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Anonymous 52472

Ive been feeling empty today to the point of suicidal. can we share some wholesome/funny/uplifting news/pics/thoughts/advice whatever on this thread. I need human interaction

Anonymous 52474


Yea me too. Not sure why, maybe it is some phenomenon. 4 other people I know have also been feeling really sad.

Anonymous 52475


>tfw no monkey friend to help you climb onto his treehouse

Anonymous 52476


Anonymous 52477


just some wholesome videos you might like

Anonymous 52495

Don’t kill yourself anon, there’s not enough posters on this board as is

Anonymous 52529


Anonymous 52530


Oh wow at first I was feeling like "god I wish that were me" but after watching a bit I actually feel like I am there and I'm so happy to be able to use the internet and see various beautiful places in the world.

Anonymous 52532

OP, put on audiobook. Maybe something like Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. It’s a nice way to trick your brain into thinking you are getting human interaction.

Anonymous 52536


Anonymous 52549

I also recommend podcasts where two people have a conversation with each other (as opposed to the scripted podcasts such as Radiolab which are more like interviews or Ted talks). I really only know about Hello Internet on YouTube but if anyone else has more conversational style podcasts please let me know!

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