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Anonymous 53368

Can we get a depressing fuel thread? Shit like this that makes you feel terrible.

Anonymous 53369


here's some more

Anonymous 53370

Why would you or anyone here want a thread like that?

Anonymous 53371


Anonymous 53372

It's fuel to burn for your journey. I would like to know if anyone has any images or collections. If you don't like this sort of stuff you can close your tab on this thread.

Anonymous 53374


This always makes me feel disgusted.

Anonymous 53375


Anonymous 53377

I don't find any of these pictures depressing, have I achieved inner peace?

Anonymous 53378

I'm just not sure it's a wise idea to have a thread exposing crystal.cafe's userbase to things which we might come to this imageboard specifically to avoid.

Anonymous 53379


Your values are probably different than my are. Have you had a string of exes and many sexual encounters?

Anonymous 53380


I didn't think it was against the "sanctity" or name of this board to post suicide fuel like this. If so a mod will probably ban me soon. Anyways hoped anyone else had more images. Making a folder of shit that just makes you want to die or something.

Anonymous 53381

Anonymous 53382


Anonymous 53383

Probably written by a man whose life revolves around video games and porn

Anonymous 53384

Yeah I find it so strange how disconnected they are. Just from the first sentence it's so wrong.
>never felt the urge to be great at anything
>never felt that magnetic admiration to someone who was great at something, etc.

I've had these thoughts/wanting since a young child.

It's sad how many men believe this. Very repulsive. So disgusting. How can someone strip me of my humanity like this? He probably wasn't trolling either with this post.

Anonymous 53386

Then don't click on the thread and just leave. The rest of the board may be a safe space but the first post literally says depressing fuel thread. Just don't click on it if it triggers you.

Is there an option though to auto hide threads? On 4channel you can just shift + click. Maybe the admin has to add this feature.

Anyways if anyone is browsing here would appreciate it if you had more images to post. I see it as fuel.

Anonymous 53387

You do know these sort of posts are mostly LARPers trying to live out their fantasies of being playboys, right?

Anonymous 53389

Not male. I can timestamp to proof. Why do you think it's bait? It actually depresses me whenever I see this. I thought others had similiar feels like me. Guess not really.
I really fucking wish but half of them are probably true.

Anonymous 53391

Your logic doesn't make any sense. Why the fuck shouldn't I be bothered by it? Absolutely retarded.. It's so fucking repulsive. You see this shit all the time browsing 4chan and other websites. I've been browsing 4chan since I was 10 years old before 2010. /b/ fantasy greentext threads were always full of fantasies revolving people's girlfriends BUT their sisters, female friends or female relatives were the ones they wanted to have sex with instead. Read about it, the Coolidge effect. Men crave novelty more and are more likely to cheat. It's evolution. Many men think it's normal for them to release themselves but women are not allowed or something. It should both be shunned.

Over 70% of men in a physicial relationship don't think there's anything wrong with having an online sexual relationship/romantic relationship with another female online. It's so sick. Men crave the harem life. Hooking up. To not want it is to go against their nature. They succumb.

Men think it's normal to have several exes. Men don't want their first girl to be their last. They are not made for relationships. This bothers me greatly. I wish homo sapiens was more monogamous like the European beaver, those animals stay together for their whole lives 99% of the time.

Or just banish this whole relationship and couples, sex love all together. Let's advance to the next stage of consciousness and into a type II civilization we are worthy off.

Anonymous 53392

Assuming you're actually female, by letting this affect you on a deep enough level to maintain a folder and seek out more, you are giving a certain degree of power to people that should be of ZERO significance to you. In fact this kind of reaction is exactly what those posters (LARPers and actual incels alike) feed on and dedicating entire threads to it is borderline degenerate IMO.

Anonymous 53394

But it's fuel. Does nobody else have images like it?

Anonymous 53395

tbh I read it as pinkpill stuff which means she's likely a woman given this site's association with lc.

Did you not see posts just like these in the old man-hate threads?

I appreciate the thread, op. Though I think it's healthy to take a break from such things, being aware enough to avoid falling for male traps/dating men is important.

Anonymous 53396

Whatever maybe I'll do it later but I am born with a cunt, what does it matter. It was never my intention to come over as male.

I've been there at /r9k/'s creation when it was this mix of /soc/ and /b/. In my opinion it has severely deteriorated. Especially around 2015/2016 or so. Board has become a lot faster. The other day I counted all the threads, 75 of 150 threads or so had a female sexual image as OP picture. It's sick.

Yes you are right. The type of people making those posts are 99% most likely men. I doubt any of them were female.

Anonymous 53398


I'm not her lol just an on-and-off manhater and ex-femcel

Here are some contributions anyway

Anonymous 53399


Anonymous 53400

Definitly not me. You've added nothing of use to this thread only pushing for my timestamp image to proof I'm a female which is hard to proof anyways. Please just leave the thread, dumb cancer frogposter. Not even want a discussion.

Thanks I mean shit like this is good fuel. It's also great counter material. X and Y are both shitty etc.

Anonymous 53402


This one here is only stressful if you're not a BDSMfag since it hints that most men are.
Looks-based shit always gets me since there's nothing you can do. Even surgery can't fix some flaws and you'll always be lesser to most people because of it.

And it's not even their fault, humans are just biased.

Anonymous 53403

How disgusting, these people think it's normal to date several women and have sex with them. These normals see sex in such a way I will never be able to understand. Why didn't he get a relationship with the first girl he dated and had sex with? Why did he CONTINUE to date multiple women and have sex with them? Why even evolve a relationship and have sex with a person if you don't want to spend your life with them till old age?

Anonymous 53404

I think they're all qts.

Anonymous 53406

Yeah you really want a picture of my face so bad. I think you're a guy honestly. Post timestamp. Justifying men like these is what you are doing >>53369

How can anyone not be bothered that such people exist?

Anonymous 53408


u have to ascend the need to prove ur humanity to men, only then you can acheive inner peace. good luck.

Anonymous 53409

meant for >>53384

Anonymous 53414

kys u retarded fgt

Anonymous 53416

Whenever I see female rating scales, it soothes my BDD. Like, Christ. Men fuck anything that walks.

Anonymous 53417


Anonymous 53420

Incel FUCK OFF. This thread is for women not loser men

Anonymous 53422

Oh I'm not a moid. It just depresses me.

Anonymous 53424

Why are you so hateful?

Anonymous 53606


Anonymous 53607


Anonymous 53609

For anyone wondering, the person who wrote this is an idiot. There is a correlation between being a depressed loser and being into imageboards/anime/etc, but its not that those things rot your brain, its that the people who get into them tend to not have much else going in their lives. You browse imageboards all day because you dont have any friends to hang out with. You watch anime all day because you have no meaningful/productive hobbies (or job lol). And so on.

Anonymous 53610

I don't understand how people can have such a lack of a a drive to better themselves, thats what makes me the most sad.

Anonymous 53613


Anonymous 53616


You’re only thinking of your own situation and fail to consider that other people have different circumstances. Yes people who spend all day on imageboards are less likely to have friends to hang out with, but this was not always the case for everyone, nor does it need to always be true. People out in the world get hobbies, they learn new skills, they meet new people, they watch popular shows. These are all things that allow you to connect with the average person. Imageboards on the other hand tend to be alienating. You consume fringe media, engage in fringe politics, spend time being hostile or accepting hostility, and you don’t build an identity like you would on normal social media. Anon is talking about those who have friends, who have hobbies, who get pulled in by the alluring side of imageboards and gradually lose the ability to connect with others. It’s the what if that says, “had I not spend my adolescent years being sad and hateful and insecure online, would my life be different?” For many, the answer is a resounding yes.

Anonymous 53617

I think he does realize that.

Anonymous 53623

I think personal assaults are a bit over the line.

Anonymous 53656


Anonymous 53708


this one hit too close to home for me

Anonymous 53709

funnily enough, the creator of that comic seems to have ascended femceldom (at least mentally). she deleted her reddit account last time i checked. her last post was about how she no longer identified with femcel struggles… which is kind of bittersweet, but it gives me comfort knowing she's off to better things and femceldom might just be a stage in life for a lucky few.

Anonymous 60170

lol used to bike past that exact spot on my way to work every day, at around 2:42 those white posts on the right of the screen designate the bike lane i'd take
dunno why i'm doxxing myself but i didn't expect to see such a familiar spot

Anonymous 60215

This thread just makes me hate men.
I regret losing my virginity. I wish I could die a virgin. It doesn't help that at the time he was only interested in me for being a virgin. I wish I can go back in time and kill myself.

Anonymous 60222

men always want to get the youngest woman possible because they are TERRIFIED of women who know better than to put up with the kind of shit they want to pull. men who talk about getting younger women are guaranteed to be an abuser, so it's a great filter for that trash.

Anonymous 60237

That particular anon can always get into the boards that are more interesting and intellectually stimulating for your brain, though.
e.g. reading the entirety of the /lit/ wiki, helping out other anons with less life experience in /adv/ and certain threads in CC, etc.
After all, all imageboards unironically follow the Liberal Arts thing that all universities like to suck it off if and only if you know where to go.

Anonymous 60238

Does that only apply for older men?
What about younger men that gravitate towards older women?

Anonymous 60240

>MEN WHO GRAVITATE towards older women

Your own phrasing exposes why it only applies for older men. Even as you try to suggest women are equal predators to men, you recognize that men chase in every case.

Anonymous 60241

By gravitate I don't mean to only go after older women but to just feel more comfortable with older women, so given the choice between sitting with girls his age and a woman in her forties he would choose to go with the woman in her forties.
Gravity is a subtle but constant influence after all.
Though what of the cases where men do not chase?
What of the men who choose to stay docile and while not against female companionship, feel no need to acquire it.
What would you make of a man who refuses to 'pursue' any woman, not out of entitlement but rather because his nature does not instruct him to?
Would he be a superior man in your eyes?

Anonymous 60243

anyone going to state how its depressing to have to deal with girls that backstab you just for their own benefits?

or not having female friends cause finding an internet dweller is one in a million?

or having to deal with a shitty dead end job?

or dealing with trauma?

lets make this thread more diverse in topics instead of being hurt by men cmon we are more than that

Anonymous 60244

>anyone going to state how its depressing to have to deal with girls that backstab you just for their own benefits?

Of course not. That problem is imaginary.

Anonymous 60246

youre not even funny?

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