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Anonymous 46791

left or right?

Anonymous 46792

Why can't I have both?

Anonymous 46793

The ideal relationship would be two people of a similar size, that way you can comfortably 69 and share clothes and stuff.

Anonymous 46794

right, i guess
i like feeling petite/feminine, but really tall guys actually kind of scare me IRL maybe because i'm "smol" (5'1 87-91 pounds depending on how many cookies i eat lel)

Anonymous 46797

God I wish that were me.

Anonymous 46799

Right blue and left pink should leave the manlets to themselves and get to work cranking out ubermensch

Anonymous 46801

Neither. Right pink with left blue is GOAT.

Anonymous 46802

>two small people
But that's just how it normally is? Manlets always end up with short girls.
Yes I'm bitter.

Anonymous 46803

all you need is free love

Anonymous 46804

right blue gets both girls and left blue shoots up a school

Anonymous 46809

I think we all know the solution to this; government mandated manlet slaves

Anonymous 46811

I'm OK with this. jpg

Anonymous 46813

>manlet slaves
NO, pets. They need to be cared for gently (unless otherwise specified).

Anonymous 46817

I like the feeling of right but the guys on the left are usually more attractive.

I'll just stick to skinny guys who're slightly taller than me like a normie.

Anonymous 46820

Don't you want a cute bf to be cute together with?

Anonymous 46823


Yes, that's what I'm bitter about.
I want lil bf but I am not small myself so it is forbidden (by them).

Anonymous 46826

This. Kissing and talking to each other is also easier when you're of similar size. Plus, I personally dislike having to crane my neck to be able to look up to a guy like a toddler looks up to his/her father.

Anonymous 46847

Got the left going on in my current relationship.

Tried right in the past.

Prefer left. Easier.

Anonymous 46853

you lack the confidence and aggressiveness to pin down your manlet of choice onto a wall and force him into becoming your pet

Anonymous 46854

You can't do that, anon. It's illegal.

I would want them to want me, anyway. But it is never so. Maybe less because of my own stature and more because of my personality. Eh.

Anonymous 46862

thing is, out of men who like tall girls, the ones with the confidence to talk to one are the exception.
since the only person you can change is yourself, you're going to have to be the one to overcome this disadvantage yourself, since these shy boys won't.
imo something like "wanting you" or loving you is built over a long period of time and not a matter of lust.

Anonymous 46891

Right of course

Anonymous 46926


This is the ideal heterosexual relationship.
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance actually looks like.

Anonymous 46936

I am betting that 9 out of 10 posts praising manlets on this board are just LARPing manlet moids

Anonymous 46939


The only correct answer

Anonymous 46940


Have you seen how they talk about their heights? 99% of manlet moids are filled with too much self-pity and hate for women to larp as a female manlet lover.

You forgot to remove the boobs.

Anonymous 46941

Nah, about 60% are, the other 40% are full-time LARPing as women on the internet

Anonymous 46946

Man on the left: overflowing joy and sexual enthusiasm
Woman on the left: mere contentment

Woman on the right: happiness and pride
Man on the right: "god dammit what am I supposed to do with this"

Anonymous 46961

Conclusion: Small people are happier.

Anonymous 46988

Small moids do not look very happy lol

Anonymous 46994

I will make them happy.

Anonymous 46997


laughed at this shit

Anonymous 47033

Will you dig underground dwellings for them so they can live like Hobbits?

Anonymous 47240

I love being the mommy gf :)

Anonymous 47246

are u a smol boy who likes head pats?

Anonymous 47250

What is the minimum cut-off for you to classify somebody as small rather than average?

Anonymous 47252

small is relative, average exists as a vague concept to make people feel a certain way about themselves

Anonymous 47253

Can you give me a solid measurement for what height you would personally consider to be "small"?
Would you consider 5"8 to be small?

Anonymous 47256

nta, but I'm another manlet fetishist and consider <5'5" small, preferably even <5'3". If he's skinny, 5'8" is still cute but he certainly wouldn't be petite.

But I agree it does depend on the height of the woman. I'm 5'6", but a 6ft tall woman may consider 5'8" small.

Anonymous 47262

Smol bois gonna get banned

Anonymous 47346

So many manlets posing as women and trying to convince themselves somebody likes them, lmao. Nobody likes you little woodland creatures.

Anonymous 47349

You should be glad some women are into short men. Less competition for you since you obviously like tall men. Win-win for all.

Anonymous 47351

There are at most 3 women on CC who actually like short men, 1 of whom is rather prolific.
They have disparate impact, but if you have the patience to try you can start telling them apart from other users by writing style and habits.

Anonymous 47353

what makes a person this spiteful for something others can't controll

Anonymous 47355

Manlets can control it though.
They can stop being manlets any time.
They just need to have the willpower and courage to pass through the rope.

Anonymous 47373

You want to choke them?

Anonymous 47378

Oh, anon. Now I'm afraid that you can tell my non-manlet-thirsting posts apart.

Anonymous 47404

The fact they periodically shit up every discussion by LARPing as women in a desperate bid to delude themselves into thinking somebody actually likes them, plus general interest for eugenics and personal physical dislike for them. What do you think moids say/think about fat women?

Anonymous 47419

Fat people (men and women) are gross and weight is not a good comparison for height, since height is out of one's control.

Anonymous 47420

You can always lose weight. Depending on the situation it might be harder for others.
You can always get your thyroid check.

Anonymous 47431

Finally some sane logical opinions. Finally some normalcy. Where can I find more of these normal opinions?

Anonymous 47482


Anonymous 47516

That sounds exactly like what an infiltrated manlet would say.

Anonymous 47523

t. fattie
just lose weight

Anonymous 47525

Not even close. I'm a tall woman who wishes I were shorter.

Anonymous 47527

Just go for it.
Most short guys (like actually short, not some 5'8" whiner) would be fine with a really tall girl

Anonymous 47535

Well, now you have 2 of us (you)ing you. Can the third anon who likes short guys reply here please?

Anonymous 47541

Left which is may also be also perfectly achievable with the rise of FtMs. A lover without a penis would be ideal in every way anyway, it's a shame I'm not attracted to women

Anonymous 47546

If they had a small enough penis would it count as a clitoris? Also I don't get why you can't like women if you hate penises so much.

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