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Height Anonymous 49923

is 5'7 considered tall? is being tall bad?

Anonymous 49925

I am 5'10. I love being tall. It is not a bad thing, I personally think it makes you more attractive! 5'7 is a normal height.

Anonymous 49926

That's the average hight where I live.
Bei b tall makes men respect you more at work. This is helping me a lot because in my job as I'm working in finance and need to make sure nobody is wasting resources.

However, in private I sometimes wish I could be less tall because I just can't pull off wearing cute clothes.

Anonymous 49927

i just feel like boys want to date girls way shorter than

Anonymous 49930

Most boys would be willing to date tall girls, so long as you try to keep good proportions.
Funmily enough, its typically the scrawny ones that are into tall girls. Even moreso for buff girls

Anonymous 49936

Well yeah you have to be hyperfeminine to compensate for the height.

Anonymous 50820

that hurt

Anonymous 50907

being tall is good because then all kings are short kings.

Anonymous 50909


I'm 5'2" and have always wanted to be taller, ideally 5'10", but I'd even settle for 5'6" or 5'7". Quite a few girls have told me that they were they were shorter (usually equating it to cuteness or wanting to be smaller than their boyfriends) and I've never understood why. Men, at least the ones I've encountered in my life, on average don't take you as seriously as a person if you're short. For an adult woman, at least in the US, 5'2" is also a strange height because you're not short enough for people to say "wow, you're so short" but also not considered tall by any means. I hate this grey area!

On another topic, are there any people whose heights you guys were shocked to discover? I never thought Nicki Minaj was 5'2". In all of the pictures and videos I'd seen of her, I thought she was at least 5'7" or 5'8".

Anonymous 50916

I know I'm in the minority with this opinion, but I'm 6'0" and wish I was taller. Height gives you some automatic subconscious respect from other people. Also it's nice being able to easily reach stuff LOL. I'd wear heels more often but they're not really comfortable or practical

Anonymous 50917


i'm afraid of tall people. tall people make me frightened. and they are super frightening if they're vigorous. it's hard for me to believe they could be nice. they are vicious abominations of evil

Anonymous 50950

I'm 5'2" and I've always found that exceptionally tall people (5'11" or taller) tend to be very kind and relaxed, whereas people about 5'2" or shorter tend to be unexpected balls of either love or rage.

Anonymous 50992

I'm 6'1, but luckily that's only a bit above average for my ethnicity and on par for my family. Sure, it means no man shorter than 6'0 will even look at me, and going into migrant neighbourhoods gets me constant stares and creepshots, but it honestly hasn't had a serious effect on my life.

Anonymous 51039

>no man shorter than 6'0 will even look at me, and going into migrant neighbourhoods gets me constant stares and creepshots
This is the fastest switch from "I get no sexual attention" to "I get too much sexual attention" I've ever seen.

Anonymous 51041

It's a bit above average for men tho

Anonymous 52164

Supermodels aren’t there to fulfill the male fantasy. They are there to appeal to women and gays. I have literally never heard a man irl describe their perfect woman as anything close to a supermodel. Usually it’s liek

Perky butt ( size pref is different but always perky.
Titties ( I’ve heard everything from small perky to huge )

Anonymous 52167


>Amelie: the tallest and most beautiful woman on Earth

Anonymous 52172

Imagine being a goddess among men

Anonymous 52209

Tall men are quite intimidating ngl I'd just settle for men my own height

Anonymous 52286

I kinda wanna know how short this woman was, since she was so short that her shortness killed.

Anonymous 52304

I'm 5"11. My ex was 6'2.
Sex was good. We had a good thing. I remember him never complaining but there was always a lot of fidgeting and shifting. (Its not like I was light but I wasn't big).

He never complaining but I remember him once mentioning how easy sex was with an ex who was like 5'2 or something. Broke up for different reasons :/

Anonymous 52318

Vast majority of men (of any height) prefer women who are 5'8" to 6". They'll only settle for medium/short women. I'm 5'5" and I want limb lengthening surgery, my height is the only thing holding me back from being a Stacy.

Anonymous 52319

>Vast majority of men (of any height) prefer women who are 5'8" to 6".
lol no

Anonymous 52327

I don’t like to put people down, but if you seriously believe being short is why you don’t have a bf you’re either a troll or delusional. It’s likely your face that’s turning off men rather than your body.

Anonymous 87852

He's a liar trying to make you feel like shit. Being short with a tall guy makes it difficult to have sex, 69, kiss, kind of everything. the only benefit (for them) is that they can push us around and that probably makes them feel more mentally comfortable, knowing they can manhandle us and be "dominant" with us easier than taller girls. I have not even been w tall guys, max 5'10-5'11" and it has been uncomfortable and awkward

Anonymous 87855

Main reason why I have an upper limit for male height is because I’m only 5’6 and tall guys (6+ inches taller than me) make me feel weird

Anonymous 87867

tall women r hot

Anonymous 87868

tall = superior genes

Anonymous 88420

Why do people feel height matters? I only care about fat weight.

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