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Anonymous 53747


I was wondering if anyone has tried "Bullet Journaling" or has used or currently uses a similar system for fun/organization/etc?

I've just gotten interested myself, I'm not an artsy type of user, I'm looking to go more "minimalist" as it's referred to, but I was wondering about anyone's opinions if they'd tried it, what they thought, what worked, what totally didn't work, etc.

Hope you have a good day!!

Anonymous 53750

Hi, I think keeping journals like that is very time consuming and takes away your attention from actually doing things - eventually it turns into a chore, not a tool to help you. Frankly I don't see the point in keeping a journal besides writing down important dates and tasks, which can even more easily be written as a simple list without all the fancy formatting.
I think most people who keep pretty journals do it for social media. They serve more as decoration and works of art than to actually help you organize things. My friend told me of her classmate who always had the prettiest notes, everything underlined in different colors, but failed half her classes (and this was in primary school) - what's the point in decorating your notes if that's what you will focus on instead of the information that's written?
I use Onenote on my computer to write down tasks and ideas, I think it's much easier to use and to decorate if you want to. Of course, it's not physical, which I think makes journals appealing to everyone, but I prefer it.

Anonymous 53752

I agree. I always liked the idea of keeping a cute journal or maybe a death note themed thing, but in practice it feels like a chore and it's not that useful. Especially to the point of writing down each day, keeping track of drinking water (why?) and planning meals like in the picture.

The most I do is open the notepad, write something that I have to do and save it. It's quick and useful. I think when you do more than this your "efficiency" to "decorating and organizing" is off balance.

I doubt you will be able to keep that up for long anyway. Depending on how easily you get tired of things you'll get sloppy and start writing more compact notes in a week or month.

Like the old high school meme I used to see, it went like this: "when you get a new notebook… Day 1, I'll try to write nicely! Day 2, it's a bit off but alright. Day 3, screw it."

Anonymous 53910

agree. just own some good pens, use quality paper/tablet, maybe have a highlighter or two. bulleting’s fun but you have to be efficient about it otherwise it can be counterproductive.

basing this off my friends who are into it but don’t seem to be more productive or organized from doing so. learning the principles to organizing notes and having good handwriting is more satisfying imo.

Anonymous 53917


slightly related, does anyone else here like writing with fountain pens or calligraphy pens? since 2017 ive been taking school notes with a montblanc meisterstuck and it's fantastic, very light on the paper and makes notetaking much more enjoyable. collecting different inks is like colorful little magic potions.

Anonymous 53974

>takes away your attention from actually doing things
That's partly the point. This is a pretty good video to explain it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaJmw54BMcw

>I think most people who keep pretty journals do it for social media.

I don't keep a journal like that, but I do keep a more diary-like journal. For me it's for the opposite reason. I deleted all my social media and stopped going to sites like reddit and twitter etc. with their infinite feeds, because I found them to just be time sinks without much enjoyment. I've stopped using discord, group chats and online forums too. Not out of depression or isolation, but simply because I found that I wasn't really enjoying the time I spent doing any of those, and having "unfinished" conversations lingering at the back of my mind just scattered my brain whenever I tried to focus on something.

I realize I'm typing this on an image board, so I haven't completely abandoned online interaction, but I'm close. For me the journal serves as a way to organize my thoughts, as I no longer do so by typing stuff online. I still see my real world friends, and have one very close friend I can talk to about anything, but there are things I'd rather talk anonymously about, even if it's nothing sensitive. Mostly because I haven't really formulated the idea fully myself. Keeping a journal helps me do that.

Anonymous 53976

>"unfinished" conversations lingering at the back of my mind just scattered my brain whenever I tried to focus on something.
Yeah, that's a good way of describing the remains of social media lingering in my head at the end of the day.
Diary (bullet or not) is mostly to remember what is important. The day to day stuff takes up so much space that taking a few minutes to reassess what matters in the long term is good mental hygiene.

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