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Drunk Thread Anonymous 53300

Guise, I'm drunk. Bought some Vodka while in quarentine soooo..here's a drunk thread!

Anonymous 53301

If any of you are online lurking rn, feel free to talk about anything here and I'll try to give a response while drunk!! Or just come post here whenever you're lit.

Anonymous 53303

I wonder… How do lurkers not post at all on an imageboard? Don’t you people ever get an itch to say something?

Anonymous 53307

What vodka are you drinking? :v

Anonymous 53311

how do i stop being The Sad

Anonymous 53313

My bf is hanging out with a friend he's very close with and didn't tell me and I'm jealous cos I only really have him and don't have other friends :(

Anonymous 82669

Cranberry Juice! Cranberry Juice! Cranberry Juice!

Anonymous 82693

nooooo same things happened to me, helps if start chatting up online people so u still have others to talk to? otherwise easily ends up being codependant and yuck. getting the energy to tlk to newppl is ruff tho >_< wonder how u guys r doin after 10 months hmm..

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