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Anonymous 48480

A drip drip drip from the ultimate eboy… he goes on some self satisfied rant about becoming more eccentric and mentally unstable (nigger you're 18!)… sends that selfie… those eyes… that stupid childish fucking energy and pathologically inflaggable confidence… something about deleuze… it becomes impossible not to check it out. "Schizoposting?" I had a mild existing interest in content created by proper kooks, targeted individuals, etc, so it wasn't totally inorganic anyway. I had started to see my own suggestibility and lack of stability so I was interested from that perspective as well. I read like 10 pages of anti-oedipus nd now I am here, shitting into a text file at 12:30 am and cursing out women, making barely intelligible comments at ultimate eboy. This faggot is like a siren to me.

Anonymous 48481

I just realized. I remember when I came across pic in OP I thought it was the most attractive male I ever saw. Then ultimate eboy sends selfie, maybe forced? but similar look in the eyes. Hadn't spoken in a while either. I memed this whole situation into existence

Anonymous 48515

I dont understand this post

Anonymous 50910


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