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Faith Anonymous 51671

I am going to church today to worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and ask beg him to help us during these trying times.

Please pray with me and for yourself and accept Jesus into your heart so he can forgive you and he won't send you to hell when you die.

God saved people from plagues in the Bible, he can save us from corona.

Anonymous 51673

>God saved people from plagues in the Bible
He sent those plagues himself.

Anonymous 51674

Where do you live, OP? Churches are closed here due to Corona. I haven't attended for over a month

Anonymous 51678


Jesus sent us the chance of salvation from Hell, it's up to us to take it or not

We have drive in service now and we all listen to the sermon in our cars

Anonymous 51679


You sound brainwashed.

Anonymous 51680


Jesus wasn't white, that image is racist AF. He would have looked something like this.

Anonymous 51681

3/10 maybe someone will byte. If you samefag it will be easier though.

Anonymous 51687

What branch of Christianity are you op?

Anonymous 51688


Probably Catholic considering her pic.

Anonymous 51692

If God is no better than the average human, why worship God at all then? Or pray?

Anonymous 51693


So Jesus can save you and you won't go to hell forever when you die

Anonymous 51695

Why does he need human attention and adoration to be able to do this?

Anonymous 51697

Original sin anon, we are all sinners and we cannot be in God's presence without forginess. The wages of sin are death and only Christ's blood can redeem us

Anonymous 51699


How do you know that this virus is not one of the plagues of the last days, as it says in the bible? Even further, how do you know that this was not made by men, as time goes on people are starting to wonder if it was crafted as a form of biowarfare. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8223779/Coronavirus-originated-bungled-experiments-Wuhan-lab-bombshell-report-claims.html

>He wants us to have free will. Don't you like having free will, anon?

In all honesty i think God is much more kind than we give him credit. He decided to give us choice and free will so that we could reach the potential he set for us. And I know for me when i have had to hear little children cry because of others are being mean to them, and i have to let it play out so that they learn to stand up for themselves… it hurts me a lot. I imagine he cries a lot because of the atrocities that happen on earth but he stays his hand so that in eternity they can stand on their own.

Anonymous 51701


>It's more about avoiding eternal suffering than loving God.
>Imagine being a 9 months old fetus suffering in hell for eternity. Serious bad luck if you ask me.
I do not believe this at all. And i suggest if you ever seek to understand God you stop thinking this way. Jesus said it was better to have a milstone hung around your neck and tossed into the sea than offend his little ones. There is no way in hell (pun intended) that any loving father would let that happen. I feel bad for you anon… You do not know what it means to have a loving daddy. But i would suggest you read some scriptures so that you begin to know God, maybe kneel in prayer and ask to know him. When you are baptized in his name it should be necessary to understand him, otherwise it really doesn't mean anything at all.

>I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

it's not about hell. its about home. its about family. Its about love.

a family built on fear is no family, it is hell.

Anonymous 51704

Are you saying there is no Hell?

Why did God and Jesus lie to us in the bible and say their was?

also literally nobody thinks fetuses go to Hell, you should really read up on actual religious belief sometime


Anonymous 51711

Lately my grandma caught religious senile dementia and she tells me to watch out cause the rapture is coming kek.

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