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Anonymous 51642

You better shower regularly during this quarantine… I'm watching you.

Anonymous 51643

Yikes, the level of misogyny in that image. There's nothing wrong with only having cat accessories, wearing cheap underwear, having a round face, not wearing make-up, etc. It does not make you a "rotten girl".

Anonymous 51644

"rotten girls" are based

Anonymous 51645

Do you read moonrunes, anon?
What's written?

Anonymous 51646

A bit, I can understand about half arrow texts without looking up anything. The title says "Rotten Girl Ecology" (had to check the last word). Each arrow is pointing out petty faults. For example, the arrow pointing to her bum says "3 pairs of knickers for 980 yen ($9)" and one of the face one just says "round face".

I'm supposed to be writing an essay right now so I'll translate them all later.

Anonymous 51648

The 'rotten girl' is about loving BL/yaoi, not about her appearence.
This is an ancient meme.

But my shower is broken and taking a bath and washing my hair in the sink is such a pain in the ass…

Anonymous 51649

Well, that's too bad, the girl on the pic is really cute.
Also rotten girl=fujoshi?

Anonymous 51650


Anonymous 51651

Nah, there's no point. I'm not shaving as regularly either.

Anonymous 51658

Are you retarded? Rotten girl is a fujoshi. She's called rotten because she watches gay porn, it has nothing to do with her actual appearance. The image is describing what the average fujo looks like, like images that describe what the average incel/coomer/stacy/chad/ etc look like.
Not to mention actual japanese fujoshi embrace both the name and the stereotype and don't see it as something negative.

Anonymous 51662

I get the “rotton” thing now but it’s still ridiculously nitpicky and misogyny. Most women don’t wear a bra or make-up when home alone.

Anonymous 51664


Sure, but it's a joke, nobody takes it in a bad way and japan is very fond of the stereotype.
All images like these and OP's are very sexist, ridiculous, and nitpicky but it's just for fun.
>don’t wear a bra
A quick google search tells me most japanese women wear a bra at home. There's really no point in being upset over this when female otaku actually stole it from male otaku who were trying to be misogynistic and turned it into something they're proud to identify with.

Anonymous 51665


ugh, i'm trying. it's late here and i'm about to go to bed - i'll take one tomorrow. promise, anon.

Anonymous 51666


I don't know if that's true for most women. Makeup, yeah, wouldn't wear that at home, but it can get pretty uncomfortable to not wear a bra.

Anonymous 51668

Nothing can keep me away from showers, proper hygiene, and my skincare routine, op. Even when I was an emotional wreck who wanted to die constantly I just showered more since it grants me good feels.

Anonymous 51682

anon you're pretty disconnected from japanese pop culture if you can read moonrunes but don't get the fujoshi thing. image was probably done by a male who likes fujos.

Anonymous 51683

It's pretty much an idealized version of a fujoshi though.
Pretty sure most of them don't have boobs so large or toned legs.

I fucking hate how many male anime fans idealize female anime fans. Yes, anime does make us picky when it comes to partners, but I think it affects guys even more.

Anonymous 51691

I've never read BL or even manga much. My Japanese comes from living there and daily life, not the internet.

Anonymous 51727

Moonrunes anon here with a translation. Arrow translations start with the one above her left hand and continue clockwise.

"Rotten Girl Ecology"

Bad feelings, nature, and character

Round face

Cheap glasses
Cheap therefore do not suit her face size

No make-up

Bed hair

Young but full of grey hair
Grey hair dyed brown

Just tied back

Bought in the local "Saty" [not great department store]
Three for 980 yen [$9] tank tops
Because they were on sale, only solid colours remained

Flabby upper arm

Three pairs of knickers for 980 yen [$9]

Chubby thighs

I like cats but I'm allergic to cats
I can't have a cat
Desk accessories are only cats

Laptop computer remains as I said to the salesperson
Bukuma [used book site] BL and cat site
2chan dedicated browser installed

Tank top in room
Of course no bra

Anonymous 51748

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous 80102


original meme

Anonymous 80103

this image is me except I hate yaoi

Anonymous 80104

me but i'm sexy and stylish

Anonymous 80105

i also hate yaoi </3

Anonymous 80107

Me too lol haha we should hang out sometime ;)

Anonymous 80110

It's like looking into a mirror

Anonymous 80137

This still isn't the original. This is an idealized version.

Anonymous 80139

what if I like being stinky

Anonymous 80141

>why don’t women always look like my definition of hot?
>Posted from my hikki cave

Anonymous 80167

you must be good at smash bros

Anonymous 80169

Yet she looks hot in the op drawing and cute in >>80102
Men are confusing.

Anonymous 80172

My body odor is too strong.

Anonymous 80183

Same. I try to cover it up with deodorant but that can’t quell its stench

Anonymous 80185

>Take a shower
>Dry off
>Dont put any clothes on
>Dont put any anti-perspirant on
>Lie on bed looking at laptop
>Hours pass
>pit BO
>Smells like a musty carpet, I haven't been eating enough fruit, and probably too much meat.

Fuck this. I'm not even fat. I'm just a sweaty mess.

Anonymous 80190

Sweating less is one of the things I was really glad about when I came off my SSRIs. I got side effects with them where I would sweat really easily and excessively, it was extremely gross and embarrassing. I would be blanketed in sweat just wrapping up, or going inside after walking outside. Awful.

Anonymous 80200

>Dry off

Look at miss fancy here.

Anonymous 80210

I literally cannot not bathe.
At least a sponge bath with a washcloth on my stinky parts.
It feels so gross not being clean. Especially an unclean crotch area? shudders smegma is disgusting.
Dudes run around with a literal sausage between their legs and unless they're uncircumcised (which isn’t that common in the US) they’ll just not bathe. For days and days and days. Like bro. Even with deodorant on, your crotch smells through your pants. Like, my brother is uncircumcised and he had to keep that shit clean af cause when he was like 5 it got super infected because he wasn’t washing himself properly (that’s how I know he is uncut). So a grown man has probably got to clean it even more.
And us ladies got more folds than an uncircumcised man (of course).
So get your crotch washcloth out and at least wash those stinky parts every day.

Anonymous 80315

The trick is to become one with the filth. become comfortable with it. I can make a single pair of underwear last a week. 3 days normal, 3 days inside out, last day I take them off when I take a shower and throw them in the washer. rinse. repeat. I can get to about a week before the smells become unbearable and the deodorant is overpowered but that's usually when I'm super depressed. I'm usually good for every 2-3 days.

Anonymous 80434

girl just change your panties why do you do this

Anonymous 80462

The normie fears the NEET stench.

Anonymous 80469

I shower every day, I am too OCD not to. If I miss a day I can't relax and my head starts hurting from stress.

Anonymous 80478

my pussy is too wet for this

Anonymous 80513


This is the kind of content I come here for. Godspeed anon.

Anonymous 80572


Based and stinkymaxxed

Anonymous 80591

As I said, depression mostly. I find it extremely difficult to motivate to do anything. I forget to eat too. Sometimes I go a couple days without realizing, to the point where now my mom texts me to remind me around dinner time. I drink water but that's just because I feel sick and start seeing spots if I dont.

Here's a fun anecdote for you. I've always had hair down to my butt. ever since I can remember my hair has been this massive weight on my head that stretched from my head to about the bottom of my butt and when I sat down I've always had to flip my hair up or else I sit on it and pull my head backwards.

This year I shaved my head completely bald. I got sick of feeling the lick of greasy strands of hair on my face and how heavy it felt after a week, so I went to my parents house, stole my brothers clippers and gave myself a bald cut. My mom hit the roof, started bawling her eyes out and crying to my dad that I'm getting worse and that I should move back so they can take care of me. (I didn't, but mostly because I dont want to bum them out and fawn over me all day, they should have better things to do.) It's been about a year and it's already grown back to my shoulders. I didnt think I would but I do miss the weight of it.

Not a BBW. Skinny as a rake in fact.

Anonymous 80592

Maybe changing your panties every other day would help with your depression.

Anonymous 80594

I wear boxer briefs. Stealing my little brothers undies showed me the comfy light. I highly recommend.

Anonymous 80696

No way in hell

Anonymous 88806


How do you keep up with your shower routine? Been a NEET for four years and it's really hard for me to keep up with a consistent schedule. Some days I'll be really good with it and then mentally I crash which makes me not shower for two weeks without ever changing clothes. I'm trying my best not to fall down that path again.

Anonymous 88807

Daily isn't good for your skin/hair either aim for once every three/fours days instead of crashing after not being able to keep up
Use dry shampoo to freshen up between hair washes

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