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Anonymous 50798

My BF always wants to kiss me all over naked but I find it boring.

How can I let him know without hurting his feelings?

Anonymous 50818

Just gently stop him and suggest he do something else next couple of times he tries to do it, he'll understand.
Or if he's really into it and it doesn't cause you discomfort just be a good partner and let him do it.

Anonymous 50888

>My BF always wants to kiss me all over naked
How awful

Anonymous 50892

If you don't like him doing something and he keeps doing it, it's sexual assault and it will get worse, trust me

Anonymous 50901

It’s sexual assault if he knows she doesn’t want it.

Anonymous 50905

"she was on a date with me look what she was wearing I didn't know she didn't want it"

get out mid

Anonymous 50906

Huh? If he insists on kissing her when she doesn't want kissed or doesn't show enthusiasm and pressures her into it then that's sexual assault even if it is just kissing.

Not sure what you're trying to say.

Anonymous 50913


OP hasn't told him she doesn't like it, she's trying to find a gentle way to say it without hurting his feelings.

Just tell him nicely but directly OP. And like >>50818 said suggest he do something you do like instead.

Anonymous 50922

this is an EXTREMELY cursed picture.

Anonymous 51043

That's literally brutal rape OP, call the police

Anonymous 51074

are you an idiot?
It's not rape to agree to do something your partner likes but you don't.
she never said she doesn't like it, the whole thread is about her looking for a good way to tell him without hurting his feelings.
>pressures her
now you're just pulling assumptions out of your ass.

>>50818 I agree with her, if he doesn't get it just be direct (but polite) about it, he has no hope of being a better partner if he doesn't get feedback on what does or doesn't work.

Anonymous 51083


Is your current bf a comfy guy, and if no, would you like him to be?

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