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Theories on why men are bitter over women Anonymous 49777

So I've come across a thread on (unsurprisingly) /pol/:
(sorry if it's 404'd)
Basically a bunch of guys moaning and whining over women. The impression I get is that they're just bitter over women since someone with a healthy relationship obviously wouldn't pay any mind to this. I'll recognise that there are women who treat men like shit and relationships in general like garbage, but so do men. That's our culture now. We've become focused on earning money and getting 'high', all work, all play.. but it's become fruitless. No investment, and I'm not talking about money. What sense does having a relationship have? What are the goals or aspirations? People have not even an ounce of selfishness, No self sacrifice which a realtionship requires. Even more so if you plan on having kids. The guy or girl you're with, they should be your best friend. At the end of the day, they're the one you're sharing a bed with.

Anonymous 49778

So, to summarize, you postulate that men are bitter over women because they want a relationship but they, as with many women, aren’t willing to put in work towards one?

Seems legit

Anonymous 49784

Just certain man are bitter:

Rejected losers, fat, skinny, spergs, asholes and tryhards. They are sexualy frustrated and see woman as their judge.

unsensitive machos, they cannot understand anything that is not rational, violent or direct.

actual victims of society, men who lost all they got in divorces, bullied at young ages by woman(for being short, micropenis or whatever).

They all lack actual relationships and convivence with woman in their day to day lifes. Also lack of empathy and a lot of confirmation bias thanks to forums like 4chan and such.

Anonymous 49786

>They all lack actual relationships and convivence with woman in their day to day lifes. Also lack of empathy and a lot of confirmation bias thanks to forums like 4chan and such

Pretty much, and if you even try to reason with them they'll take it offensively (probably think you're judging them) and insult you.

Anonymous 49787

yeah, you can add the fragile ego to the ecuation. But we aint totally doomed! nice men, even ex redpilled polltards, exist

Anonymous 49791

Those nice men were (presumably) some of people listed in >>49784.
So how do they get from "rejected losers" to ex-redpilled? Do you think /pol/ / internet misogyny might be just a phase or something? Could be.

Anonymous 49793

dont know how common is it, but some grow up out of it. The reason why they have those beliefs is how they feel, the info they show is just a tool to self affirm their beliefs. We all do this at some point of life, is mostly a childish mindset. The problem is that they dont face reality by themselves, just stick to the computer discusing this topics with more bitter and childish men. Some will never grow out of it. In my opinion, they just need objective facts, more personal experiences and a supportive AND
"i wont take your bullshit" women figure, like their mom, partner, boss, friend or whatever. And cut their internet conection, for a year or two.

Anonymous 49900

I think men grow past it once they realize women/feminism aren't the reason why their life sucks. In general, I think young men need someone to empower them who's ideology isn't based on putting down the opposite sex.

I doubt a strong female figure would be enough to pull them out of it once they're in it. Most of them don't listen to women in general so why would they listen to one that tells them they're wrong? They need a dad figure to reel them initially before they can even start listening to women and become an ex-poltard.

Anonymous 49937

right but then it becomes a chicken-egg problem. these guys are not going to randomly stumble into a woman who disproves their notions about women/feminism.
Maybe a few will, and they're the ones who grow out of it, but the ones who don't will never get better and continue trying to draw other people into the ideology

Anonymous 49939

Litterally why the hell do you spend time bothering about them? Leave them to think whatever the hell they want, they are the ones spending time and energy being bitter, stop caring.

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