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consider the follo…

Anonymous 50610

Women orgasms are far more intense than men ones.
They don't even moan or scream like us.
It feels shorter.
They don't have full body orgasms.
They can't squirt.
They need to wait before having an orgasm.

I wonder why they are so addicted to sex if it doesn't even feel that good to them. Hormones only? I'm glad however it doesn't. I bet rape statistics would be even higher if it did.

Anonymous 50612

Because society allows them to act that way.

Anonymous 50613

I think it’s at least partially hormones. If you’ve ever listened to a proper tranny talk about “when they were a man” they always say that they used to need to cum often and watched a bunch of porn but once they started taking estrogen they stopped being the coomer they were before even though they had the same parts.
I know trannies are cringe and speaking of them not generally accepted on here. I only mentioned them because they have a unique perspective when it comes to how hormones affect sex and sexuality (as they’re biological males who literally take female hormones).

Anonymous 50614

They're taking the wrong hormones for their body though. Their penises are literally shriveling up on estrogen.

Anonymous 50637

Do men really have less intense orgasms or are they just suppressing their reaction? I always thought it was the latter. Even when my bf is being very vocal about his enjoyment during sex his face doesn't show much emotion.

Anonymous 50638

They don't have as many nerve endings as women there, even the ones that are not missing half their penis.

Anonymous 50644

Even so, it probably still feels nice. They would have no idea what they’re missing anyway as they will never have a clit or a vulva.
In the end it’s some combination of the testosterone and society saying it’s cool for them to be massive degenerates that makes men so sex-focused

Anonymous 50646

I think the only way they have it as strong as women - if it's a prostate orgasm. Sadly most of them are too insecure to be penetrated. So non gay men will never feel as good as long as they allow their partner to peg them.

That being said, it's very easier for a men to reach the orgasm than women, so they do have an advantage. I would say it's even easier for them to have multiple orgasm since the hardest thing about it is just the training.

Anonymous 50648

Men don't like sex. If men had to go through the hassle of avoiding pregnancy and watching out for predators/assaulters who are way stronger than them, and if being aroused and having an orgasm was as difficult for men as it is for women, they for sure wouldn't be excited about casual sex, and they would be way less sexual in relationships too. In most relationships it seems like "men want more sex", but this would no longer hold if their own mild pleasure wasn't so trivial to achieve even with the laziest barely-distinguishable-from-masturbation sex.

For men, sex is only worth it because the risks are so low, basically the only cost is the time spent trawling through tinder. They are obsessed with the idea of it, but they ultimately don't like it enough that they would be motivated to overcome the inconveniences that women put up with to get orgasms. Adjusting for these factors, women are obviously way more sexual and like it more.

Anonymous 50664

This is galaxy brain stuff.

Anonymous 50666

But that still must feel good to them. Perhaps, they get more emotional pleasure from having sex. And partly this >>50612 Among men sex is seen as some kind of achievement one takes efforts to get, and their virginity is also generally less tolerated. And, sex aside, masturbation is easier and faster for them, thus it turns into cheep and simple way to get some satisfaction. Considering the fewer satisfaction and arousal they get, it becomes more common as a habbit, making it look like an addiction. But men are generally way less horney than women, so it would be a mistake to try to judge from your perspective on sex.

Anonymous 50671

>I wonder why they are so addicted to sex if it doesn't even feel that good to them.

What do you mean by that OP? That they persue short-term matings more often than women?
If so that is perfectly consistent with the optimal male reproductive strategies. To empregnate as many female as possible.
The optimal reproductive female strategy is to get empregnated by a male of best quality. That is why females are much more descriminating when they choose a mating partner.

Anonymous 50774

>they can't squirt
never seen a male orgasm eh?

Anonymous 50779

Women's sexuality is stronger, more fluid, and it appears they can acquire some tastes for nasty stuff
What about ftm people who take the other hormones?

Anonymous 50780


Usually women don't have a taste for nasty stuff, that's a male prerogative.

Anonymous 50782


>heavy bondage
Why so much violence?

Anonymous 50784

A little aggression in bed from your man spices things up. Make sure he cares about you and he obeys you when you give him instructions or tell him your safe words, though.
For me nasty stuff is creepy crawlies, vore (like when the weird comics on DA where giant women eat people, yuck) animal fucking, pedo shit and scat. Ew.

How interesting that is site is rife with femdom and femdom is a blue bot on the chart.

Anonymous 50786


You'd need a further breakdown on those dots to reflect the age of people who responded. Perhaps people in a certain age range are more comfortable with certain concepts and not as much with others
Holy creepy crawlies Batgirl

Anonymous 50790

You're asking if more younger men or older men are into blue dots fetishes? I mean that might be interesting to someone but it doesn't change the fact they are largely male fetishes.

Anonymous 50791

>Women are more likely to acquire weird fetishes
In what world? Pls explain yourself. Explain how most necro/zoos/pedos/vore fetishists/inflation fetishists/even footfags are women with proof. Go ahead. Even in furry circles the sex weirdos are majority men, that's just how it is.

Coming from a lady with weird kinks btw.

Anonymous 50794

Not just younger/older men but younger/older women too
I was thinking more about stuff related to the psychological side and violence (BDSM and piercing/cutting)

Anonymous 50796

BDSM ain't necessarily violence.

Anonymous 50802

When she said "acquire some tastes for nasty stuff" I think the most important word to focus on is "acquire" rather than nasty. Men just sort of descend into their filth, women are more likely to be able to pick up something that held no interest to them due to social pressure or the interests of a partner whereas men always have to have a seed of interest.

Anonymous 50803

Most of men can't think about the future, it's amazing how they call themselves the"rational" sex when eating and having sex are pretty much what they need to be happy.

I envy how man can orgasm so easily after only five minutes, but that measn they don't want to make things more interesting either for them or for us.
Ever saw a man orgasm after an hour of sex? They'll scream and squirm as much as any of us, it is actually a bit embarrassing. According to my ex-BF ihe was even in pain due to the volume and the speed of sperm of the ejactulation. A woman, on the other hand, needs strong stimulation almost every time, so of course we won't care about sex all the time since we need too much work (and our partners more than often are not willing to help us) but after all that effort it will feel really good.

Anonymous 50816

tbh even the "downsides" you've stated here don't apply to all women.
Personally, I can get myself to nut in five minutes and multiple times afterwards with ease. No need for noise either. Do other women normally "have to" moan loudly?

Anyway, I am grateful to be a woman in this regard. Having vagoo is pretty based.

Anonymous 50842


>I can get myself to nut
What set of additional bits do you have?

Anonymous 50860

Yeah, I'm a futa, keep scrolling.
(Obviously not, was just using the phrase lmao)

Anonymous 50890

>527 female
>1456 male
>61 other
And you fell for this easily? I mean, there wasn't even a close amount of participants of each gender, so the statistics is far from accurate. I don't want to be rude, but did you not see it or you read only the parts which duplicate your point of view?
It's kinda horrifing to seee how that's already become a part of general truth in the thread.

Anonymous 50891

Me 2, sex is fun as fuck. I never have to rely on the other person to make me cum, basically.

Then again, hugs can make me orgasm, even thinking of my partner can make me orgasm. Life was good to me in one area, I see.

Anonymous 50893

Ok, so, first of all, why is this a fetish? WTF? Secondly, why would it be male-dominated, if it actually is?

Anonymous 50894


It's pic related.

Anonymous 50895

I thought it was like werewolves and shit

Anonymous 50896



Anonymous 50902

Big agree. I used to call my ex "daddy" during sex, in current relationship I'm dom, can tie him to chair, make him edge, give him amazing orgasms. I'll never go back. I highly reccomend exploring any hint of dom interest you think you might have. Very fun.

Anonymous 50919

Totally Spies

Anonymous 50936


Totally spies gave me a feeding fetish. Shit ruined my life. Pretty sure I’m not the only one either. Can we file a class action lawsuit against them?

Anonymous 50938

>ruined my life
Why, what has it caused to your life? Can you unruin it now?
Btw is clone fetish really a thing?

Anonymous 50947


It's strange reading threads like these and seeing graphs like >>50780, knowing that there's likely a ton of women into fetishes labeled "male" fetishes who don't feel comfortable admitting it out of fear that other women will accuse them of secretly being male. Then, since they're scared to be open about it, it perpetuates the false idea of only men being attracted to those things… truly a vicious cycle. What's wrong with female sexuality? What's wrong with women having kinks?

Anonymous 50952

I have a weight gain fetish, not the final size (I hate fat people), but the act of growth. Very weird, I know.
It's also extremely hard to find non-larp/long term 3D content and the 2D is mostly furry. It sucks.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79674

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