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Anonymous 51757

I am in a nuthouse, and don't get me wrong, I don't wanna make friends with these weirdos.

Its just i feel offended that more people take effort to talk to the CPTSD cunt who raged saying she was going to kill everyone and yells all the time calling women sluts for supposedly laughing at her (we were not laughing at her).
She has got the worst tumblrette personality and people will talk to her and be friends with her when she doesn't do anything or have anything interesting to say, meanwhile i am drawing and making and working on my secret language right in front of people and nobody cares lol normies.

Anonymous 51759

I want to make friends and help you write a secret language. That sounds cool.

Anonymous 51761

CPTSD people also have borderline tendencies which means they can be very eager to please people, ask how they are doing, etc as they are afraid of being abandoned. People in a mental hospital are probably wanting some attention.

Anonymous 51762

she doesn't please people, she just talks about her psychiatrist and tablet.

sounds cool, but i decided long ago that i would have no online friends after a few bad events, so i will have to say no. I hope you make a cool secret language some day though.

Anonymous 51763

>in a nuthouse
>has internet access
Did you elect to go here? Is it one of those rehab centers and not an actual psych ward? Actual psych wards don't allow phones or anything with internet access.

Anonymous 51772

it is a ward, there are different types of wards with or without access to phones and internet.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79679

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