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Anonymous 50301

why do men seem to think women want massive penises and will refuse/look down on anything else? im a virgin and ive never used a toy before, but am i the only one that thinks it would be genuinely painful to have something as large as most men desire or brag about having? is this just because i lack experience? i think biologically, having something closer to average would be much more enjoyable because it's a right fit, not like trying to jam a sausage into a sausage casing that's three sizes too small.

Anonymous 50304

that's actually pretty sad. i think it's different from how the whole "big vs small boobs" argument is as well, because there's still a larger portion of people that prefer small breasts. penis size i think is still different.
the few men i've talked to all have mentioned porn being a source of discontent between them and their bodies. i unironically despise porn for this reason. it gives so many unrealistic expectations and anxieties to both genders about their own bodies and others bodies too, and it's ridiculous how it's presented as the "average" in some cases. even if you know porn is meant to be attractive, i can't see it as anything but gross. i guess even when you know porn is unrealistic it's internalized a bit too.

Anonymous 50311

go away moid. you stay on 4chan and i'll stay here. we can't have anywhere without you inviting yourselves in for attention or LOLs.

Anonymous 50315

>umm this site was based off of male sites to be an alternative for women to enjoy so men can enjoy their board without women (as they want it) and women can have their board (as we want it)
your argument lacks logic. make it make sense. doesn't seem like your intended purpose was to bother us, considering your replies were normal and pertained to the subject and weren't troll. however you claim this because you thought we would gasp and slide our panties off because the holy male who is nice to women blesses us with facts and opinions?
honestly, a lot of the women here want nothing to do with the chans. that's why we are HERE. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say you already knew this, but just because there are women on your boys-club boards and also women here doesn't mean they're mutually exclusive.
yet you come in here and larp as women or try to add your unwanted feedback in our threads when most of us are here because we don't WANT to be on your boards and you don't want us there either. annoying.

Anonymous 50319

sorry i'm not that good with english skills… this is why i don't like men on the board. they're always really negative no matter what. women are so much more optimistic.

Anonymous 50322

>Hey, hey. You can't just diss someone and expect them not to diss you back.
thing is you didn't "diss me back." you just picked apart my english writing skills. there was no substance and you didn't try to defend from or refute my arguments in any way. why, is it because you were wrong, maybe? the oldest trick in the book is to insult somebody's grammar in an argument when you have nothing to say.

Anonymous 50325

Smells like inflated male ego in here, weird. Anyway.
Average is always best, having one inside you that is just too big is freaking painful. Honestly even a small dick is good if he knows how to use it.

Anonymous 50326

There's too much degeneracy going on everywhere in our societythese days

no, seriously.

even if you avoid porn, social media (like twitter for example) has size queens bragging about how big their current sex partern is or complaining about how disappointing small dicks generally are.

Anonymous 50327

thanks for rerailing the thread.
also i have a question about sex. it seems really embarrassing. is it that awkward? especially the first time?

Anonymous 50331

>is it that awkward?
Depends on how experienced you are but generally yeah the first time is a bit awkward. Also I found out I had vaginismus during my first time so that was fun.

Anonymous 50335

>Male here
please leave

Anonymous 50338

>giving it attention

Anonymous 50345

>by women

The only women who think a 9" donger is ideal are either legit size queens (unlikely) or idiots who believe guys who say their dick is 8" when it's really only 5" at most (far more likely).

Besides, men came up with it as an insult in the first place. Don't blame women for exploiting it.

Anonymous 50346

Yes, and I think the small dick comment is just a shorthand for “ur not a real man” and became widely used as an insult because of what it implies (guy who talks a big game but doesn’t even “give it” to his girl).
Doesn’t matter if it’s objectively untrue outside of the medical definition of a micropenis.

Anonymous 50349

I agree with you. Men love using "small dick" insults to mock other men. Sure, there are women who do this as well but to say it's an expectation from women mostly/only is laughable.

Anonymous 50358


I want a bf with an adorable dick ;_;

Anonymous 50372

I have a friend with a small pp, it's very cute!

Anonymous 50378

Some how my phone thought I click a different post??? And I typed it out and hit send with out looking. :/

Anonymous 50380

I saw it while I was staying at his place and I peeked while he was changing.
He got all embarrassed and I had to tell him it was fine and I liked it
We hugged and are still friends

Anonymous 50384

Well, it was ig but we're all good how
Still, guys with small penis are the best! So I agree with >>50358

Anonymous 50396

What the fuck.
There's having a small dick and then there's having a medical anomaly between your legs.
If we equate it to breasts this isn't a flat chest, this is downright concaved.

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