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Anonymous 52271

>you gain weight
>but nothing goes to your breasts

Anonymous 52280

i only gain weight in my stomach and face, it looks so out of place since my arms and legs are so skinny lol

Anonymous 52281

That's already my life. I was once 200 lbs with a cups.

I'm a pear-chan though, so at least it goes to my legs and ass instead. Also my arms and face which is more unfortunate.

Anonymous 52291

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm 5'2", 122 lbs, and somehow have a doublechin. Everything besides my face and stomach (even my breasts) look exactly the same as they did when I was 110 lbs several years ago.

Anonymous 52292

Well, if nature does not want to cooperate maybe try liposculpture?

Anonymous 52306

Plastic surgeries don't help your self steem. They don't change the fact that you're genetic junk.
Sorry if my posts sounds autistic, but that's how I think.

Anonymous 52557

Same here OP. I'm 5'5" and 121 lbs. My thighs are huge, I have a double chin and I only have a b cup ;-;

Anonymous 52558

well at least some it goes into an appealing part of the body (thighs).

Anonymous 52562

>you eat less
>but you dont lose weight

Anonymous 52566

Not that anon, and my knowledge on male preferences is as small as the next poster, but I belive that albeit the size of the hips is important for guys, they care more about the shape
IOW a fat butt is not as good as a toned yet small one.

When it comes to breasts the shape is not anywhere as important as the size.

Anonymous 52567

well yeah but you probably dont want conetits or saggy ones

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