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sadness Anonymous 53448

yo. post things that make you sad. nothing posted by an obvious incel, please.



Anonymous 53470


reminder that all humans are actually fish with lungs

Anonymous 53490


Anonymous 53493

That's funny, though.

Anonymous 53500

Anonymous 53579


Anonymous 53580


Anonymous 53582

This one particurlarly fucks me up because I cannot stand anything suicide related. It's too painful.

Anonymous 53583


woops sorry, here's the image

Anonymous 53586

more context to this? did he actually get to livesteam his suicide?

Anonymous 53587

he set fire to his room iirc

Anonymous 53679


this entire manga is so sad.
sauce is houseki no kuni

Anonymous 53691


Anonymous 53693

I'm su*cidal.

Anonymous 53694

Fish are actually humans who keep their gills.

Anonymous 78702


bumping my own old thread

Anonymous 78725


the dog died

Anonymous 82638


Anonymous 82654

Aw. That really is sad

Anonymous 82673

Its okay, its from bosnia and they got the dog to jump. Then it swam to the shore. So I don't think it died.

Anonymous 82695

Anonymous 82712


I don't know if poodles are good divers, but most dogos are able to hold their breath under water. We'll probably never know for sure, but i'm pretty sure that gogger died though. To put things in perspective, olympic diving platforms are 10m and according to one redditor that dog jumped ~16m, imagine pic related had one more floor. I probably would have crushed into the water and drowned after jumping 10m due to improper form lol. The bosnian article that was reposted on reddit didn't confirm that it survived, some bosnian redditor, who claimed to live near by said that initially it did survive the jump, but it also landed on some rocks and despite vet's efforts died few hours later, i tend to believe that one bosnian redditor becouse usually, when something like that goes viral and there is a successful outcome, there is also some patting themselves on the back, but in that bosnian article there wasn't any and there wasn't any fallow up articles to confirm anything.

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