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Anonymous 51061

am in the only one who is into cute autistic guys like this?


Anonymous 51062

He does look retard, like Greta Thunberg, yes, OP, probably you're the only one.

Now, if your question was "Am I the one one into cute AS guys that don't degenerate into incel/alt right/Bernie supporters or any other fringe political opinion and are capable of talking about other subjects than their favorite" then I think many of us are into them.

Anonymous 51070

Well, it's the minority of them, but there are many nice AS guys.

I also forgot to add not being grossly overweight/underweight and have decent hygiene habits.
Yeah, I know how hard it is, but I found on once. He dated one of my few friends and we were all jealous and happy for her, he was the most devoted bf I've ever seen. Not like that orbiter devotion, he truly cared about her, confronted her when she was wrong, it was really cute.

Anonymous 51073

Where is the evidence of this?

Anonymous 51075

I know he's a /pol/tard but I need more spicy deets if you have them.
Yeah, to answer op I do want this. My social skills are below average, I'm neurotic, and my interests are childish all due to poor socialization as a child (not autism). I'd love someone who doesn't naturally care about any of that and is also very direct and blunt about things. What gets me about normfags is that I never know what they actually want; no one is upfront. Or I'm paranoid, idk. Combo of both.

Personally don't care about them being underweight though, that's kinda cute.
Also down for an autistic gf. Man, I'm just lonely.

Anonymous 51085

Of course you're not alone. He's cute as heck. I watch his videos since ~2013 or something and there's nothing like >>51076 says. He's a fast food, short-wave radio and old fashion enthusiast.
There's nothing autistic about him.

Anonymous 51139

No. I've loved him since 2016. He even responded to my comment once which was amazing. By the way, some freak poisoned the cat from that video and it died.

Anonymous 51176

Autism is only cute from a distance. The (seemingly) low empathy and self-centeredness, monotonous voice, rants about uninteresting topics, repetitiveness, etc gets to me if I spend extended amounts of time around an autistic person.
Some autistic people are fine I'm sure, but all of my experiences with autistic people have been negative.

Anonymous 51178

Thank god you used this word, autistic people are sometimes far more altruistic that we believe, and are very attached to those they love. They just… have a different way to express it.

Anonymous 51308

I dated a guy who was mildly autistic, it was grating.

>he's making tea for himself and asks if I want some

>say yes, he goes to the kitchen
>a moment later he enters the room with a normal large cup of tea for himself and like… a shot glass sized mini cup for me that doesn't even hold a mouthful of tea
>too confused to even ask why, to this day I don't know

Maybe he thought his preference for getting tea was stronger because he decided to make it in the first place, and the amount of tea people get should be comparable to how much they want it? ok, this could be valid according to an econ model that doesn't reflect how people actually consume and get utility out of tea, but ok. Even then we were at his parents' place for the first time, he knew I felt too shy to go get anything so I wouldn't have decided to make tea even if I had wanted it immensely, so why apply this model?

What made it grating was that he always said his main way to show caring was to make his partner more comfortable. He genuinely wanted to and got sad when his acts fell short, and he felt it's unreasonable to expect so much of your partner if you don't say anything about your preferences beforehand. But after a point the amount of managing needed to direct someone with low ability to read/understand others just gets unwieldy. I for sure didn't think I needed to communicate here and specify that I want more than 25ml when he asked if I want tea. Many such cases in different contexts.

Anyway sorry if this post sounds too mean, he was smart and had many good qualities and I really hope he finds someone better suited for him. And many autistic people are better than this at reading others so strong prejudice would be unwarranted, just wanted to vent because I never felt like I could explain this stuff to people irl since that would be even meaner.

Anonymous 51310

To add a little bit, he himself didn't think he was worse than average at reading people, and got sincerely sad if he got evidence in this direction. I didn't always have the heart to correct him because of how happy he was to show he cares (and it's true that sometimes it's the thought that counts).

I feel pretty bad for him because he really is a compassionate person. And because of all these blind spots he has in reading people, even after I gently explained he has some, he probably thinks people are just being unreasonable in their expectations and the typical guy at least is just like him.

Anonymous 51774

I'm certainly a fan, but I go back and forth about whether or not I think he's cute. He certainly could take some really cool modeling photos but idk if I'm attracted. Also I don't think he's autistic at all, just very odd. What I love about him is how unapologetic he is about being himself. I just wish he would put more effort in his talks because they need better structure and get too repetitive.

Once he shouted me out on his broadcast, but I can't find the archive. I already donate a dollar every month to his patreon but I don't think I can access the archives for some reason.

Anonymous 55780


Anonymous 55810

>You got
>no chill
>what are you fucking gay?
^ This is a homosexual.

Anonymous 55911

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