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Anonymous 48540

friendly reminder

Anonymous 48544

Wouldn't squeezing the penis like this make it longer as well as thinner?

Anonymous 48557

More disgusting is all the germs and diseases that have been on a promiscuous man's penis.

Anonymous 48559

Excessive friction from intercourse (and obviously masturbation) weakens/breaks down the muscle

Anonymous 48566

I'm craving a fresh, untouched virgin penis now.

Anonymous 48567

i want virgin but non incel penis

Anonymous 48571

If non incel you mean a guy that wants to have sex but blames his autism or himself and not women or society there are plenty.

Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I believe most of 18-30 virgin guys are actually very nice and understand that even though their virginity is a tragedy it's not something unfair.

Anonymous 48572

honestly it's mostly just being really shy and nervous and not liking attention along with not being into the bar scene just makes it tough.

not really a tragedy its more like if you have these issues you dont want to force them on anyone else.

Anonymous 48575

Oh, by "tragedy" I was just paraphrasing a quote by F.A. Hayek about how poverty is a problem but not always something unfair as it often arises from our choices and interactions.

It's just that I feel sad about the "incel without hate" type of guy. Most of them are really nice and could be good bfs.

In fact, the kindest and most submissive men I've known are like them.

Anonymous 48590

This shit is just as bad as roasty missinformation. Fuck off or post real content

Anonymous 48598

thats the joke

Anonymous 48608

>Quoting the father of the ideology that singlehandedly made the world into the shitheap it is today in a matter of decades

Anonymous 48613

Literally the greatest single mind of the XXth century, possibly the greatest since the Enlightenment. You mad?

Anonymous 48615


Hayek's main contribution is to the Political philosophy though. Yeah, theu guy won a Nobel prize, but even a Hayek fangirl like me preferes other economists, like Milton Friedman and Mankiw among the new ones because they use more empiral evidence. But please, if you haven't read the guy, don't form a strong opinion about him.

Anonymous 48622

>basic human rights
>basic human right to live in poverty and/or starve because of state intervention on the economy and gibsmedat social policies

Leftards gonna leftard.

Anonymous 48625

Comments like this are why people think women are dumb.

Anonymous 48628

The existence of poverty is not a failing.

Anonymous 48636

Aren't aware that human rights were created by the Classical Liberals and that's Hayek's school of thought?

Anonymous 48640

Human rights this. Argument ad absurdum that. I just wanna cleanse the government of apocalypse-worshippijg cultists, for God's sake!

Anonymous 48649


I hate unironically having female incel thoughts now. Not exactly like OP because that's obviously retarded, but I can't overcome other femcel thoughts.

Who can I even blame? CC? Pinkpill shit? Incels?

I can't fall in love now. Fuck this. It felt good to vent but now my opinions are ruined.

Anonymous 48651

Just stop having them. They're not yours.

Anonymous 48653

Blame yourself if your female incel thoughts stem from a lack of experience with the other gender and believing in internet bullshit written by faceless people.

Anonymous 48655

Pair these thoughts with equally shitty but more productive plans of action.
Do you think your boyfriend will never love you and always prefer young, pretty girls? Ok, then lock him into a marriage that will result into financial ruin if they leave you for some gold-digging slut.
Do you think all men are all violent misogynists who take pleasure in seeing women raped and mutilated? Ok, then devote your life to training and arming yourself so you can show no mercy to men who may approach you will ill intent.
Do you fear that women's natural purpose will become extinct as men develop sex robots and artificial wombs? Then let them do it. Live free of men and become your local cool librarian who mentors young NLOG teen girls to become based radfems like you.

Personally, I ignore much of the femcel rhetoric on here since I found a bf. However, if these thoughts are inescapable, make them work for you. Accepting them is better than constantly living in fear of never being able to find love.

Anonymous 48662

>you fear that women's natural purpose will become extinct as men develop sex robots and artificial wombs
Artificially grown bfs, anon.

Anonymous 48664

This. And sex robots can be male. It'd be nice to have my own Zettai Kareshi.

Anonymous 48668

>Implying half of us won't be arranging Yaoibot parties within 24 hours of this tech becoming a thing

Anonymous 48907

just got cancer from this post

Anonymous 48939

>literally equating government social programs to causing poverty is in and of itself an argument ad absurdum.

Nope. It is actually empirical research and hard statistical data. Food stamps and the "Great Society" basically destroyed the traditional african-american family by promoting the means to replace the fathers with state subsidies - which then generated a spiral of poverty.

American housing projects are another prime example of government programs generating poverty.

And just to be clear: i (>>48622) am not stating that every single government program generate poverty. But in general, they do tend to backfire and consume more resources than generate wealth. A good example of the exception (a government program that actually did more good than harm) in the USA is the Eisenhower's "National System of Interstate and Defense Highways" and the Reagan's "Land Remote-Sensing Commercialization Act of 1984"

Anonymous 48962

I know this was a troll thread since the beginning, but can we talk about male penises again instead of Hayek, Neoliberalism and social policies?

Anonymous 48980

What else did you want to discuss about them.

Anonymous 49157

The biggening of t…

The dick is a more or less a series of tubes, blood vessels, and skin. There is not a single muscle inside of the penis.
There are kegal muscles, but those are located only at the base.
While they do help to maintain erections, they do not contribute in the slightest to size.
U R rarted.

Anonymous 49167

Anonymous 49198

nta BUT can we talk about how they gradually get hard if you stare at them the whole time but if you look away it seems like it's instant?
Autistic story time: I made my boyfriend lay down on my bed while I made it go back and forth from hard (he said it was at 80%) and completely soft a few times just to look at it. All my life I thought that it was pretty instant, but it's definitely a steady but gradual change every time. Bf seemed weirded out about my surprise (something about blood can't rush to and from vital ares too quick so obviously it would be gradual) but I am happy he supported me in discovering more about the penis that I put into my body.

Anonymous 49220

Well… Yeah. Penises are basically sponges surrounded by skin. It takes some time for the blood to fill those spaces. Them instantly getting hard would be like imagining that a sponge would instantly soak up all the water it touches.

Anonymous 49242


I’m sorry I’m retarded anon, it’s not my fault.

Anonymous 49257

A penis is more like a cross between a water balloon and a car tire. Very soft and floppy when empty, but once all the tubes fill with blood the pressure makes it hard as rock. Its why they shrink in the cold too.

Anonymous 49812

but virgin=incel

Anonymous 49814

Volcels>well-adjusted sex havers>man whores>>>>>>>incels

Fite me bitch

Anonymous 49821

Not really. There are voluntary virgins out there.
Moreover, the incel term doesn't just mean "involuntary celibate" anymore. The meaning has obviously changed to "angry, hateful and bitter involuntary celibates who troll the internet" after the incel online subculture has gotten mainstream (?) attention.

Anonymous 49857

No because the force of the penis being crushed and the vagina being expanded eventually equal out and reach equilibrium, fitting together in perfect compatibility. That's why everyone should aim for lifelong monogamous sex lives with 1 partner.

Anonymous 51112

Do virgins make good husband material?

Anonymous 51115

How is anyone supposed to learn to cook in the first place if you enforce a standard where you already need cooking experience before the first time you're allowed to cook?

Anonymous 51136

by posting it some anon won't take it as a joke tho

Anonymous 51137

you were supposed to start cooking when you were a teen
now you're too old to start cooking

Anonymous 51823

>I only cooked people I didn't like
>I never cooked because I couln't like anyone

Anonymous 51827

>How is anyone supposed to get a job in the first place if you enforce a standard where you already need 4 years of work experience before the first time you're allowed to have a job?
Welcome to the modern job market, enjoy your stay.

Anonymous 51900

Uhhh you mean Keynes right? We should resurrect him and have him hanged for the current economy we have right now

Anonymous 51932

I notice men will often bring up losing the ability to pair bond when discussing female promiscuity, but isn't it the same for men?

Anonymous 52160

It could be? It also could not be. There are many many studies out there that prove a strong correlation ( you can’t prove causation in terms of these kinds of factors ) in terms of women having more partners and higher chance of divorce later.
There actually aren’t any studies for men, we really don’t know.

Anonymous 52161

>There actually aren’t any studies for men, we really don’t know.
Really makes you think

Anonymous 52162

I mean, I wouldn’t mind dating a virgin, but my friends have put into my mind that there is probably something wrong with the guy if he hasn’t lost it by 20. I would t want to date a weirdo but from my experience in the world pretty much no one gets a virgin guy except for religious girls who marry religious men.

Anonymous 52166

>In France, the publication of such works can also be explained by demographic concerns, as books eroticizing the married couple increased after the defeat against Prussia in 1870, which was often explained by a low French birth rate. These books totally transformed the representation of female virginity in an effort to encourage births. While in the early nineteenth century the virgin woman was presented as radiantly healthy, in Dr. Eynon’s Manuel de l’amour conjugal [Manual of Conjugal Love] from 1909 she became a “young girl […] with shadows under the eyes, […] resembling a wilted flower,” who can capture “renewed freshness” only with her deflowering on her wedding night.

Anonymous 52450

The reality is that generally among men, sex correlates with social success and status as men are expected to take romantic and sexual initiative. Which is why after a certain age, a man who is a virgin almost certainly has stunted emotional issues or baggage. The opposite is less true for women as they aren’t expected to seek out sex as a measure of social worth.

Anonymous 52517


Holy fuck, I can't wait!

Anonymous 58920


>Unironically supporting actual, honest-to-God Neoliberal Economics

Anonymous 58929


Anonymous 58940

It keeps decreasing logarithmically from the original size

Anonymous 59362

>yaoibot parties
go on

Anonymous 59373

i just love that someone was triggered enough by the roastie meme that they felt the need to make this in retaliation
when the whole roastie thing was clearly a refuge for men insecure about their dick size in the first place

Anonymous 60312

yeah, it doesn't work like that.

Anonymous 60335

My bf was a virgin when I met him and his cock is fat as fuck so true

Anonymous 60343

So did it shrink?

Anonymous 60361

No but imma crush it till it does

Anonymous 60363

Ah, vaginismus. You have my sympathies.

Anonymous 60611

If you think the reasons men have to be incels are abhorrent wait til you discover those of men who abstain voluntarily

Anonymous 60673

Cooking not hard, like anything, practice makes perfect. Ironically though i learned how to cook because i got a job as a cook by accident pretty much

Anonymous 60960

Funny thing is that not using a penis leads to atrophy so moids who don’t fuck are the ones with shriveled penii.

Anonymous 60980

There are no muscles in the penis.

Anonymous 61142

Lol where did you get that from?

Anonymous 61318

Look it up, it’s called disuse atrophy and there are plenty of sources that confirm.


Anonymous 66247


literally the exact same thing
sorry for bad english

Anonymous 122385

maybe you should consider not poisoning your brain 24/7 with image boards and social media? ? ?

Anonymous 122387

There would be if men learned to abstain

Anonymous 122638

big dick allure is 99% male gaslighting, anybody that has actually been with a big penis knows it's worse than just a plain average one

Anonymous 122675

incorrect. first off, there is smooth muscle in the trabecular walls of the corpus cavernosum that relax to allow blood to fill the trabecular meshwork during erection. there is also the bulbospongiosus muscle, which contracts to expel urine during urination and compresses the veins in the bulb of the penis during erection. there’s also the ischiocavernosus muscle but IDK what that one does and i dont feel like looking it up. anyways, this is a common myth thats perpetuated cuz i guess it makes it easier for a moid to understand his penis. if you tell him he has muscle in his penis he automatically assumes youre telling him that its just one long muscle which is wrong

Anonymous 122761

>men ranging from 55 to 75 years old

Anonymous 122874

I wish people could understand that Virginity is not a tragedy and stop pushing negative views on it.

Anonymous 122876

I'm sorry but this is just plain retarded

Anonymous 122877

Can confirm, but I also don't want to sound like a moidy smol pp apologist

Anonymous 122879

Even if he is a virgin he can still have a broken limp dick from touching it too much. The only solution is to find an amputee bf.

Anonymous 122898

Reckon this varies a lot, some girls love it, some girls don't

Anonymous 122965

You don’t really believe that, do you?

Anonymous 122991

welp ive never had a big dicked bf but i can confirm a small dick is annoying to fuck and wont stay in for longer than 30 seconds during certain positions

if i find out the person im interested in right now is 3.5 inches like my ex im gonna be seriously bummed out

Anonymous 122993

I can’t imagine dating someone like that to begin with

Anonymous 123012

I feel like any dick is too big for me… How do they even fit there?? I genuinely don't get it

Anonymous 123045

>Do you fear that women's natural purpose will become extinct as men develop sex robots and artificial wombs?
lol once sex robots are released i'll be the first to get my own personal jpop/kpop malebot, and i'm saying this as someone who has a boyfriend kek

Anonymous 123047

My friend had a boyfriend with 200+ body count and nearly killed herself after he horribly broke her heart (had an argument, he went out, fucked a totally random girl, videotaped it, and sent her the videos through snaps with degrading captions). I nearly threw up reading the shit she told him. Absolutely unreal.
But, i believe that to an extent it's her fault. 200+ bodies, and he proudly told everyone. He played with 200+ women, broke their hearts, was basically a community dick, got an STD once or twice which he recovered from and at the end of the day,he was proud of it. Like god fucking damn. Why would you think you will be the special one who can change this repulsive piece of shit after more than 200 different women tried? You in his mind are by this point a walking vagina, nothing but something to be added to his collection as the 236th or something vagina he got to use up and then discard. I will personally never ever fuck a man with a body count above 25. Just no. And my ideal is 0 anyways
This actually makes ne think.
Watching porn, having a dildo or a pocket pussy, or other sex toys is nowadays not considered cheating. I wonder if, once sex robots are full-fledged and working, wether owning one will be considered cheating or infidelity or whether they will just be seen as normal.
I can genuinely no imagine a bf using a random lifeless robot for sex every night instead of me, but who knows, maybe i am just an insecure 18 year old virgo.

Anonymous 123048

>the shit she told him
*the shit he told her

Anonymous 123049

I'll honestly preffer to be single and celibate forever than have a bf/husband who uses a sex robot.
Pretty sure there will be sex robots resembling children, just how there are witj sex dolls.
Men will just become more degenerate and sad, cooming on a lifeless object that looks like a woman all day long in their cave.

Anonymous 123050

This makes me remember that one time I read on plebbit a post made by a man explaining how he damaged his back from trying to suck his snake.

Anonymous 123052

never trust male hoes.
was he conventionally handsome? what type of personality did he have?
i hope the karmic gods get him. he deserves to suffer until the end of time.

Anonymous 123053

>How do they even fit there?? I genuinely don't get it
Now think about how whole ass babies can fit in there and come out of there.

Anonymous 123058

I mean, being lonely and sexually frustrated is certainly tragic, not because of society, but because as humans 90% of us REALLY want to fuck, I don't know if guys really are more "sexually driven" than women on average but if they are I kinda ave to feel bad for incels tbh.

Anonymous 123061

it's more that most of those guys are coomer porn addicts/dependents are essentially train their own brains to be obsessed with women and sex (no really what neurologists have found about porn is…really telling).

I do believe many do "suffer" from not getting what they feel entitled to, but it's usually because they're drowning in their own, uh…excrements. When you don't have any real values or purpose and passions in life and you're a porn addict, obviously your victimhood will surround it.

Anonymous 123062

and yes you could say the experience is like slowly teaching yourself stockholm syndrome towards something that's extremely hard to get. then (if you look at how they talk about it) defending their own egos by justifying it as something men need or they kill themselves.

Anonymous 123063

>was he conventionally handsome?
Not my type, i like more "gracile" looking men, but i'd say yeah he looked conventionally attractive.
He was those faux-macho types who constantly flirts at any given chance and always tries to act confident at any given moment

Anonymous 123065

True, but the process of giving birth isn't supposed to be pleasurable…

Anonymous 123070

sounds like someone addicted to female validation and is dependant on it kek
pathetic guy. he'd go batshit insane if someone cheated on him or replaced him

Anonymous 123103

wow there are a few more wizchan fetishists here than I thought….I miss the virgin thread that used to be active.

Anonymous 123107

Is PIV sex supposed to be pleasurable? Because it kin of isn't. Not as bad as childbirth, but you'd have mroe fun eating your favorite meal more than that.

Anonymous 123110

Idk, not that I have a lot of experience or anyone to ask about it anyway. I had it 2 times and did almost everything myself, it barely fits in and I bled a bit. Found a pleasurable spot though. Weird shit

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 123111

Moved to >>>/nsfw/7082.

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