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Anonymous 50430

>crush had his birthday yesterday
>text him a long "happy birthday" message on instagram
>no response

i hate men

Anonymous 50562

DO NOT PURSUE MEN OP! A scrote will not add anything of positive value to your life. It might seem like it to you now, but the idea you have of what a boyfriend would be is NOT reality. They can offer nothing but immature, disrespectful, toxic behavior, and shitty sex

Anonymous 50574

who hurt you

Anonymous 50641

a man obviously

Anonymous 50642


Anonymous 50682

but men only use that to jerkoff

Anonymous 50724


>the things I don’t like are for men

Anonymous 50758

>men using instagram for some thing other than looking at instathots

Anonymous 50961



Anonymous 52952

>Pursue a husband and family
>posts on crystal cafe

Anonymous 52954

Lol keep dreaming if it helps you cope

Anonymous 52957

>against lesbians
>on a female imageboard
it's like sticking your hand in a pot of boiling water and wondering why it's hot

Anonymous 52959


Anonymous 52960

They're basically the lowest of the low

Anonymous 52961

What makes that so?

Anonymous 52967

I see. So is your dislike based on these experiences rather than believing lesbians are bad just for dating women?

If so, wouldn't your view be changed by meeting stable and kind lesbians?

Anonymous 52971

There are definitely lesbians who are mentally/emotionally healthy and don't do drugs, anon.

Anonymous 52974


the things i hold myself back from saying to straight women everyday because of feminism

Anonymous 52976

i'd rather not but it to put simply, the lesbians living in your head? it's time to set them free. someone on the internet advising you not to persue men isn't trying to convert you to the vagina cult she's most likely a woman who had bad experiences with men and is telling you to invest in a good dildo.idk if you're that anon but that was a general you.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79684

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