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Anonymous 48729

I find bald men so attractive. A man who is confident about his looks and especially a man like Frasier with tall and broad shoulders is absolutely breath taking.

Anonymous 48730

larry david has famously said that if you are funny as shit and confident as a man women will find you attractive no matter how bald you are

he said something to the effect of it makes you hotter to not be hot and still be super confident

Anonymous 48731

I've seen this in action and with some men it's pretty true. I had a co-worker once, I was absolutely repulsed by him. He was overweight, and duck footed. But he was very confident. That's how he got a wife with a child and a side girl.
My boyfriend had a friend who he thought was gross. But got jealous of him in high school because he asked the girl, my bf liked at the time out, and she said yes, and they fucked. Despite being gross he had the confidence.

Plus not everyone is going to have the same conventional taste in what is attractive.

Anonymous 48734

Confidence without a lifelong pattern of experiences that back it up would just be narcissism.
Some people find narcissism attractive, but for the most part it's the pervasive lifelong trajectory of success that people find attractive, not confidence in and of itself.
I think we've all seen the type of clueless moron who oozes confidence out of every greasy pore, for whom that confidence is vomitously disgusting.
If Frasier weren't a prestigious medical professional–socially confirmed to be at the top end of human intelligence, not just "arrogant"–and a 1%er with a string of sexual liasons a mile across, his "arrogance" (which was called out regularly in the show) would have been a crippling disorder rather than an understandable foible.

Anonymous 48737

I don't exactly have a preference towards bald men, but some like Vin Diesel and Pitbull and really pull off the look.

Anonymous 48741

keywords where:

Anonymous 49571

What are you like 40? Bald men are disgusting goblins.

Anonymous 49582

This, confidence should be breeded by success. If someone is a successful doctor and always is good at nearly everything they do such as business, or getting sexual partners or their hobbies they will naturally just think they can do most things successfully, and they are right. That is attractive confidence

some people are just fucking good at nearly everything from school to career to sex to maintaining a house…

I know a girl who was a college cheerleader, a gymnast.. and now a professional ballerina and got her degree in biomedical science. Every guy she meets fawns over her and is dying to get a date. She is confident and that is hot because she is so accomplished

Anonymous 49590

>me at 20
>ewwww short men bald men ewww anal ewww
>me at 45
>short and bald and confident men can be hot, anal isn't a big deal even if there's shit on the dick

Anonymous 49592

You wouldn't go on a date with this nice young man?

Anonymous 49667

Bald men are high T prove me wrong

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