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Tarot thread?? Anonymous 49818

I want to exercise my tarot muscles so please throw me requests/questions!

Anonymous 49819

Is the guy I'm dating right now someone I will marry or will this relationship be short lived?

Anonymous 49825

I wouldnt say complete marriage and such but its a very positive and passionate relationship in general, likely to last. Stay extra careful with your birth control atm

Anonymous 49826

Does my oneitis return my feelings? Or is he just putting up with me because he's so sweet?

Also…how's the future of this pandemic looking?

Anonymous 49831

How are things looking in the future with me and T?

Anonymous 49832

>Does my oneitis return my feelings?
Im sorry but i dont think so. Hes so sweet tho, just pulled up one of my favorite cards when asking about him

>how's the future of this pandemic looking?

I think this is a little out of my current level haga sweat

Anonymous 49834


>be me mixing your cards
>the tower falls out
>interesting but idk if i should take it seriously
>finally pulls your card
>its the tower again

You guys are standing on/will walk into really fucking shaky grounds and lets hope for all that is good that you guys come out on top of this strenghtened by the experience at best

Anonymous 49836

Oh boy, cursed reading. But that makes sense. My best friend is going through a tough time right now and has been pushing me away. But she has very intense emotions and I think she just needs time to process them. Should be good soon.

Thank you very much, I feel like readings help me get a good understanding of where I'm at mentally, and if I'm trusting or doubting shit too much

Anonymous 49837

What is it that I truly want?
What is keeping me back?

Anonymous 49844

Guys pls help out (not only op but like everyone).
>be me
>doing deck interview
>ask "should i cpntinue asking yoj stuff or do you want a break?
>get a 4 pentacles ("yes but proceed w caution)
>ask "why?"
>got the death card

What do it mean. Should i be scared of my deck? I know it isnt tower but its still death. I was having btw bad juju from my deck when it came in but i purified it some time ago

Anonymous 49849


should i postpone my wedding due to the 'rona?

Anonymous 49851


Haha OP, i happen to be a master in the ways of the adept, it is now your turn. place before me the sincere thing within your mind and heart, i will do what i can.

Anonymous 49852


Yeah you should. Now is not a good time for large gatherings.

Anonymous 49908

will my boyfriend ever leave his draining family situation? if no, would it be wise to contemplate leaving him?

Anonymous 49919

you straight up got the hermit, bitch. this is a sign from the stars for you to STAY HOME

why is my deck such a pussy ass bitch every time i do an interview my deck answers in the most sarcastic way possible reeeeee (this is banter pls dont pull a card for this)
please do a reading on the future of my career. if its not asking too much, near future, medium future and far future

>will my boyfriend ever leave his draining family situation?
a very secure yes (the sun)

Anonymous 49920


Would the following 18 months be better and more productive for me than the previous 18 months?

Anonymous 49935

Should start water fasting while quatantined in order to lose weight or give up and accept that struggle is futile?

Anonymous 49944

Do you really need tarot to answer this? Weight is something fully within your control. You may have difficulty with the struggle, but giving up will ensure that you fail.
Also I've personally had good results with water fasting, not for weight loss but it has good mental effects and helps you take control over your mind / appetite.
Second and third day is hell though. Gets better by day 4. I only went to day five, I was getting uh… not pleasant sensations. Lack of food and sleep always affected me a bit strongly.

OP, could you give me a read on future love? I was just broken up with and I'm having difficulty accepting it.

Also, what made you start getting into tarot? Do you do any other occult stuff? Spells? Banishing? Other means of divination? etc.

Anonymous 49947

OP, will I ever find someone who truly loves me and whom I truly love in return ?

Anonymous 49954


I have the same question. pic unrelated

Anonymous 49968

If you are still here op. I have a question.
What is the universe trying to tell me?
I feel like I'm giving a lot of messages but I don't know what they are saying.

Side question-what kind of spread do you like using the most? And what's your deck?

Anonymous 49988

is it just my phobias or should i really don't get involved in a relationship with my best friend?

Anonymous 49995

Should you find another hobby?

Anonymous 50012


Ok, i felt it was only right to use a special deck that has been handed down to me from a group of men who created each image by hand. I find that these cards, though often abstract in their meaning can sometimes provide better readings. what i drew is their rendition of 6 of swords, upon meditating upon the meaning of this draw, i came upon the conclusion that it is not what that card often means, it is a warning to you.

Do not allow yourself to drift through life driven by some other person than yourself. Too often in life you take on the color of things around you, becoming the product of your environment. I am telling you that if you do not start doing the inverse and make this world shape around your own will; it shall drive you straight to a sad and boring life, and the grave.

Take charge. Become the master of your own fate, respecting all the powers that be. But never letting your life slide away.

Anonymous 51794

Idk anything about tarot, but I have been fasting 3 days/week for the past 2 months. I've done calorie restriction before, and this was WAY easier once I go used to it. I did a 1 day fast, then 2 day, then 3 day. Some weeks i go an extra 8 hrs overnight because I just don't feel like eating dinner. Just make sure you have your Na, Mg, and K just in case. You can do it!

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