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Japanese translation service Anonymous 51754

Post any images you have with Japanese text and I will try to translate them.

Pic related is "cry baby".

Anonymous 51764


Anonymous 51769

I have a few, wait until tomorrow, OP, please.

Anonymous 51770

Based Sacposting

Anonymous 51773

Literally this means “Because the day is very blue…”. Apparently there was a song and movie called “Because the moon is very blue” [月がとっても青いから。。。] so maybe it’s a reference to that.

No rush, I will check in with this thread every few days when I have time to translate things.

Anonymous 51819

That's not 日 just a messily written 月

Anonymous 51859


what did this artist actually say?

Anonymous 51862

Kyoani death confirmed! (laugh)
Must be because someone thought clannad or chuunibyou anime adaptations were way too different (laugh)
This is fucking hilarious (laugh)
This just might be the greatest comeuppance we'll see all era (laugh)
On the one hand, there are a lot of otaku who are sad that Kyoani got burnt. On the other, there are plenty of assholes like me who can't help but be glad. Really makes you appreciate how wide the world is! (laugh)
Otaku are scary (laugh)

Anonymous 51874

Thanks for the correction anon.

I actually made this thread to practise translating by myself. Unless someone desperately needs something translated, or I haven’t checked this thread in a few days, I’d appreciate if I could be the one to translate anything posted.

Anonymous 51877


What is this a chart of?

Anonymous 51878

Looks to be a chart placing women by their sexuality:

受 = receive
レズ = lesbian
攻 = attack
ノンケ = straight

Anonymous 83211


wad dis say?

Anonymous 83216


koshizumu sachiko (name of this character from [email protected] I think) kawaii
Cute koshizumu sachiko

Anonymous 83220

OP are you japanese or just a weeb? How long did it take you to learn?

Anonymous 83221

Nice to know people on japanese twitter are pieces of shit too jesus christ.

Anonymous 83296

Just a weeb. Been learning on and off for a few years and still working on it.

Anonymous 83306

Very cool, anon!
You should do this on nsfw :)

Anonymous 83339


Any advice on how to learn/practice kanji, anon? I can read kana but I can't for the life of me learn any kanji except for really basic ones

Anonymous 83987


OP, are you still here?

Anonymous 83989

"Today I'm super horny~ Hey~ Let's have sex~ I'll do anything for you okay~"

"I'd like to but… girlfriend-chan weren't you on your period?"

The end

I'm not OP but I did it for you anyway since I think they disappeared. Spoilered in case they come back and want to try translating it without seeing mine

Anonymous 83995

I’m still here but I have an essay to write so feel free to do unspoilered translations for the next week or so.

I find KanjiDamage and WaniKani best for reading/typing kanji. I haven’t really worked much on writing them because I barely write anything in English.

Anonymous 85723


what's in her shirt?

Anonymous 85728

I'm not OP but this is Katakana. It says マカロニ. Makaroni = Macaroni. There's an alien band Sachiko created called The Macaroni Band so I guess the shirt's a reference to that possibly.

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