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Fuck purses Anonymous 52168

>In a low-trust and rapidly deteriorating society, carrying a purse becomes more of a "please rob me" bag over time

I've been thinking of different ways to carry my stupid stuff every day, and even reducing how much but I am at my limit of what I can change now. I've even thought of buying some cargo shorts of all things, but everything anyone makes has just tiny pockets even then (pic related), defeating the purpose of them even existing as unique clothes. Why can't someone make something that fits properly and carries shit so I'm not carrying a stupid ass anchor the rest of my life???
I swear it's a conspiracy and I'm getting so pissed off

Anonymous 52170

>Not just wearing men's jeans with a belt

Anonymous 52182

I swear I might just break down and do this.
What bullshit, honestly.

Anonymous 52186

I have two jackets with 4 spacious pockets, 2 in 2 out. I put money, keys, maybe a tissue, phone and the cloth I use to clean my glasses in the inner pockets. In chilly season, it's really convenient.

If I had a bag, I don't know what I would put inside. Unfortunately I don't have pants with good pockets, either. So in summer it's not that convenient. But if you frequently wear jeans, why don't you try to fix it up at a tailor? My mother enlarged her coat pocket herself. A tailor can make all sorts of personalized enhancements for you. You can do it by yourself, but some things are neater when done with a machine.

What do you even carry that requires you to have cargo pockets or a purse? Maybe you need to organize what you carry daily. Other than keys, phone, and money, what do you absolutely need to carry?

Anonymous 52187

All you should need to carry is phone, keys, wallet (maybe a small bag for pads and a water bottle).

Anonymous 52193

Anonymous 52194


Anonymous 52195

Self defense weapons are illegal in my country, but I feel like carrying in your purse is kinda dumb. Like if someone grabs your purse, they've now got not only your purse, but also your gun. Makes way more sense to keep something like that on your person. At least that's what I'd guess.

Anonymous 52333


I use one of those Eastpak bum bags. Have been using it since 2014 or so, it's still holding up well and I wear it every single day. Best purchase I've ever made. I wear it over my chest like this.

Anonymous 56525

I wear a hip bag I bought off Amazon. It has a second leg strap so it's secure.

Anonymous 56541


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