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Anonymous 49962

I wish I could enjoy no means yes porn without men thinking that means I want to be raped. Sigh.

Anonymous 49964

Is-is this the same rapeanon?

Anonymous 49967

I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't posted here in months.

Anonymous 49971

I don't doubt that but I'll give you you the same sideway glance that I give people who say they like something like incest and claim to not really want to fuck their relatives.

Anonymous 49974

I like incest smut and I don't want to fuck my relatives. Generally women's kinks do not translate to real life desires. You're thinking of men.

Anonymous 49985

I think smut kinks can mean something but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re into just that. It’s like dreams. So if you’re into incest, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to fuck your dad, it just means you want to fuck someone in a position of power over you. If you’re into non con, you don’t want to be raped, you just want to be desired and pursued by someone sexually.

Kink interpretation thread when?

Anonymous 50003

>no means yes porn
I don't know what that means

Anonymous 50008

I've always thought of things like rape fantasies to be a want for the thrill and adrenaline of being raped without the danger of it.

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