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Anonymous 52405

why is crystal cafe so empty? this is the most comfortable imageboard out there. wish it were a tiny bit more populated.

Anonymous 52407

It's just not well known. I think most of the women here came from lolcow.farms but they don't like CC being mentioned anymore.

Anonymous 52409

Remember to mention the website in women's bathrooms!

Anonymous 52410

i guess you could advertise it on tumblr and female subreddits, though i feel like those users have different worldviews than native imageboard users.

Anonymous 52412

Have you considered this hurting the board culture and new users wanting to allow troons and scrotes?

Anonymous 52416

>different worldviews
yes, just more politely lol.

Anonymous 52418

I would honestly only do it in female bathrooms. I'm afraid to do it online because it can bring undesirable users (males and troons)

Anonymous 52419

fair enough, although I don't think the latter can be prevented via that method. the fundamental dilemma of spreading an imageboard's userbase is that its users inherently tend towards antisocial so it's harder to advertise to irl friends, and those two groups you mentioned have a domineering presence on the broader internet anyway and might be quicker to adopt niche interests

Anonymous 52424

Just to let you guys know, there's another thread with some ideas as to how to promote this site, and some success experiences from women who have.


Anonymous 52425


it's comfy because it's a slow board, imo.

Anonymous 52427

i found another imageboard that's comfy if not more, sushigirl.

Anonymous 52431

It's comfy because it's tiny

Anonymous 52471

Because it is terrible to navigate. I also browse 4chan. Whoever is the owner here must step up her game. What I miss:
-Catalog that can be sorted by bump or number of replies
-Nested replies inside threads.
-Showing replies on op
Also some hobbies boards like for example photography will be welcome. Right now site is terrible to navigate and looks like a beta version of image board when there is only mild shitposting and venting.

Anonymous 52552

Damn, that's some old-school underground marketing.

Anonymous 52764

I agree that some hobby-focused boards would be fantastic. I would love something like that in an anonymous female focused spaced like this, especially for photography. Even just one hobbies board with threads for specific ones would be a great start. Sewing, drawing, computer graphics, programming, hardware stuff… I'd love to see what people in this community are talented at.

Anonymous 52773

IMO this website and all of its boards move so slowly that rather than specific boards, you can just create individual threads for those hobbies. Several large threads with 300-400 posts have been around for at least 2 years. You could go ahead and create a dedicated photography thread on img or media and it won't go anywhere if you bump it once a week.

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