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Familiar Faces Anonymous 52174

Are there posters on 4chan you recognize? Who are they?
How do you feel about them?

Have a warm cup of hot chocolate for your answers.

Anonymous 52180

I like to group people by their typing style (it can get really specific) but I usually don't ask myself if it's the same person. Sometimes I recognize certain posters on slower imageboards.

Anonymous 52183

nice toast.png

Does anyone recognize me?

Anonymous 52188

There was a trip on r9k who lived in the small town I grew up in.

Anonymous 52191

Did you know them or know what they looked like in real life? That's interesting. I live in a small town in a sparsely-populated state, so when I see someone online who's also from my town, I start to wonder if I may have seen them at the grocery store and not even realized it.

Anonymous 52210


So far, I haven't recognized anyone from 4chan, but as someone who posted on lolcow for years and created a few threads there, I sometimes read threads and posts here (usually ones that specifically mention lolcow) and think I recognize some lesser-discussed cows who are the topic of /snow/ and /w/ threads. These cows are ones that have either openly said they browse/post on imageboards, have been caught doing so after denying it, or have been caught selfposting in their threads, so it's not unlikely. I was actually compelled to make this post after reading a post made a few hours ago in a different thread that seems like someone who's been discussed in a lolcow thread that I created.

Like >>52180, I tend to recognize posters on slower imageboards (such as this one) due to their typing style, especially posters who speak English as a second language and make the exact same spelling and grammar errors across the site.

Anonymous 52287

yeah on /int/ which has been my mainboard for some while now.
I'm really into linguistics, but it isn't the most popular topic of discussion on there, so you tend to see the same people in the linguistics threads

Anonymous 52297

I noticed a poster on here that has also posted on https://dreamch.net/

Anonymous 52314

Didn't know them (I had moved out by then), but I may have run into them a couple times outdoors without knowing. It's mindblowing seeing his pictures by, like, a grocery store that I would go to.

Anonymous 52372

What are the best /int/ generals?
Which ones are less incel-ish?

Anonymous 52379

Anonymous 52380


Anonymous 52381


It was actually a comment from /hb/ that started me going to /fit/ for those wonderful /fph/ threads.

Like to think your there too anon, just a fun idea.

Anonymous 52511

None, all generals are cancer, and general posters should be contained.

Anonymous 52761

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