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Anonymous 51702

One time when i was a teenager living with my mother, she got pissed off that i liked to cover up and kept accusing me of being raped, and then she took me to a psychiatrist who didn't say anything but "were you raped".

It pisses me off that people will think stuff like that about you just because you want to be modest, i was literally a virgin until i met my husbannd.

My sister dressed like a slut with short as fuck skirts but she didnt get raged at as much.

Anonymous 51703

oh and btw that mother kept putting me and my sister in dangerous situations where we could have been raped or molested, but we were lucky and nothing bad happened thank god.

Anonymous 51706

That sounds almost like one of those Munchausen By Proxy cases.

Anonymous 51756

I think she has it.

She did so much fucked up stuff and still does, but if i said it all here i would reveal my persona.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79677

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