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Anonymous 49136

Any of you ladies have male friends?

What is your relationship with them like?

Is the friendship different from the one you have with your female friends?

Anonymous 49289

I have a guy friend who’s gay. It’s not really much different from when I had girl friends. I don’t have guy friends anymore because they eventually confessed feelings and just made it weird.

Anonymous 49298

I have exclusively (straight) male friends, it's tragic. But I only talk with three regularly.
They're generally nice, with two of them I can have emotional conversations. Mostly because one is very close (my bestie) and the other is just sensitive in general. The third is a great guy and, though we don't get too personal, he cares a lot about world issues and justice. But we mainly just have a laugh. The others are distant-but-there pals so we just have idle chit-chat.

Them falling for me is rarely an issue (afaik), but I've fallen for a few. Currently in love with the sensitive boy which is annoying.

Compared to female friendships that I've had in the past, I actually wouldn't say it's that different. Maybe they're less excited for me to mention cute guys, but that's it.

Anonymous 49300

Yeah, that's likely. I'm pretty average. I've been cold approached at random before and have had friends who were…weird (one called me cute very often and smothered me with attention, one stares at my tits when talking to me)…but no big confessions from any pals. I'd say that puts me at a 5.

Anonymous 49320

>made it weird
Like, they just said it once and put it behind them, or they started stalking you?

Anonymous 49327

Most of my friends as a child were male, but as we got older they distanced themselves from me. Weirdly enough, all of those boys ended up coming out as gay in their late teens/early 20’s.
I do have male friends now, but now that I think about it I have no straight, single male friends that I haven’t met through my boyfriend.

Anonymous 49343

They made it weird by being awkward when it didn’t have to be awkward at all. I understand if they felt a little embarrassed or something after I politely rejected them, but… it just sucks. So our friendship would eventually fade. I hope that made some sense.

Anonymous 49424

My issue with male friends is that it's hard to know whether they like you just for you or if their liking is just kind of a byproduct of wanting to fuck you.

At least with women I know for a fact they don't like me, so I don't have any female friends.

Anonymous 49426

>I know for a fact they don't like me
Meet the closeted carpet muncher

Anonymous 49433


lol. The few female friends I have had, have been either bi or lesbian.

Anonymous 49434

men and women cant…

Anonymous 49524


Anonymous 49548

it CAN happen, but only if the girl is not attractive to the dude which poses the question why the hell would he prefer her company than one of his hobby buddies or another men

the answer is if they both share a hobby or common interest that qualifies the unattractive girl to be "one of the boys" status

or if a man has happy relationship that fulfills his sexual needs

Anonymous 49770

i am unable to trust women due to internalized sexism/bad childhood, so most friends ive had were male

when i was younger most of them were very confused, as in thinking that because they liked me (as a friend), it meant they had to be sexually attracted to me just because i was a girl and they were a boy.
now that im older, this gender expectation fell through, and they dont feel confused about their feelings anymore.
theyare super cool, i adore them and they are my bros. i feel at ease with them and we have a great dynamic.

in comparison to my female friends, i guess i feel more at ease with them because i feel like they are more honest, and they wont gossip behind my back. i can be myself around them and they wont care. i see them as an equal and not a rival. this is all probably the bad childhood/sexism speaking but i have a much easier time trusting men (as friends) than women.

Anonymous 49794

yes, i was in a friend group of all emo men, most of them wounded up to be pretty shitty people one was an abusive narcissist one was misogynist and call me terrible things everyday with anger issues the other was the most emotionally immature tone deaf person in the world im only still friends with one of them whos only flaw is to still associating with those people, now I kinda only hang out with my bf's friends because im pretty lonley and dont have friends at school so my default i now have new male friends, but none of my internet friends are straight men, there all girls and gays

Anonymous 49795

This one guy who I've been friends with for a ew years, we met u again recently and walked around the outskirts of town. it was nice, we were gonna get high but didnt have anything.
recently hes been dropping hints athat he migh actually be into me :) which is cool.
i dont have many female friends because guys are normally funnier and i can get along with them better.

Anonymous 49802

Are these all the same poster? It weirds me out how their posting style is the same

Anonymous 50417

I've had male friends but I vastly prefer female ones. It's easier to have stupid fun with females and there's never any awkward feelings between us. Every male "best friend" I've ever had just ended up having a crush on me, and I had to drop them entirely since they usually get extremely pissy at getting rejected.

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