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Applachia Anons Anonymous 48125

do any of you live around me? i am getting a bit tired of making friends online who will never really be enough of a friend to hangout with me irl. Do any of yu live in this area, specifically the middle part near kentucky?

Anonymous 48164

Hi I live in Europe but I recently only heard about this region and when I googled it, it looks so absolutely beautiful. It seems like a sad place to live though. Do you like it there? Do you live in a city? Is it really as beautiful as in the pictures?

Anonymous 48165

Dang anon, I actually used to live in that area a year ago but now I live in Ohio. Goodluck on finding irl friends though.

Anonymous 48205

Ohio buckeyes.jpg

Dang anon, actually if you look closely you will see parts of Ohio are in Appalachia and i used to live there.. actually i still do live there

What part of Ohio do you live in?

Anonymous 48206


>It seems like a sad place to live though. Do you like it there?
as a whole it sorta is a sad place, financially, and industry wise. They call us the rust belt because we used to be big mining and oil places. The government shut it down so a lot of people really live in a sad state.

That said, it surely is not as bad as they make it look. There are a lot of really nice people here. when you drive down the street most everyone will wave at you, even if they don't know you.

>Do you live in a city?

Me, personally i live out in the rural areas, and away from the city.

>Is it really as beautiful as in the pictures?

Heck yea it is way prettier than the pictures. I knew a guy from mexico, and he was a photographer and he traveled the world taking pictures and he said there was no place he had ever seen with more beauty and vast contrast than Appalachia. Every where you turn there is a little lake, valley, or cliff that could be the scene of a movie.

Anonymous 48214

Oops, apparently I am not too observent. I live in northwest Ohio.

Anonymous 48216


Shoot.. Toledo?
I know another anon who lives there, they just aren't very interested in me it seems.

Anonymous 48229

Kinda near there. Really? Never met anyone up here. Do you wanna talk? I'd personally love a chance to hang out with someone mainly because I lack irl friends as well… Haha

Anonymous 48257

Thanks so much for replying, if I ever have the means, I would love to visit and paint in nature. Maybe if I win the lottery lol

Anonymous 48288


According to this map I’m living in Appalachia (southwestern PA)
Never knew that, thanks anon

Anonymous 48420

I once went camping in West Virginia and it was amazing to actually experience endless miles of nature instead of endless cornfields. I would move there in a heartbeat if I could afford it.

I also live near Toledo. Would love to meet someone for once but I'm probably too autistic.

Anonymous 48429

>also near Toledo
Oh really? Well if you wanna at least try chatting I could give you my discord. I don't mind if you're autistic or whatever because I'm pretty awkward and stuff myself hah.

Anonymous 48474

I'm not a fan of discord but here's mine if you want to try chatting: shion#1760

Anonymous 48989

the start of the v…

H-hey ohio anons the governor declares state of emergency over the corona virus. There are multiple cases in northeast ohio, and southern ohio. OSU is shutting down in person classes until march 30th and doing everything online.


are you ready?

Anonymous 49238


ahem official announcmet!
allz schoolz ar shut down for 3 weekz atleast in al ohioz. man this is so cool, i wish i was still in school.

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