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What's up? Anonymous 50565

hey you how ya doing

Anonymous 50586

great you

Anonymous 50588


Anonymous 50590


i feel foolish currently, like i make mountains out of molehills when it comes to how i feel and what i experience. i think i accidentally overblow everything, just like my mother (who i look down upon because she does this). i want to go to therapy to make sure i can get a better grip on my emotions and reactions to stuff but i feel like a pussy for thinking i need that.
other than that, i'm doing nicely. i've been journaling a bit lately. does anyone else here journal at all?

Anonymous 50597

I like my eggs scrambled :3

Anonymous 50601


I'm doing ok, thank you for asking anon

Anonymous 50606

great, I'm feeling eggcited for the day

Anonymous 50607

About to choke my supervisor with a fucking egg. Bitch took distance work to mean “let’s make you do double the stuff while I do nothing and also not respond to any emails sent to me”

Planning to quit after this shite is over lel

Anonymous 50696

Lmao I also quit my PhD during the quarantine. I don't feel the least bit bad about it. I only wish I had quit sooner.

Anonymous 50777

I posted on the College feels thread about it a while back, but it's (or rather was) applied math.

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