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Anonymous 47446

I'm actually disappointed there aren't far more differences between genders.
I would have thought females were more generous, empathetic, intellectual and males more honest, loyal, righteous. Then perhaps having a matriarchy would actually make a difference to the planet. Apparently personality rules over all and personality is not defined by gender.

Passive aggressive manlets are just as bad as passive aggressive femcels. And various other stereotypes regarding height, weight, strength, appearance, shyness.

Anonymous 47497

Yes. Humans have original sin. Congratulations on finding out something most people do in their adolescent years. clap clap

Anonymous 47500

You say you wish they were more different but have only listed positive differences. The same trait can be positive or negative depending on the environment. Most of dealing with people is just hedgehog's dilemmas so get used to it.
>Humans have original sin.
Lol what? That has nothing to do with OP unless you're using a vastly different definition.

Anonymous 47510

Flaws. You know, realising nobody actually follows the exact stereotypes you read in your books growing up. Everyone's taught it, and then they forget it. We're all malformed in the same cursed way. It's just guaranteed to be a shitty time trying to socialise with someone when your only expectations of their personality are wrong. It's easier just to be blunt.

Anonymous 47521

I thought you were going to talk about sexual dimorphism in humans and this was going to be a fun thread about how crazy it would be if we had it on the level of other animals but then you just stated the obviousness of nature vs nurture.

Anonymous 47589

In a slightly different subject matter what does everyone think of Johnny Bravo? would it be just as funny to see this bimbo 10/10 woman get rejected by every 11/10 man? or it wouldn't work?

Anonymous 47590

Yes, the role reversal would be awesome. I want more female sex pests in media in general. Based and relatable.

Would it be realistic if she was 100% hot? No. But it would still be fun.

Anonymous 47599


The show could be made believable and realistic if it were willing to cross some boundaries that Johnny Bravo never had to cross, but that'd be more of a Japanese cartoon.

Anonymous 47600

Wat I live right bi dere

Anonymous 47601

I want a second season of 12 forever more than food, please Julia stop posting weird shit and stop harasing your job team mates.

Anonymous 47604

Minoan civilization was presumably a matriarchy.

>no bras

>no pants
>strong societal gender roles
>mandatory public parties

Maybe you were born in the wrong place and time anon.

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