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Anonymous 46749

Coronavirus discussion: How fucked are we? I live in California.

Apparently it's predicted that 2.5 billion could be infected in 45 days due to exponential growth and 53 million could die.


Anonymous 46750

Start stockpiling non perishable food. If you have friends or relatives in the country or living on small coastal islands . Get in touch . The economy is going tits up . China is the engine to our prosperity. It's all looking very strange both astrologically and from the objective humanist perspective. Be presient and start making your plans . Pluto is doing a number on us but on the bright side new beginnings.

Anonymous 46753


I’m Chinese (born in China, came to the US when I was 9), so still have family in China. It’s really serious if you know what’s been going on in China. No one is working in Beijing, where I’m originally from. Hand sanitizers and rubbing/disinfectant alcohol is sold out in stores (never mind masks). The streets are fucking empty, which is frankly disturbing if you have any idea about the sheer amount of people there usually are on any given street in Beijing. For context, Beijing is not one of the major outbreak areas at all. My family stupidly went out to eat for Chinese new year because they had a reservation. Waited for 30 minutes and no food. Guess what? Every single other guest with reservations canceled or ordered takeout/delivery to avoid gathering in a public place. This is a huge deal, like finding all of the bars/clubs empty on a Thursday/Friday night in a major metro area. They recently locked down Hangzhou, which is a huge deal that I don’t think non-Chinese people would understand, because Hangzhou is really a huge, important city.

I just think westerners aren’t taking this seriously enough. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but be safe, miners. Get plenty of rest to keep your immune system strong. Avoid travel until this whole thing blows over.

Anonymous 46758

Are there a lot more people infected / dead than reported, or is it just mass hysteria ?

Anonymous 46759

Allegedly, the Chinese government is incredibly short on the number of test kits. It's not that anyone is intentionally obfuscating numbers, there's just not enough kits to get accurate answers on how many are infected and how many died because they were infected. The number is under-reported but there's no way to know how under reported.

Anonymous 46760

I think it's mostly just that it doesn't seem to be spreading outside of China much. SARS was a lot more spread out relative to the number of infections, so the fact that there's so few cases outside of China despite there being so many in China makes it seem like this thing is pretty well contained.

Anonymous 46765


Possibly, there are a lot of rumors about that on wechat (Chinese messaging app), but the government is clamping down on people talking about the virus on wechat. Some “official” sources i.e. Zhong Nanshan, an expert in this field who fought SARS, are also going strangely silent.

Anonymous 46788

>everything is okay because i say so and everyone who doesn't think so is retarded even if they know more about the situation than i do
Oh sweetie. :)

Anonymous 46789

I'm in socal.
If I die, I die.

Anonymous 46831


im in the desert in cali, i hope my cat will be ok of i sucumb to infection and death

Anonymous 46833

Currently the only people who died are either the old, the very sick or infants, people with shitty immune systems, as a healthy adult you're chances aren't that bad.
Masks only kind of help with keeping it from spreading if the infected is wearing it, it's worthless for keeping yourself from being infected.
Wash your hands frequently, carry around hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, nose, mouth, eyes or food if you touched someone without washing your hands (especially true for handshakes) and you should be fine.
Bacteria can't survive on inanimate objects for very long so you don't have to worry about anything like that, only probable carriers are humans or "human products" like sweat, mucus, saliva, vomit, feces, urine and blood, and again, the bacteria can't survive for long without a host, so a pool of sick that stayed overnight is probably not contagious, even if it was made by a carrier.

Anonymous 46835

I have a sore throat and I am coughing.

Do I have it?

Anonymous 46839

Yes. You should make sure to talk with some sort of financial advisor and get your affairs in order. See if you can swipe some morphine before you leave for the other side.

Anonymous 46841

Goodbye, anon. You'll be missed.
Just take zinc and you should be fine.

Anonymous 46842

It's a virus, not a bacteria. This one can survive for more than 24 hours on inert surfaces IIRC

Anonymous 46844

>Bacteria can't survive on inanimate objects for very long
a) this isn't a bacteria, it's a virus
b) lots of bacterias can survive for a long ass time and in very harsh conditions. And I'm not just talking about the harmless ones that live on radiation or something, there are several types of infectious bacteria that can basically hibernate for weeks when they're outside of a host.

Anonymous 46845

Just noticed this part after my stupid rant about bacteria but this part is actually important.
>carry around hand sanitizer,
Hand sanitizers are generally not effective against enveloped viruses (such as the flu, HIV, and coronavirus). Hand sanitizer kills the things on your hands, but it doesn't get rid of them. Purell and other hand sanitizer brands like to imply that their products are useful when it comes to viruses, but both the FDA and CDC have stated that most effective sanitization method against viruses is soap and water. To be clear: HAND SANITIZERS ARE NOT EFFECTIVE AGAINST VIRUSES. YOU HAVE TO THROUGHLY SCRUB YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER.
Sorry for yelling.

Anonymous 46865

>i live in california
You better hope the virus gets you

Anonymous 46945

the virus is in silicon valley, you can't get masks online, let alone stores

Anonymous 47086

>53,000,000/2,500,000,000 = 0.02
>0.02 x 100 = 2
>2% Death rate

Who even cares tbh.

Anonymous 55848

sick burn.jpg

This thread didn't age too well.

Anonymous 55849

Is bumping a 5 month old thread considered necrobumping on a slow board like this?

Anonymous 55850

are you new here?
it's common to bump extremely old threads on cc

Anonymous 55851

The fact I asked the question would imply that I am somewhat new, no rules are specifically stated on the matter. Though, I suppose rule 17 might apply to myself, I've never seen a thread this old bumped.

Anonymous 55853

>no one except a few freak cases and a handful of geriatrics in a nursing home has died of this
>everyone on the planet essentially lost a year of their lives over the hysteria
>economic ramifications will follow us for years

Anonymous 55856

>>no one except a few freak cases and a handful of geriatrics in a nursing home has died of this
>144K deaths in the US alone so far
>3.97M confirmed cases so far
Even if we assume those numbers are doubled by misidentifying flu, pneumonia etc., that's still a lethality rate of 1.8%. That's over 3 million individuals dead nationwide.

Granted, the majority of them would be geriatics as you said, which probably means it's a net gain to the economy with their death. The current death tolls is still nothing to sneeze at.

Anonymous 55857

>Even if we assume those numbers are doubled by misidentifying flu, pneumonia etc., that's still a lethality rate of 1.8%. That's over 3 million individuals dead nationwide.
*assuming the entire population gets infected

Anonymous 55875

You say this, but keep in mind that even China, where this virus originates from, basically locked down an entire province and roadblocked everything whilst building temporary hospitals in the span of a week. They went as far as to lock people in their homes.

If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously, then something is definitely up.

Anonymous 55878

>If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously, then something is definitely up.

The fact you think China has no regards for it's citizens speaks volumes about the power of American propoganda.

Anonymous 55879

>If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously,
lmao china is a "wrap the populace in bubble wrap" country.

Anonymous 55880

Dengists were a mistake, critical support for China as a geopolitical rival to the US but that's all

Anonymous 56092

It isn't like we have that much traffic, plus the topic is still relevant.

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