaltung" that should be distinguished from the neurotic's repression, the latter consisting of a conflict between what Freud called the "ego" and the "id." In Lacanian terminology there is a conflict between desire and the law as far as the neurotic is concerned. As far as the pervert is concerned, this conflict is resolved by making desire the law of his acts.12 The difference between the neurotic's and the pervert's fantasy is not that the former is more morally acceptable, less sleazy than that of the latter. As far as the content of fantasy is concerned, there is not much to choose between them.

>The pervert can be a pillar of Society and be well adapted to the hierarchies of institutions. His transgression of social and moral laws is not occasioned by the desire for reform or the revolution of these laws. The pervert's enjoyment consists in challenging the law, but not with the intention of changing it. The pervert is not a revolutionary.

>The neurotic, however, is badly adjusted, has difficulties submitting to higher levels of the hierarchy, and difficulties dominating lower stratums. The neurotic finds it difficult to accept status quo. To him, there is a discordance between desire and the law. The average neurotic submits to the law in the sense that the Other is the premise for speech; the neurotic must take into consideration what the particular other understands and what he wants from him. The Other's demand for coherence, the question of what the Other understands, is cause for worry for the neurotic and governs his speech.

>To the pervert, the problem is not repressed desire; desire is, rather, the law to the pervert, and therefore there is no discordance between desire and law

>'There is a time and a place for every thing' could be the motto of the pervert, in contrast to the neurotic, who is rather ill-timed, who precipitates and is an embarrassment, awkward, and irritating. The lack of guilt in perverts is striking: they obey orders. Guilt and doubt are dubious privileges of neurosis. The bizarre logic which psychoanalysis has shown consists in that the fewer actual actions, the more renunciation, the more the thumbscrew of guilt is haunting the neurotic.15

>In the standard example of the masochist who pays a woman to whip him, he is treating her as an instrument and therefore puts himself in a position of transcendence in relation to her. In other words, the masochist is the subject treating the other as an object. The masochist's goal is not to fascinate the concrete Other by means of his objectivity — the procedure of seduction - but to cause himself to be fascinated by his own objectivity-for-others. The experience of Otherness, the desire of the concrete other, is radically excluded.

This essay doesn't spend as much time on the Neurotic type as on the Perverse type, and doesn't go into specific detail on the importance of ritual to perverse sexuality, both of which were related to how the two types position themselves to the "Big Other" as opposed to the "small other" according to the article I have been unable to find.

Anonymous 55131

Thank you for the all the resources, Anon. I have a lot of reading on Lacan to do, and probably Freud and Hegel as well if I want appropriate context. The only background I have on neurosis is the Horney theories.

Anonymous 55135


well i'm 5'0 so what most women would consider short is tall for me. so yes i'd date a short guy

Anonymous 55164

The OP is also suspect

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