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Trolley Problem Anonymous 48049

So, what do you do?

Anonymous 48051

Don't pull the lever, it seems more gruesome to just nonstop plow through them since everyone's touching on the bottom track

I'd also hop on top of the train and watch from above while laughing manically alongside the sound of countless people screaming.

Anonymous 48054

First track is -1/12 people

Anonymous 48055

but it’s infinity

Anonymous 48056

With infinity people the universe is gonna run out of food either way so we're all dead no matter what.

Anonymous 48061


The infinite people create infinite mass folding space on itself so the train never passes the event horizon. The black hole of infinite people creates a super consciousness that consumes the entire universe into a higher psychic realm.

Anonymous 48071

Wouldn't all those bodies get caught under the troll eventually causing it to stop?

Anonymous 48142

Joseph Cantor stay out of ethics, you don't belong there you are a mathematician. Numbers don't have moral codes, you are making yourself look silly

Anonymous 48143

infinity is a concept, the concept of having no set limit, there is no actual such thing as an infinity of any material object, not even all the atoms in the universe are an infinite number.

Infinity is an idea, it's a way not to put limits on something like a solution, it's not a real tangible thing.

Anonymous 48144

>there is no actual such thing as an infinity of any material object
Oh yeah what about yo mama.

Hahe gotem

Anonymous 48186

what about space and time? shouldn't those be infinite since they cant have a beginning and end?

Anonymous 48188

Don’t pull the lever. Trolley can keep on going it’s merry way and it can stop if it wants. My soul is clean.

Anonymous 48189

Not that poster but time is not a thing, it's a concept/idea. As for space it also cannot be infinite, if something that exists is infinite then nothing else could exist. To be infinite means that everything everywhere, would be said infinite stuff. At that point motion and change become impossible because everything is the same thing.

Anonymous 51595

Underrated post

Anonymous 51597

Here’s an interesting Vsauce video about it if any of you anons are bored during quarantine. I’ve binged this entire series lol.

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