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Anonymous 46791

left or right?

Anonymous 46792

Why can't I have both?

Anonymous 46793

The ideal relationship would be two people of a similar size, that way you can comfortably 69 and share clothes and stuff.

Anonymous 46794

right, i guess
i like feeling petite/feminine, but really tall guys actually kind of scare me IRL maybe because i'm "smol" (5'1 87-91 pounds depending on how many cookies i eat lel)

Anonymous 46797

God I wish that were me.

Anonymous 46799

Right blue and left pink should leave the manlets to themselves and get to work cranking out ubermensch

Anonymous 46801

Neither. Right pink with left blue is GOAT.

Anonymous 46802

>two small people
But that's just how it normally is? Manlets always end up with short girls.
Yes I'm bitter.

Anonymous 46803

all you need is free love

Anonymous 46804

right blue gets both girls and left blue shoots up a school

Anonymous 46809

I think we all know the solution to this; government mandated manlet slaves

Anonymous 46811

I'm OK with this. jpg

Anonymous 46813

>manlet slaves
NO, pets. They need to be cared for gently (unless otherwise specified).

Anonymous 46817

I like the feeling of right but the guys on the left are usually more attractive.

I'll just stick to skinny guys who're slightly taller than me like a normie.

Anonymous 46820

Don't you want a cute bf to be cute together with?

Anonymous 46823


Yes, that's what I'm bitter about.
I want lil bf but I am not small myself so it is forbidden (by them).

Anonymous 46826

This. Kissing and talking to each other is also easier when you're of similar size. Plus, I personally dislike having to crane my neck to be able to look up to a guy like a toddler looks up to his/her father.

Anonymous 46847

Got the left going on in my current relationship.

Tried right in the past.

Prefer left. Easier.

Anonymous 46853

you lack the confidence and aggressiveness to pin down your manlet of choice onto a wall and force him into becoming your pet

Anonymous 46854

You can't do that, anon. It's illegal.

I would want them to want me, anyway. But it is never so. Maybe less because of my own stature and more because of my personality. Eh.

Anonymous 46862

thing is, out of men who like tall girls, the ones with the confidence to talk to one are the exception.
since the only person you can change is yourself, you're going to have to be the one to overcome this disadvantage yourself, since these shy boys won't.
imo something like "wanting you" or loving you is built over a long period of time and not a matter of lust.

Anonymous 46891

Right of course

Anonymous 46926


This is the ideal heterosexual relationship.
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance actually looks like.

Anonymous 46936

I am betting that 9 out of 10 posts praising manlets on this board are just LARPing manlet moids

Anonymous 46939


The only correct answer

Anonymous 46940


Have you seen how they talk about their heights? 99% of manlet moids are filled with too much self-pity and hate for women to larp as a female manlet lover.

You forgot to remove the boobs.

Anonymous 46941

Nah, about 60% are, the other 40% are full-time LARPing as women on the internet

Anonymous 46946

Man on the left: overflowing joy and sexual enthusiasm
Woman on the left: mere contentment

Woman on the right: happiness and pride
Man on the right: "god dammit what am I supposed to do with this"

Anonymous 46961

Conclusion: Small people are happier.

Anonymous 46988

Small moids do not look very happy lol

Anonymous 46994

I will make them happy.

Anonymous 46997


laughed at this shit

Anonymous 47033

Will you dig underground dwellings for them so they can live like Hobbits?

Anonymous 47240

I love being the mommy gf :)

Anonymous 47246

are u a smol boy who likes head pats?

Anonymous 47250

What is the minimum cut-off for you to classify somebody as small rather than average?

Anonymous 47252

small is relative, average exists as a vague concept to make people feel a certain way about themselves

Anonymous 47253

Can you give me a solid measurement for what height you would personally consider to be "small"?
Would you consider 5"8 to be small?

Anonymous 47256

nta, but I'm another manlet fetishist and consider <5'5" small, preferably even <5'3". If he's skinny, 5'8" is still cute but he certainly wouldn't be petite.

But I agree it does depend on the height of the woman. I'm 5'6", but a 6ft tall woman may consider 5'8" small.

Anonymous 47262

Smol bois gonna get banned

Anonymous 47346

So many manlets posing as women and trying to convince themselves somebody likes them, lmao. Nobody likes you little woodland creatures.

Anonymous 47349

You should be glad some women are into short men. Less competition for you since you obviously like tall men. Win-win for all.

Anonymous 47351

There are at most 3 women on CC who actually like short men, 1 of whom is rather prolific.
They have disparate impact, but if you have the patience to try you can start telling them apart from other users by writing style and habits.

Anonymous 47353

what makes a person this spiteful for something others can't controll

Anonymous 47355

Manlets can control it though.
They can stop being manlets any time.
They just need to have the willpower and courage to pass through the rope.

Anonymous 47373

You want to choke them?

Anonymous 47378

Oh, anon. Now I'm afraid that you can tell my non-manlet-thirsting posts apart.

Anonymous 47404

The fact they periodically shit up every discussion by LARPing as women in a desperate bid to delude themselves into thinking somebody actually likes them, plus general interest for eugenics and personal physical dislike for them. What do you think moids say/think about fat women?

Anonymous 47419

Fat people (men and women) are gross and weight is not a good comparison for height, since height is out of one's control.

Anonymous 47420

You can always lose weight. Depending on the situation it might be harder for others.
You can always get your thyroid check.

Anonymous 47431

Finally some sane logical opinions. Finally some normalcy. Where can I find more of these normal opinions?

Anonymous 47482


Anonymous 47516

That sounds exactly like what an infiltrated manlet would say.

Anonymous 47523

t. fattie
just lose weight

Anonymous 47525

Not even close. I'm a tall woman who wishes I were shorter.

Anonymous 47527

Just go for it.
Most short guys (like actually short, not some 5'8" whiner) would be fine with a really tall girl

Anonymous 47535

Well, now you have 2 of us (you)ing you. Can the third anon who likes short guys reply here please?

Anonymous 47541

Left which is may also be also perfectly achievable with the rise of FtMs. A lover without a penis would be ideal in every way anyway, it's a shame I'm not attracted to women

Anonymous 47546

If they had a small enough penis would it count as a clitoris? Also I don't get why you can't like women if you hate penises so much.

Anonymous 47583

My BMI is within normal range. I just dislike manlet infiltrators who come here to LARP. Now crawl away back into your little hole minimoid

Anonymous 47584


You all got it wrong. When i see this image, what I see is a mother and father standing side by side both with their kids against them giving the child of the opposite sex the love they deserve. Because of the messed up family relationships that so many have, now it is seen that you must have one or the other. look at the image again and see left, and right as a couple. doesn't that make more sense?

In a proper relationship, the love blossoms into a family, and the children learn love by seeing their parents love and receiving love. I didn't really get that and I bet you didn't either.

Anonymous 47591

This is wholesome, but doesn't change my deep desire for a tiny husband.

Anonymous 47594

The artist drew this with the intention of showing height difference relationships.
Nice post still.

Anonymous 47597

>Both people are happy
>Only one person is happy
Simple as.

Anonymous 47657

Tends to be the opposite though. Women who get angry online about other women liking shorter men are the same women that complain about other women not liking buff dudes or other women finding people below 8/10 attractive, they're larping men. It's either men who possess these traits and get mad at not being worshipped because they've been told that they're the ideal, but more commonly it's men who lack these traits but still believe in this ideal, causing them to develop a victimhood complex. People not going along with what they've constructed causes them to realise all their moaning was a waste of time and that the reason they can't get laid is entirely their own fault, so they just deny it.

You're not fooling anyone, especially with incel tier shit like >>47355 and >>47404

Anonymous 47662

lol what's up leader

Anonymous 47686

This is fucking true. For fuck's sake, I'm now with a guy who is taller than average. I used to be with a "manlet". I used to be with a definite tall guy in the past as well. All heights can look great on men who love themselves in a healthy way.

For what it's worth, I have a friend who is into very buff, stereotypical masculine men. She is short and has realistic standards for height (he just has to be taller than her, which is easy given how short she is). she's never acted grossed out by the fact my taste in men is feminine, she understands my priorities and I get why she likes hers. This is a common experience of mine with other women, I sincerely doubt most women are rabidly upset about women who like different men.

Anonymous 47687

So there's really no such thing as a true incel because the kind ladies of c.c will fuck anything that moves.

Anonymous 47690

It might be that the manlets are/is with the same mental illness that "fat girls"/"small boys". desperate attentionseekers, makes some people go inse i guess.

Anonymous 47694

What did she mean by this?

Anonymous 47695

Based ESL poster

Anonymous 47701

i has gone inse after reading your post.

Anonymous 47744

This is actually really interesting:
>The theory that short men end up as more aggressive than taller ones has been dismissed by a scientific study.

>Heart monitors revealed it was the taller men who flew off the handle more quickly and hit back.

Anonymous 47747

Manlets confirmed cute, amazing, and good once again.

Anonymous 47836

5 11 is manlet lol Not only you are a manlet you also fat af, your bmi is 25.2 pls do humanity a favor and kys to prevent your genes spreading

Anonymous 47837

Pretty sure he meant 181 cm. You're the one who shouldn't be spreading low IQ genes.

Anonymous 47843

>5'11 man here who likes being shorter
You fell for 4chan memes.

Anonymous 47847

You're clearly trolling but for god's sake, 5'11 is almost 6'0, the height that's apparently seen as minimum requirement height for an attractive man.
It's just a few negligible cms of difference, the size of a short woman's pinky, far from being considered manlet height.

Anonymous 47850

5'11/181(cm) is maybe not so much compared to other men, but it is still taller than vast majority of women.

BMI is a meme scale since it works only when you have low muscle mass.


It's true, believe me or not. I wouldn't even consider posting this, but since I have seen like 2 or 3 threads about this topic here i just wanted to tell you that this kind of weird taste can be present in both sexes. I had a hard time believing it too. It is kinda annoying in life but you can live with it.

Anonymous 47873

no its not. most women will be almost the same size or taller on heels. 5'11 is not tall enough and will never be.

Anonymous 47875


Incorrect, 5'11" is actually way too tall.

Anonymous 47882

Sorry moid, but the average woman is 5'4 and doesn't wear 6 inch heels. You've been duped by the 4chan memes.

Anonymous 47888

Not that anon but average woman height varies depending where you live. Not everyone lives in the united states of midgetland.

Anonymous 47889

The only place where 180 cm is short is 4cham and imageboards in general

Anonymous 47890

The place where women are on average the tallest still has a mean female height of 170 cm or so

Anonymous 47898

I sort of get where the incels are coming from with this, since many of my “stacier” friends have a 6’0 height requirement on their Hinge profiles.
What these dumbasses don’t understand is that a guy who’s 5’10+ can literally just lie about their height and 90% of people who are shorter than them will believe them. A majority of real life straight women just want their boyfriend to be taller than them and 6’0 is a round number (I’d suspect 180cm height requirements would be popular in eastern countries for the same reason).

Anonymous 47903

Maybe not all moids are comfortable lying

Anonymous 47929

Lying sounds like a great way to start a relationship.

Anonymous 47999


>maybe all moids aren’t comfortable lying

Anonymous 49760

right indubitably…i wish i were this smol so my fiance could pick me up like that

Anonymous 49873

Right, I would love to be carried like that. And I love size difference. I am 5'0 so I would like a taller person.
If I would be tall I would search for a smaller partner.

Anonymous 49882

a ridiculous amount of men have fat fetishes
what are you talking about?

Anonymous 49883


Men will stick their dick in anything with a vaguely feminine shape, no matter the size or gender. Some even prefer and fetishize the less typically attractive ones (fatties, trannies, etc). That's why they're disgusting.

Anonymous 49885

bee parrot.jpg

>Have you seen how they talk about their heights? 99% of manlet moids are filled with too much self-pity and hate for women to larp as a female manlet lover.

This, manlets want to fucking kill themselves. Look at the way they stare at the floor outside when they're around people and the way people glare at them if they don't try to make themselves as invisible as possible. Imagine waking up every single day as a manlet, men don't respect you and women fucking hate you if you have the audacity to look at them. Even when you're standing behind people in a line and they're not looking at you, it's obvious that they're taller than you. You're getting "mogged" everywhere you go 24/7 unless you lock yourself in your room and forget how short you are relative to everyone else after a week or two of hard enough isolation. The doorknob's always at torso height. There is nothing you can do to escape this except some backflip off a bridge pascal's wager shit. You could cure cancer and nobody is going to respect you. No woman is going to say she loves you for you in a way that actually sounds sincere or cuddle you without her pussy drying up because she's hugging a fucking 5'7 midget.

How could you carry that on your shoulder at all times and then convincingly LARP as a woman that finds you attractive? You'd probably have an easier time pretending to be woman that wants you to do a flip.

Anonymous 49888

"Manlets" hate tall women or anyone who is not "petite" so I have no sympathy for them.

Anonymous 49889

Blah blah blah, so in conclusion: The manlet lovers in this thread are real and female, not LARPing males.
Manlets should just find women who fetishize their short height and everybody will be happy.

Anonymous 49890

How? There are a billion or two manlets and 5 women on crystalcafe who fetishise them.

Anonymous 49891

It would be nice, but I believe >>49888 is generally correct in my experience.
Manlets want smaller women most of the time. The guys who want taller ladies are loud online so it just seems like more would be okay with it, but this simply isn't true.
It's honestly depressing to the point where I've given up on them and am seriously considering just dating women. I know I'm not super ugly since several (taller) men have shown interest in me, as have women. So I just need to move on.

Anonymous 49892

Why would manlets approach women taller than them if they believe women want them dead and that they will instantly be shut down?

Anonymous 49894

Don't worry, I thought of this. I approached them all myself or otherwise made my feelings clear. Only one of them sort of reciprocated, but wouldn't fully commit.
So it's taken 7 (or 8, if you count one long distance manlet) failures to get it through my thick head that this will never work.

Anonymous 49896

how tall are you and how tall are they?

Anonymous 49897

I'm 5'6"/168 cm, they've all been 5'4"/162 cm or less. I'm not overweight, but am pretty sure I'm heavier then most of them because all but two been very skinny and unathletic.

Idk if this explains it. I think I just have bad luck and/or the universe is telling me to not date men lmao.

Anonymous 49898

You forgot those who haven't given out all hope yet and use fake accounts posing as women who say they prefer shorter men. You all know this happens, it happens with a lot of human categories disliked by the majority for one reason or another.
>You could cure cancer and nobody is going to respect you
Here your incel fantasy got too wild

Anonymous 49915

Right ofc, I ain't snow white

Anonymous 49952

>Manlets: "Women only want partners taller them, tall women hate us!"
>Tall women: "Men only want partners shorter than them, manlets hate us!"
As a general rule, which of them is correct? Both? Neither? This is confusing af

Anonymous 49953

Men are more strict with appearance in context of gender roles so taller women are Bad. They project their own ideas on women and think we're as strict as then.

Anonymous 49955

I actually think the opposite is true. We, as a group, are generally more strict with appearance in the context of gender roles; however, men are more strict on looks in general.

Anonymous 49957

If I went to a predominantly male board and asked the exact same question I bet I would probably be told something along the lines of
>"Women are more strict with appearance in context of gender roles so shorter men are bad. They project their own ideas on men and think we're as strict as them"
Who is right? Why is one of the two right, exactly, and not the other?

Anonymous 49958

Congrats for figuring it out. this translates to literally every female-male issue ever.

Anonymous 49959

Men are more "visual" and women are more focused on personality (which doesn't mean they don't care but they're not as fixated on ideals). You can't switch genders and say "oh but it's the same".

Anonymous 49960

Everything I've ever read, seen or heard of says the opposite.

Anonymous 49961

Then why are there so many male p*dos? Smaller=younger=more feminine.

Anonymous 49963

If I went to a male board among many, asked the same and users replied me in the exact opposite way
>Women are more "visual" and men are more focused on personality (which doesn't mean they don't care but they're not as fixated on ideals). You can't switch genders and say "oh but it's the same".
How would you prove what you say is true but what they say is false? Both assumptions lay just on personal words as far as we can see, why should one random person's word be considered any more false/true than another's?

Anonymous 49965

I don't understand the appeal of manlets.

Anonymous 49966

Well, what kind of male board? The one where think women don't date them because their height and not because their personality? Ask some normal men.

Anonymous 49969

And that makes you question if a female board is also the correct place to ask this questions

Anonymous 49970

>who haven't given out all hope yet and use fake accounts posing as women who say they prefer shorter men
This makes zero sense.

Anonymous 49975

This site is full of the exact same male fetishes and opinions you find on 4chan. I think most posters here are men pretending to be women.

Anonymous 49976

most don't even pretend to. They just don't say it outright.

Anonymous 49982

>Well, what kind of female board The one where think men don't date them because of their weight and not because of their personality? Ask some normal women
Really, why should I trust one more than the other if they all end up saying the same thing based on their own word, and full stop? If both tend to do the exact same thing I find no reason to just trust one over the other for no reason

Anonymous 49986


The real answer is we’re all shallow. Everyone is attracted to appearance first and personality second, but Brads and Veronicas are afraid to admit it so they hide behind descriptors like “wife material” and “good sense of humor”. We’re just living in a fucking society.

Anonymous 49987

How many times have you seen:
>ugly man with hot woman
>ugly woman with hot man

Anonymous 49989

>ugly man with hot woman
Women think this happens more.

>ugly woman with hot man

But men think this one's more common.

Maybe we tend to overrate our own gender's people.

Anonymous 49994

Not really clarifying. I was wondering why people who supposedly "haven't given out all hope yet" then go and pretend to be women online, seems like a weird thing to do if you're supposedly secure. Also "male fetishes and opinions", what the fuck does that mean? I think you've just created some imaginary boogeymoid.

Anonymous 50002

From my personal experience I know about one or two hot women with ugly men, and four or five hot men with ugly women. Most couples I know are sort of matched though and those people I talked about are rare cases, plus that's just my experience and, to a degree, my taste.

Anonymous 50026

The stereotypical hottie in our group is actually named Veronica, what's the chance? lol

Anonymous 50049

Yeah, this is probably true

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