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Zodiac Signs Anonymous 49676

What are your signs, miners?

I’m a Pisces…

Anonymous 49677

your sister sign, virgo

Anonymous 49678

I’ve only had one irl Virgo friend. I like you guys a lot.

Anonymous 49683

astrology is a mental illnes.

Piscis! <3

Anonymous 49703

Sagittarius here

Anonymous 49709


29th degree aquarius
venus in pisces

Anonymous 49713

Sun, moon, merc, venus, jup and pluto in Scorpio.

Anonymous 49715

Wow you are like an avatar of scorpio energy

What are the degrees of your houses?

Anonymous 49716


Does it show anything interesting?

Anonymous 49717

See I'll believe in a lot of things but astrology ain't one of them. I'm supposed to be a Leo which should make me a confident, outgoing leader.

I sit in my room, never leave it, and wince everytime I hear my family walk by because I'm always paranoid.

That's proof enough for me that your birthday doesn't determine what kind of person you are.

Anonymous 49718

Scorpi-hoe, but astrology is honestly dumb. I only got into it to annoy men.

Anonymous 49719

I need the rest of your planets and you need to be more specific with questions because I can basically see your whole life, You've had a really turbulant life within the past 2 years with jupiter returning to scorpio.

Anonymous 49724

Ah, I'll pass then. Don't feel like anything has been turbulent except my mind sometimes.

Anonymous 49735

Sun and moon both in Leo and I've let it affect my ego far too much. I do have pretty nice hair though.

Anonymous 49737

It does and does not describe me.

I believe in the theory that horoscopes are only relevant insofar as the first few months of life may slightly affect a baby's disposition.

Anonymous 49750

kek same.

Anonymous 49752

Libra with the Sun in libra.
Pretty accurate in my case.

Anonymous 49753

Taurus in sun and rising, Virgo in moon.

I don't think it describes me terribly well, except I'm horny as fuck.

Anonymous 49769

scorpio sun, saggi rising, aries moon. saggi venus, libra mars
even though they all make a lot of sense, my signs are like this complete party lion kinda person but im the complete opposite. it feels like im the "bad alternate universe" version of myself. can anyone help explain why?

my best friends were always virgo and i just wanna say i appreciate you guys <3

Anonymous 49772

might be because of the houses your planets are in/the aspects they have. you might have some 12th house planets or planets in more earthy houses like the 6th or something, or harsh aspects to your planets. which results in a different expression for you rather than how it "typically" is.

Anonymous 49788


Anonymous 49792

virgo sun aries moon scorpio rising libra mecury leo venus sagittariuss mars

Anonymous 49800


virgo sun, cancer moon, leo in venus, and sagittarius rising.

Anonymous 49853

gemini sun,taurus moon,scorpio rising

Anonymous 49887


Yes, Pisces, nothing's wrong with you

Anonymous 50010


I'm a virgo with a powerful aries moon and aquarius rising so I'm doomed to love the spotlight but also hate it.

I feel virgos are like the great equalizer of the signs because we can find a way to get along with anyone even if they hate them. When I check compatibility charts with friends, I'm always the one with the least amount of contention between everyone.

Anonymous 50015

I'm gemini, but i'm nearly the opposite from how they're described. So zodiac's just another bullshit. I even a little pity people who believe in it.

Anonymous 50031

I'm an aquarius, that's all I know

Anonymous 50462

Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising (with pluto conj ascendant in the first house ruled by scorp so hooray for being a massive fucking edgelord), Aquarius moon.

Also >>49769
>Libra mars

Me too. I feel your pain, sister.

Anonymous 50464



Anonymous 50538

Are we all gonna ignore the fact that the bitch in op's pic has a super gross filthy feet? Whats up with that, eww.

Anonymous 50539

Isn't it supposed to go with the caption?

Anonymous 50924



Anonymous 51296

scorpio sun, gemini moon, pisces rising

Anonymous 51623

Anonymous 51634

yo, also pisces here

Anonymous 51635

I’m on the cut off day between signs so sometimes I fall under one, sometimes I’m the other. I don’t believe in it anyway but just reinforces how dumb it is considering each sign is supposed to have different traits.

Anonymous 52305

I'm an aries but I constantly feel like a pisces

Anonymous 52586

How do I know zodic sign?

Anonymous 52588

If a star sign gets traumatized the frequently start showing signs of the diametrically opposite star sign (eg. a libra growing up in an unloving home becomes bellicose and aggressive like aries).

Anonymous 52616


Rate mine please, I'm also intrigued.

Anonymous 52619


Pretty sure I did.
How about now?

Anonymous 52621

Thx for the reading*. I'm 22.
It's accurate. I'm too chill for life.

Anonymous 52623


In a way, yes..

Anonymous 52639


I just did one but I have no idea how to even interpret it

Anonymous 52646

I'm also on a cusp, I never really understood how that's supposed to work.

Anonymous 52690

the cusp doesnt actually exist. when you know hour of your birth day then you will know exactly which sign is yours.

Anonymous 53302

Most be why they abuse, rape/molest, and murder us.

Anonymous 53309

Terrible attempt at sounding like a girl.

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