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Handsome boys Anonymous 48335

Why are italian rappers so attractive?


Anonymous 48336

fugged up link owo

Anonymous 48337


Anonymous 48338

Are you kidding or?

Anonymous 48340

Is this a joke I have too much self respect to get?

Anonymous 48343

virgin eboy delusionals spotted

Anonymous 48345

Anonymous 48346

Or maybe you have bad taste in men anon

Anonymous 48348

that is impossible

Anonymous 48360

nigga just looks like a scrawny vin diesel

Anonymous 48363

looks like a god damn junkie

Anonymous 48367

I wanted to see how Italian sounded with rap but this was just awful, please upload something better than the millions of soundalike soundcloud rappers, also he looks more like a chav than an Italian.

Anonymous 48374

Why does he have these purple marks underneath and around his eyes? Does this come from being punched?

Anonymous 48377

they look like shit but this song is decent


Anonymous 54578

Anonymous 54579

This gotta be one of ugliest man I've ever seen. What the fuck is this haircut

Anonymous 54581

picture unrelated

Anonymous 54588

>rap music


>shooting people

>muh dick

>yo fuk 12


Ill pass.

Anonymous 61528

I think my grandma had those earrings.

Anonymous 61722

please raise your standards op

Anonymous 61735

Rap is manchild music.

Anonymous 61887

op non fotti con la gang mi spiace

Anonymous 61893

looks like he does drugs… face tattoos too… :(

Anonymous 61898

He looks like he does fentanyl intentionally.

Anonymous 62040

How the hell do you find that attractive

Anonymous 62747


this is my crush, hes so cute

Anonymous 62877

It comes from doing drugs

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