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COVID-19 47819

Are you worried? What does the situation look like in your location and do you expect it to change soon?

I'm not so afraid of the disease itself, but the economic aftermath could be really bad if the virus spreads widely in the West. I worry about the global supply chain taking a lot of damage, which in turn encourages looters, criminal gangs, just overall civil unrest while many people are sick and incapacitated and food and convenience items are scarce. There's also a lot of uncertainty about the actual stats around the disease, since it seems to behave totally differently in different countries and there are heavy economic incentives to manipulate the data. I follow some of the subreddits on this (lol) and I think the arguments are credible that this probably won't just blow over in the West with a few thousand dead seniors, though I'm also not apocalypse-level alarmist about it, and I hope it can be mitigated well enough.

Pic unrelated, unless happen to I inherit a farm in time I guess.

PS: are any miners in London interested in reasonable/non-crazy prepping with stuff like useful skills, equipment, and knowledge in case of worst-case scenarios? Shoot me an email or comment if so. I have researched this a bit over the past couple of days, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I ordered a basic hunting bow and decided to take up archery in case it looks like spending some time in the wilderness will be a good idea at some point. I don't think this is likely, just seemed like it's a cool hobby anyway so why not lol.

Anonymous 47820

Death from corona-chan sounds fairly quick and painless, so I'm pretty hyped for her to get here.

Anonymous 47822

I think one of the young doctors that died had pneumonia for like five weeks before dying and this kind of progression is pretty typical. And if it's like SARS (might not be though they are related), many survivors could develop pulmonary fibrosis which is basically lethal respiratory failure that just takes a couple of years. Idk man this doesn't sound fun

Anonymous 47823

I'll be honest, I didn't look much into it, I only saw videos of Chinese people going about their day and then just suddendly dropping to the ground without warning. It looked instantaneous, with no warning signs, which is a big part of what made it appealing.

Anonymous 47824

Lmao yeah, that would be something. I think if you don't just have a mild case you can get worse really quickly and collapse like that, but you usually won't die yet for a long while.

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