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what are your thoughts on 2020? Anonymous 51181

Someone just sent me this picture. I honestly had not thought of it this way, but since 2020 has started a lot of crazy things have gone on. Could you imagine 5 months ago if someone told you the whole planet would be locked in their houses, all churches shut down, and going outside without a mask would almost be illegal; would you believe them? I would not have. But some people are saying more stuff is going to happen this year, and the way it is looking i am starting to wonder if I should believe. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous 51182

World's so crazy I might actually get a bf this year.

Anonymous 51222

To be fair, in the past several years people have always said that whatever the current year was was "such a crazy year" "the worst year ever", etc. This is the same thing, only magnified because COVID-19 is a global issue rather than a regional one like political matters.

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