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Do you have any guilty pleasures to share? Anonymous 51288

Anonymous 51291


sometimes i really like racist jokes i dont know.. sometimes it can be too much but i don't really know of any other that doesn't care about what anybody thinks.

Anonymous 51292

/abo/ manga.

Anonymous 51351

I watch children's cartoons. Like mlp, monster high…stuff like that.

Anonymous 51360

i like gravity falls and we bare bears.. also teen titans, but not so much recent episodes.

Anonymous 51365


I used to be cringey super turbo goth as a teenager, and I sometimes fantasize about going back to that style, just a more professional, tasteful, adult version. Obviously not like pic related, I just used to like her a lot.

Anonymous 51367

You're not alone, anon! I've always loved children's animated shows just as much as adult animation. When I was an active Tumblr "fandom blogger" back in 2012-2013, I realized there were lots of fanbases for children's cartoons and it helped not be ashamed of my interest.

Anonymous 51368

Yeah I am a filthy fujo. Although I haven't bothered to read any more BL after I got a bf. Still excited for the Umibe no etranger anime though.

Anonymous 51370

I used to love Emily autumn but I never grew out of that goth phase lol

Anonymous 51371

That is absolutely valid, dare I say based.

Anonymous 51376

very good.jpg


Anonymous 51377


Anonymous 51546

Xanax and speed lmao, not both at the same time ofc

Anonymous 51619

i like asmr and i dont really talk about it because everyone thinks its weird, when imo its more weird to admit to watching porn

Anonymous 51620

I don't see how admitting to enjoying ASMR would even be considered weird. I thought it was understood that many people like it, hence why it's so common on the internet?

Anonymous 51632

I like listening to music by incels (self-identified or otherwise community-adjacent).
Also watching cartoons like >>51351

I'm open about both of these to my friends because I don't actually care THAT much.

Anonymous 51672

For me it depends on the kind of asmr. Videos of people eating and chewing ungodly amounts of food make me so uncomfortable, but I do enjoy watching those relaxing baking asmr videos

Anonymous 51973

I pick my nose and eat it

Anonymous 51981


Anonymous 51982


literally laughed out loud

Anonymous 51986

well, i unironically enjoy clams casino, so there's that

Anonymous 51991

I do too. I used to never do it until one day I felt a very uncomfortable feeling in my nose and I didn't have any tissues around, so I stuck my finger in my nose and I pulled out a very long booger. It was the most disturbing and satisfying feeling ever. That was about a year ago, though, so my nose picking habit is under control.

Anonymous 51992

What I mean by "under control" is I rarely do it now…

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