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Anonymous 53753

Why do moids think we have life on "easy mode"? Is it because society teaches boys not to empathize with others?

Anonymous 53760

the thing is, the girl on the left is not considered attractive by society anymore. Women need surgery now to be "attractive", in addition to dieting, shaving, applying makeup and knowing about hair, etc.

And this is only judging it on attractiveness, I'm not even getting into the actual difficulties of being female


only a small percentage of people are making it off of sex work to the point they are financially comfortable. Most women quit. Furthermore, if we make it only about attractiveness, while there is a "niche" for every girl, in real life, an ugly girl is still an ugly girl and gets treated as such. Ugliness in men is excused offline because they have muh personality.

Anonymous 53761

Even going the natural route, the current standards would be the same as the man lmao.
>squat heavy at gym for similar amount of time to that man for big ass
>eat similarly strict diet for building muscle/maintaining physique
ON TOP of the other things you mentioned.

Not to mention women generally put less focus on conventional looks than men.
That said, I think it does even out since there are some standards for success/confidence in men. But when it comes to looks? They do not win the pity competition.

Anonymous 53763

these discussions are pointless. nobody on this earth has life on "easy mode" unless they are born rich lol

Anonymous 53765

yeah for real. the idea of any broad group living life on easy mode is a just a juvenile worldview. people literally get memed by media portrayals and 0.1% outliers like successful sex workers or sugar babies. sometimes you just need to log off.

Anonymous 53767

Where can you find reliable numbers about how much the average sw makes? All I can find is girls on YouTube bragging about how much they make. As someone who's recently lost their job, I'm curious.

Anonymous 53771

she wouldn't be considered above a 7 anymore where as some years ago, she would be a 9

i really hate how the beauty standard has evolved

Anonymous 53772

Popular beauty standards like extreme instagram style today are so unrealistic for any gender, and I honestly don't find it appealing. Not for men and not for women.

Looking like you work for your looks 24/7 and would do anything to be the hottest person in the universe should not be attractive to anyone.

Anonymous 53773

Yeah, broad groups like "the rich" and "the politically powerful" have it rough too.

Anonymous 53776

Just stop being poor

Anonymous 53780


Can I still slay all the guys even if I'm poor and ugly?

Anonymous 53781

moids online always whine about how women spend their teens/20s fucking around on the "dick carousel" and then crawl to beg a beta to marry them when they are in their 30s and "used up" and "hit the wall."

meanwhile, i was talking to a 21 year old guy on tinder and tell him i'm looking for dating and eventually a longterm relationship, and he quavers and goes, "i'm not ready for that." not ready for DATING? for real? i unmatched. men do the exact same shit they accuse women of, and all these desperate flabby balding wrinkled blockheads at age 35 all clambor to try and date me and moids say men are in their "prime" at 35? lmao. you look like my 60 year old father.

all men do is project. "women have it on easy mode!" meanwhile, they never know what fear is, can go anywhere they want and walk unmolested, and no one even expects moids to be pretty, just to hold at least a mediocre job and be financially responsible. they can be fat, ugly, stinking, and still someone will settle for them. men say women fuck around, but theyre the ones with a fear of commitment who chase pussy like a dog until their dick stops working and they want to settle down (but of course, with a 10/10 20 year old wife) and lose their minds when it doesnt work that way. men cant even be assed to shave their FACE and meanwhile every woman shaves half her body every day. men rage about ethots but all simp to them and watch porn and drool over photoshopped insta-filtered selfies. delusional XY retards. there is nothing more lazy and entitled than a moid. they're all looking to spend their life waving their dick around and then enslave a woman to clean their filthy bedroom and wipe their asshole.

Anonymous 53782

men are so used to instagram they dont even know what women look like anymore. they claim they're soooo big brain but can't see past a gallon of makeup and photoshop airbrushing. i'm expected to have an ass like a baboon and balloon tits? and men can't even wash their underwear or wear socks that dont have holes. the last guy i dated took his shirt off and it was a flabby fucking mess of skinnyfatdom with pudgy lovehandles, a chicken chest, and wiry long splotches of hair on his shoulders.
all the articles/videos about women making 15k a month posting selfies are all shady and scammy sounding. other than absolute outliers it's all fake, or they wouldn't need to sell books about "how to make 15k/month overnight with just your phone!" in reality 99% of them make next to nothing if anything. it's all fake shit. i hate the modern focus on money, it just makes everyone insane with envy.

Anonymous 53784

I used to have a job that involved working with helping sex workers and educating others about sex work (among other things). Most sex workers are just barely surviving. The ones who are bringing in bigger money go through that money right away to keep up the cycle (drugs, clothes, etc). Those blogs you see are really tempting (I used to follow some sw tumblrs) but who knows how much of it is larping. You’ll also notice those girls have a whole host of mental problems.

Anonymous 53789

🚨 🚨 moid alert 🚨 🚨

Anonymous 53805

Woah. Are you me?

I had to change my name as well, and don't/can't have social media because of it.

It has been 10 years, and some pedo still tracked me down and bothers me about it. Biggest regret of my life.

What's even more fucked up is I was underage at the time because I was a typical bullied lonely kid that just wanted male attention/validation, and quickly learned my mistake.

Anonymous 53809


Lol I hope you're kidding

Anonymous 53810

wtf. actually i did ppm (great $$$) and sold a video of myself before, as well as trying out sex camming (pennies). i never suffered consequences like that. i already had no social media presence beforehand, though, so maybe that helped.

men are crazy. that's really scary. actually, it's easy to track people down with just a first name, a city, and an occupation. if you have a photo you can reverse lookup it's child's play. people should be more careful what they tell people and put online. i used to lurk the /b/ threads of them perfoming doxxes and i've always been absurdly careful because of it.

Anonymous 53821

This lol, maybe don't camwhore next time.

Anonymous 53822

i think being underage would’ve prevented her from understanding that.

Anonymous 53824

That’s horrible… do you say two because you are pretty sure its just two bad actors? And do you think they knew you irl and that was added to their motive to do this? Or that they were random psychos that just found you online?

Anonymous 53825

>bringing in bigger money go through that money right away
Why would they do this? It's easy to become financially literate with access to the Internet. Why not put all the money they're making into a Roth IRA, invest in real estate or even just a mutual fund?

Anonymous 53826


So this is what men really think of us. This is a screenshot from /fit/. Why do moids think they need to look like a bodybuilder to be considered attractive?

Anonymous 53827

>no homeless women
Has this guy ever like. Lived in a city? Or worked at a homeless shelter? Bruh.

Anonymous 53828

But didn't you know we have life on easy mode. You can just sleep with the landlord for free rent or have your simps buy you a $500,000 home by selling them feet pics and used underwear.

Anonymous 53839


are you worried they will send it to your significant other or have they done that before ;_;

Anonymous 53847

Do homeless shelters have a higher ratio of women to men? I've never, but the homeless people I see on the street have a 10:1 male to female ratio.

Anonymous 53866


Yeah, but the sympathy is also more warranted. It's not as dangerous to offer a couch to a homeless female friend of a friend of a cousin, because women who fall on hard times are less likely to be aggressive and unpredictable and trash your place, and more likely to keep the place tidy in order to show basic gratitude. Men don't understand this when they talk about how women receive more sympathy and kindness: women themselves are, as a group, friendlier and kinder. Show human decency, receive human decency, or at least the benefit of the doubt. I'm no longer sure it's worth it towards the typical male though, because they rarely reciprocate prosocial behaviour (some do, and I have nothing but respect for these men).

Also, top kek at >>53826 - guys really don't get it. They genuinely think the random guy, who followed me shouting curses the last time I dared venture to a nearby park for a quick walk after dark, was just hitting on me in a slightly less polite way. Or that the old friend I watched movies with one night, who started taking my clothes off despite me clearly and explicitly saying no until I physically escaped, was just being a bit of a dick.

They're incapable of understanding how often women are violated and terrorized by men, even when we do nothing to provoke it and are just going about our days or hanging out with supposed friends. It's not recorded anywhere in the statistics because it's literally so commonplace that no one has the time to enforce laws against it unless the case is backed by exceptional amounts of evidence, the type that rarely is left behind. Sexual assault is de facto legal because of the nature of the evidence involved, and yet men whine about how they're more in danger of violence or whatever, and shriek in horror if a man is accused of predatory behaviour without a court procedure. No shit, of course the crime statistics are going to capture your dumb male-on-male fisticuffs with witnesses and broken wrists, but fail to show how many people men leave traumatized after their sadistic obsessions with assault and rape, because yeah try to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the latter was actually nonconsensual when moids say it was just harmless bdsm or whatever, or leave no evidence because the threat of strangulation alone is strangely effective when someone considers fighting back. And so many men don't even truly believe that sexual violence is traumatizing at all because to them sex = fun. A very natural male stance if you consider our evolutionary history.

Anonymous 53869


bother trying to date? Have you just deactivated all social media and tried living off the grid?

Anonymous 53875

Wow it‘s like a reverse /v/ take, jeez

Anonymous 53883

But I do.

Anonymous 53891

>This one reddit screenshot proves men have it bad.
People dislike weak people in general. And if you like men so much you can go post with them and see how sympathetic they are to your problems.

Anonymous 53894

Unfortunately, the likelyhood of two outliers in the dating field meeting each other is relatively small. You'll just have to go out of your way to find each other.

Anonymous 53904

what does "1/2/3/4 " mean?

Anonymous 53907

I guess it depends on what you mean by "attractive". You state being a decent person should be on the list, but, I always assumed attractiveness just meant outer appearance. I just don't know, dobyou have the ability to tell sa guy is a decent person with a glancw? I don't.

Anonymous 53911

Do you have the ability to tell a man can hit 1/2/3/4? His salary? Whether he owns property or not? She’s clearly referring to the post, which discusses more than appearance. It’s about attractiveness as a partner.

Anonymous 53920

The first man I've ever properly fallen in love with is a tiny guy who has never had any kind of workout routine (while I do). He's only low bf% because he's scrawny lmao, but I'd like him if he was squishy too.
But he does have nice cheekbones. So it must be that and not genuinely liking his sensitive and kind personality (and stature tbqh, 'tis cute).

We're also both poor students and pretty equally awkward.


I hate this shit. Imagine applying the behaviour of women who are emotionally unhealthy (not used to being loved and refuse to try and improve) to all women.
>inb4 but stats say many wimminz are like it!
Awesome, you've proved that little girls being abandoned or abused is common.
(Same goes for little boys, children are mistreated too often and it leaves marks)

Anonymous 53924

> "easy mode"
The only thing these losers care about is fucking women off tinder for validation, and since women find ourselves swarmed by desperate men with no standards they seethe. When moids mean "easy mode", it usually refers to romantic relationships, and we know how horribly those can go for women.

Anonymous 53927

Lmao, when men post things like "am I a bad dude for being turned off by my gf's sagging breasts/stretch marks/insert X undesirable physical trait" on reddit the responses boil down to "it's normal just don't be an asshole" yet this girl got piled on as if she were the devil incarnate even though they're the exact same situations from a purely evolutionary standpoint. Judging from the comments alone I assumed she mentioned acting in a that made him feel awful about himself in the (now deleted) OP, but looking at the screenshot she seems to have done all the right things. Nowhere near "horrible person" material. Of course not seeing him as a partner anymore is a really outlier reaction and I'd hope she can work this out somehow but there's no reason for her to get ripped to shreds over an instinctual response she likely had no control over at that time. While many of us (myself included) have loved vulnerable boys I can understand why the need to feel perfectly secure with a partner is much stronger in some women. Also chances are if something so base made OP question her feelings they were never that strong to begin with whether she realized it or not, they're both better off alone.

Anonymous 53929


>pic related
yep, atleast before there were wars for males to "unleash" their built up emotional frustration, be it when you shoot the enemy or when you talk about life with your comrade. this social dynamic works in strict and authoritarian societies. it wont work in a rainbow land where everyone is equal and happy

Anonymous 53930

Thank you anon

Anonymous 53936

That's a lot of seethe & cope in one post. Their point is that the female view of what an "avarage" man is, is completely warped.

Anonymous 53939

This is completely inconsequential though. Men statistically still mostly message the most beautiful women. And women get attracted to men they initially think are average or below average in looks, and find them hot once they get to know them better. Regardless of how incels try to twist facts to suit their cherished insecurities, women actually do care more about personality and other marks of a good long-term partner (also other shallow traits, of course, like wealth, but it's still more variable and easily more forgiving and rational than men forever pining after the 20-yo 95th percentile hotties while half-assedly sticking their sad semi boner in whatever is available).

When men get insecure and sad when they realize that women might find them below-average in looks, it's because they project how they themselves feel about below-average looking women: invisible, or at most easy subhuman targets to use but never truly care about. They don't understand that women can notice other things about them, get in a relationship, and then change their perspective to "my bf so handsome, he might not be conventionally attractive but he's just perfectly my type and so hot!!!". Whereas men, even in relationships, will keep comparing even the cutest girls to comically altered and enhanced teen bodies, or martyr themselves while sighing about muh variety which they have to sacrifice to get regular boring access to a regular boring bangmaid.

Anonymous 53941

So much obvious moidposting going on in this thread. Men, it's not so hard to be a good partner. You can invest a bunch of time and money every day into looking better, just like we do every day, and make sure you improve a woman's life just like she will improve yours. Married men live longer, are less stressed, spend way less time on chores, and earn more. The reverse is true for women, plus with a really careless partner choice there's a risk of rape, unintended pregnancy, and domestic violence - so think about what you're asking women to do for you, and prove you're worth the risk. We have higher standards because by default partners will, in expectation, mostly make us more miserable.

There is such a dearth of men who are devoted and committed like women (e.g. pornfree and thoughtful towards their partner, emotionally available and romantic, will stay even if the woman gets severely sick), take as much care of their appearance as their desired woman does (get in shape, get basic nice clothes and grooming, and sure, go for plastic surgery like women do if you're legit ugly), have good domestic skills and habits like women do (when did you last change your bedsheets? please tell me you fucking have bedsheets), and have well-rounded interests, conversational skills, and a healthy social life like women do. Then you just need to credibly signal these traits to potential partners, which admittedly can be harder because so many men initially fake having them even when it's not the case.

Literally you just need to be worth it for a woman to have you in her life compared to being alone. You're not competing against 6ft8 chads who make seven figures, you're competing against her being on her own, minding her own business, and taking care of her own household.

Anonymous 53943

>It's difficult to say for something unquanifiable like doing your hair

Unquantifiable? You can measure the time and money women spend on makeup, hygiene, hair, cosmetic surgery, and flattering outfits. Do you really think it's totally impossible to make an educated guess, so probably the effort it's equal between women and men?

If men spent as much time and money on looks than women did (and learned to take better photos) findings such as >>53934 would drastically diminish. But that's not even the point, because women still care and get in loving relationships even with men whose photos they would in isolation deem below average.

>Married men live longer, are less stressed, spend way less time on chores, and earn more.
Just do this in return to women, put in as much effort for the relationship and your own physical and emotional attractiveness than women do, and then learn to signal it in an honest way. It's not more difficult than that. If you don't feel like doing that, then don't complain about how hard it is to find a gf, or how women have unreasonable standards.

Anonymous 53951

>don't fall for the sex worker
>sold nudes
You aren't a sex worker you dumb cunt

Anonymous 53952

People who can't seperate their politics from what makes them horny are weirdos. I have nothing else to add.

Anonymous 53954

I'm sorry I didn't realise I was replying to a raid.

Anonymous 53958

>men get confronted with the helpful suggestion that if they want someone to share a life with them, they need to be people worth sharing a life with
>b-but [the 1% of women who are cray or have something like hybristophilia, a literal paraphilia], [reddit anecdotes, half of which are incel bait], being a person worth spending time with probably just won't work and women want murderers anyway :(
>but but I just don't know, I find it likely that men probably use more on their appearance than women do? and it can't be measured anyway so we just don't know??? but men do spend more!
>sure, women love men who are less conventionally attractive, and place less worth on appearance. but being a man is hard mode because women think photos of strangers are unattractive :(((
>ignore everything about how much more men benefit from marriage, and how harmful it is to women in terms of quality of life

Just don't change anything then kek, but if you're lonely remember it's your life, you chose to live it this way instead of thinking about what you bring to the table and improving yourself.

Anonymous 53959

>Do you have the ability to tell a man can hit 1/2/3/4?
If a guy is fit enough to do that you can definitely fucking see it. Now, he could be bear mode fat and hairy, or gym god hairless, but that level of muscle will definitely be visible
>His salary?
Yes, poor people and rich people dress differently. It's not guaranteed (poor people buying clothes they can't afford/rich people who don't give a shit), but you can see it.
>Whether he owns property or not?
That's a bit redundant with the income mentioned above, in general, if you can afford to have property you are at least higher than poverty.
>She’s clearly referring to the post, which discusses more than appearance. It’s about attractiveness as a partner.
I don't understand the word attractiveness then. In my mind, attractiveness gets you to talk to the guy, it's "chemistry" that gets you dating. If there are different definitions please explain what "attractiveness" is.

Anonymous 53960

>you think you'll make a good beta provider
lmao at that typo since that's my true fantasy as a role-reversalfag.

Anonymous 53962

I hope you know how unrealistic that kind of relationship is. Most chances, codling a moid only leads to them becoming freaky man-babies, unless that's your thing.

Anonymous 53963

i get tired of these threads
they're r9k tier

Anonymous 53966

>If men spent as much time and money on looks than women did (and learned to take better photos) findings such as >>53934 would drastically diminish.
You really think so? I'd assume women compare men to other men, not some androgynous universal idea of attractiveness (if such a thing even exists). Just like men compare women to women, and a girl without make up is "bland" or "homely" even if the man and his male buddies never wear any either yet don't consider themselves ugly for it.

If all men across the board started paying more attention to their looks there's no reason to assume the distribution of female attention would change at all.

Anonymous 53967

I don't think anyone gets riled up about this, it's just annoying that you (or your kind, because of course you weren't implying anything about mean womenz by posting it) talk like your graph makes men's lives noticeably harder, when everyone admits men's looks don't even matter as much for their desirability. Everyone here just told you it's inconsequential, you even admitted it yourself and just added something vague about "ohhh ahhh but it is just interesting re how women see men".

I think the graph is explained by how women are more monogamous btw, and men are just incapable of understanding this and what they can do to be attractive in the eyes of a woman. If a woman has a crush (or especially a partner of course), she's likely to dismiss other men as unattractive, judging them below average, as part of their pair-bonding mechanisms. Men, on the other hand, will not do this kind of discounting because of their higher natural promiscuity and weaker sexual pair-bonding.

Men think this just means women won't find them attractive, while the insight they should walk away with is that if they're a worthwhile partner and make themselves attractive to a woman, this woman will be biased against randos in favour of him, and hence less likely to cheat. And a good man would reciprocate this.

Anonymous 53977

This thread really illustrates the concept of entitlement. I used to think these men were cast aside on the dating market despite taking steps to improve themselves over the years. I believed they had been thinking a lot about why a woman might want them as a partner, reasonably tried to approximate that and bring as much to the table as the women they wanted, and then being overlooked because of bad luck. Unfair, and something I really sympathized with. But the more I've been reading from the online type lonely men, the clearer it has become that these guys really just feel that someone should take care of them and give them affection and validation simply for existing. When this doesn't happen, they list excuse after excuse for why they aren't going to improve themselves, instead of doing what they can to be actually desirable life partners.

Even approaching dating as a "numbers game" instead of a mutual search for a compatible life partner makes more sense now - mindlessly spamming your options until you manage to scam someone into a shitty deal by the power of statistical noise alone, just so you don't have to put in any actual thought and effort.

How anyone can have so little agency and motivation to work for the things they supposedly want is beyond me.

Anonymous 53979

It's just cause-and-effect. Millions of people born into this world with no training whatsoever on how to thrive in it, and because of their anger at this injustice, they refuse to right what was never wronged by them. Its not their fault, so it's someone else's! It's not fair! An endless cycle of destruction which they refuse to break by themselves.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a grown man drinking his sperm-infused fanta: forever.

Anonymous 53981

Why has this male not been banned yet mods pls

Anonymous 53984

Nta but I thought she described exactly what I go through. I just don't find other men attractive when I'm with the person I'm with. It has nothing to do with how attractive my partner is. My attraction to my partner had little to do with his physical appearance. Female friends and sisters call him ugly and/or average.

Anonymous 53985

Way to reply to strawmanning, just leap to talking about wealth when you're in a debate about looks where wealth has only been mentioned briefly, in the context that yeah, women often care more about it. But it's the other people that are strawmanning. Is this an example of the famous logical ability men like to brag about?

Unless you're obese or deformed or a stacy chaser, how women rate the attractiveness of strangers is inconsequential if you're rational and meet women in situations where they can get to know you better. If your initial impressions don't work, again, be a person worth spending time with and learn to signal it externally in a credible way. Fix the things you can about your looks. It's your fault if you use a shitty way to meet people and refuse to learn, online dating doesn't work for everyone and you should know better. And yeah, I admit looks are very important for finding lots of short term relationships, but I don't care at all about the problems of men who are after noncommittal sex, so it works out for me.

Your study only talks about illusion effects in relationships. Because the graph was presumably about people in the dating pool, it doesn't matter if the effect is equivalent in relationships (which I would honestly call bs on, considering that more men keep watching porn even in relationships, fap to friends, etc.). Sure, you can dispute that discounting effects happens even with crushes in women, or otherwise insist that the effect just neatly happens to be too large for you to overcome. I'm also not sure if this specific thing explains the discrepancy in the graph, it just describes how I feel about it and I reckon it applies to many women. I'm just trying to give you my best impression of the world as it is, which is roughly that regardless of the origin of the disparity, your memed-to-death graph doesn't represent anything immutable about the dating landscape that a sane and healthy man couldn't overcome easily, with roughly the effort women put into being good partners or maybe less. Again, it's up to you if you believe it or if you keep doing whatever it is you're doing now and stay miserable and lonely.


>women exclusively develop crushes on the absolute hottest guy in the first place
This is what incels really believe kek. Good riddance if you personally have given up on dating. Did you forget your study about females rating males now? Because it also said women message even the less attractive men, unlike men who mostly message the hottest women. No matter how much time you spend brainwashing yourself on blackpill subreddits and how many excuses you collect for your lack of spine, lack of agency, and lack of ability to improve another person's life, even unattractive people find loving and fulfilling relationships and marriages, with a high rate.

It's not your face, or your wrists, or any other physical trait you conveniently can't do anything about. It's the kind of person you are, and the choices you make because you can't be arsed to become someone worth loving. Just be a person worth sharing a life with, it's not so hard. Women do it all the time, git gud.

Anonymous 53988

>I believed they had been thinking a lot about why a woman might want them as a partner, reasonably tried to approximate that and bring as much to the table as the women they wanted

Do normies really do this? I mean spend time thinking what the opposite sex might be into, and then try to change themselves to fit that idea? Huh, a lot of things make a lot more sense now.

Anonymous 53990


me and my mom were homeless for nearly a year and we had to fucking sleep in our car because every single job my mom had applied for got rejected and because the grad school she went to screwed her over and kicked her out for petty reasons, yet moids like this have the motherfucking audacity to say absolute bullshit like this even though most of them (especially ones like this) have lived most of their life cushioned and their only problem is ""wahhhh wahhhh that feel when no girlfriend!!!! im a man oh nooooooo ;_; ;-;" fuck you, gay fucking retard kill yourself my nigga lol lol lol

Anonymous 53991

plus muscles are ugly in my opinion anyway, its the personality not the muscles that is so stupid also sorry for my autist rage

Anonymous 54000

Not so much explicitly maybe, but normies have social scripts for this, and better social intuitions, so they just kind of end up mostly doing the correct things automatically (at least in the beginning, but many marriages end up troubled among normies because people don't think about what they mutually offer each other at all). Nerdier people tend to question cultural social scripts and their social intuitions are pretty crappy, so if they fail they need to think about their value to others more thoroughly.

Anonymous 54007

>implying its the womans fault for being a single mother
>implying she doesnt have other skills
>implying homelessness was deserved for anon and her mother
>implying all homeless men are parapalegics and not also drug addicts
Moid hands touched this post.

Anonymous 54008

Most men aren't even in construction or jobs that could cripple you, and even less work in oil rigs. What a stupid bitter moid post and analogy.

Anonymous 54028

L'Arc~en~Ciel - KS…

First of all, boy, no one gives a fuck about your pathetic, attention-seeking, woe-is-me attitude. Everyone thinks that you are ANNOYING and retarded.

Second, everything a male says is projection. And it's not my fault that males are so retarded that they have no standards. In my country we have a saying that goes "as long as she breathes" and that's true. Males should be shamed for having zero standards and fucking anything that moves. It's not shameful for women to be selective, because that's normal fucking behavior for anyone with a few braincells.

Males don't even put any effort into looking good for their potential mates. They don't even bother to survey what women like. Fit guys are closeted faggots who lift for their gymbros. They think women like dehydrated, ripped guys with no taste, as if anyone actually enjoys eating boiled chicken breast, because that guy you see in pic is the guy those fit guys would date. They're projecting their desires onto women, then whine why women don't like them. You're doing it for yourself, you stupid fucking bimbo.

Yes, that's what I said. If you're another lanky little brat wearing jeans, polo shirts, whatever hideous shoes you males like, with a hitler youth haircut, reconsider your life. Because to me you're the equivalent of a CHEAP INSTAGRAM THOT. You're a chinkmade low quality bimbo, stupid, stereotypical, and ugly. Not even the good kind of bimbo, that's stupid, but kind and sexy. I don't want mass produced factory faggots like you, you dumbbells for brains. You just want to look like you put effort by going to the gym but without putting actual effort. Grow your hair , style it nicely, wear some makeup, shave your ugly jungle limbs, and get some sense of fucking style. This is the bare minimum of what we do.
Whenever I design a male person, I always have to think, "how do I make this guy look like he has taste, but not make him gay?" because even homosexuals know better than you.
You are going to give up on women and eventually take it up the ass anyway. You might as well study what women like and dress a little "gay" while you're at it. Why do you think so many girls are into effeminate looking gook boys? They're looking for someone to fill a niche that YOU can't, even though those boybands aren't that good.

And stop making these worthless bait threads, you're ruining the community.

Anonymous 54032

Sounds like you're projecting too

Anonymous 54033

While males will cry and try to dispute this, it's the truth.

Anonymous 54037


Holy mother of based

Anonymous 54040

It's a truth.

Anonymous 54041


Yes that is likely true
Yeah, it is aspiration. That's fine. But being ripped or swole isn't peak attractiveness. And it's not MY aspiration. It's like getting a shitty gift that you didn't even ask for, and then being called "ungrateful" for not liking it.

Anonymous 54044

>Fit guys are closeted faggots
>because that guy you see in pic is the guy those fit guys would date.

>Grow your hair , style it nicely, wear some makeup, shave your ugly jungle limbs, and get some sense of fucking style

Anon I think you might want to date a girl.

Anonymous 54045


But Anon, I don't like girls in that way. I just like long haired goth people that aren't too hairy. I DID try to like girls. It's not working.

Anonymous 54046


Good news, there is a man that exists for u girl.

Anonymous 54050

pictures like this make me livid. as if "not eating like a fucking hippo" would throw you into the 14-16 BMI range that men objectively find the most attractive. at least men's ideal of beauty is healthy and you can't die trying to reach it. how many scrotes even try to be fit anyway?

Anonymous 54051


>2 shitty situations
The most recent 2 shitty situations, used as examples for things that have happened dozens of times, some of which involved forced fingering, groping, or nonconsensual choking, one of which I escaped only after punching the guy in the face (bad idea because most men have the physical ability to pretty easily just kill most women, but it confused him and I was near a public place so could run away).

This is what I meant by saying that guys just don't get it. You may not personally be evil, but men have a natural, evolved incentive to have sex with women whether the women want it or not. Now that we live in a civilization with consequences, many men can control it and don't even feel its effects that much, and many are genuinely good people, but the evolutionary incentives are still salient for many, and the strength difference between sexes is real. Countless men act these impulses out towards women, friends and strangers alike, every day in situations you think are totally normal and not threatening.

Also, yeah, no physical harm so no harm done kek. Again, men think even forced sex sometimes leaves no physical harm, so it's no biggie, they are incapable of understanding what the evolved psychological responses to those situations are for women. Most vets with PTSD probably escaped with little to no physical harm too, they just had to fear for their lives in an immediately dangerous situation. I'm not fucking choosing to build up trauma and brain damage, inherently brain damaged men choose to hurt and terrorize people like me (i.e. women who leave the house to do normal activities, dressed normally, taking normal precautions, choosing seemingly normal friends and boyfriends, but looking like good targets for ??? reasons).

Please, men, try to understand this even if you don't personally assault women. Women objectively aren't safe sharing a society with men, with male impulses and physical strength, if we're afraid and traumatized it's because this is the appropriate response to severely threatening situations, not a choice hurr durr. If you can't understand and empathize, at least don't expect to get a lot of sympathy for being short and having a hard time finding a cute gf despite putting in soooo much work swiping on tinder.

Anonymous 54058

It's honestly news to you that normal, decent looking women who are often in contact with men have to deal with lots of unwanted sexual stuff, including the occasional more severe assault, unless they restrict their activities to an unreasonable degree?

Anonymous 54061

Ignore the obvious creeps who we both are wise enough to avoid, and imagine that 1 in 50 outwardly friendly and unsuspicious men commit one mild to severe sexual assault a year. This should certainly not be an implausible number. Now imagine that you have 10 friends a year you sometimes hang out alone with, 5 of whom are women. You work at an office with 10 other people a year, 5 of whom are women. A pretty low chance that you encounter one of the 2% - especially because even if one of the males around you is an offender, he will statistically often likely pick one of the other women in your circles. There's a 20% chance that one of your male coworkers or friends is an assaulter, and only a 2% chance that you specifically are the target any given year. Basically not a problem to you, so you don't even really believe friendly and unsuspicious men can assault people.

Now imagine that you have a slightly larger office of 25 people, and a friend group of 25 people, so that you are closely in contact with 50 people a year. But additionally, skew the gender balance so that you're the only woman in your office, meaning that you will know of all the assaults because they will be directed at you. In your friend group, there are maybe 2 other women, so you will be the target of a third of the assaults. (This is analogous to my case, for example, because all my interests skew heavily male as does my career - I haven't even talked to another woman this year, unfortunately.) There's a 48% chance that one of your coworkers is an assaulter, and because you're the only woman, it means 48% that you get assaulted. Just at work, just during one year. In your friend group, a 44% chance of an assaulter, and ~15% that you specifically will be assaulted. So a total of ~63% per year.

Seemingly, both of these examples are living normal lives, and not doing anything wrong, except being more in contact with males. But one of them statistically gets assaulted almost every year and a half, and this isn't even counting the encounters with strangers from living in a big city and taking lots of long walks outside on your own (also things that apply to me), or the mistake of just picking one boyfriend who turns abusive after an innocuous beginning (made this mistake with my first boyfriend, certainly won't again kek). The other woman is just peachy, and thinks assaults never happen unless women are being dumb, because probably evil men always have a sign on their forehed saying they're evil.

Please note that the examples are just illustrations and there is a spectrum between and beyond them, so no nitpicking about that. Since you're hellbent on calling me an idiot, you can now either 1) question that even 2% of seemingly friendly men could be capable of assault without any red flags, which is flat out deluded, or 2) say that I'm so dumb for making the mistake of associating with so many men and not having female friends… which is exactly what I said in my first message, i.e. that a society where we meet men very often is an unsafe one, and we should avoid it. I'm certainly looking for more female friends. Or you can say you also have mostly male friends and have actually never been assaulted, which is just trying for option 1) but with anecdotal support - so okay, good for you, but try to take seriously the fact that you're an outlier and possibly fugly - sorry, but in my defense you started yelling insults at me first.

Questioning that there are many women who go through a lot of bad stuff despite not associating with outwardly suspicious men, or making other mistakes at avoiding clear red flags, is pointless. Close your eyes if you want to and if you got yours and fuck everyone else, but it's still happening. You're lucky if this never happens to you or your friends (though these are also events women often feel very reluctant to share, so you probably don't know a lot of stuff). A small number of well vetted male friends can be safe, and just like I said in my first post, I have a lot of respect for these men. But overall, the rate of assaulters makes a high number of interactions a bad idea.

Questioning the strength difference between men and women is also pointless. Even the weakest men in most studies can overpower even the strongest women. I don't understand the need people have to stick their heads in the sand about this. Same with evolutionary incentives.

Finally, why get angry about this, at a person who has been hurt and has done nothing to you? Are you even a woman? I guess it's possible that you are, but regardless of your gender I wish you thought about things with a little more genuine willingness to understand the world, and a little better understanding about how statistics can easily differ from your experiences and it doesn't mean I'm lying. More likely, though, pls begone scrote.

Anonymous 54062

As an aside, this topic seems to be causing a lot of anger in you and a need to put others down, which could point towards you having your own social trauma around harrassment. I really don't like your approach to debates, but as long as you're not lying about being a woman I do wish the best for you regardless of your history, so I hope I'm wrong about this: do you have any past experiences where people belittled your account or didn't believe you when you told them about an assault, harrassment, or other related painful events, and convinced you it's no big deal?

Going through that sometimes causes a need to cling to the idea that worries about sexual violence are imaginary, and everyone else is wrong if they're hurt after sexual violence (because you yourself weren't allowed to feel hurt, get support and resources, or even acknowledge the event). If this resonates with you at all, please investigate it deeper, and I wish you the best of luck. The reality of human nature can be painful, but there are many ways to live a good life even within its limits if we first understand it.

Anonymous 54076

You made me realize how lucky I am to be assault-free despite having mainly male friends and once working a shift with mostly men.
I've only ever been isolated with two of them (best friend and a romantic interest) which may be part of it. Thank goodness my mother has been overprotective and I'm too antisocial to agree to parties with them.

I'm so sorry you went through the things you did. And you seem like such an intelligent and kind woman.

Anonymous 54080

Thank you so much anon, I hope your good experiences can continue. Fortunately many of us also manage to avoid the seriously terrifying stuff. Having a wise mother is certainly a good start!


I don't know what to tell you if you think forced fingering and choking aren't violent assault, or if you don't think suddenly being undressed despite repeatedly and clearly saying no, groped, and followed around while alone in an empty park by some creep shouting curses can be legitimately threatening and terrifying experiences. I have also not claimed that I was raped (though some of the experiences would legally qualify) so I don't know what you're on about in this post.

Again, I'm not doing harm to myself, men have done harm to me. I'm certainly taking responsibility for my life, I do this by trusting men less and interacting with them less and with higher standards. If men don't want to be feared, avoided, and imprisoned, they need to commit fewer crimes. If they want to be considered human beings instead of animals, they should, like many of them do, act like humans instead of giving in to basic violent sexual impulses, like many of them unfortunately also do. I'm not doing anything to them.

I know you don't want to consider this, but it genuinely sounds like the person caught up in defending a learned narrative, and willfully blind both to what's actually going on in the world and to what the other person is saying, is currently you. It's very understandable if you're male yourself and feel defensive right now, but try to empathize with our side and the risks we have to take. If you're a woman, you sound quite young, and I'm genuinely worried about how you currently see the world and I hope that your trust in men won't ever come back to bite you in a serious way.

Anonymous 54083

The population-adjusted violent crime rates between different ethnicities are nowhere near the massive differences between men and women. There is also no history of males being oppressed and forced to slavery and poverty by women, or a lack of access to education among the male populace relative to women.

With an open mind and some genuine willingness to consider that you might be mistaken, ask yourself why you don't have any arguments against the vastly higher male crime and aggression rate, despite men being in power for millennia and having access to everything they need at least as much as women do. Men and women are not the same. While both can be good people, garden variety sociopaths, or irredeemable monsters, the differences in these rates between genders are absolutely huge, and impossible to ignore unless you immerse yourself in a bizarre level of delusion. Speaking of kool-aid, maybe read the story of Jonestown again and reflect on how many female cult leaders have done something equivalent.

Finally, you seem to be afraid of accepting a narrative that leaves you powerless and vulnerable. However, the situation where you actually have the least agency and power is when you don't understand what the world is like, and what is actually happening behind the ideology you're personally attached to. If you don't accept reality as it is, you can't navigate it with a clear head, and are eventually left helpless and confused in your own wishful thinking.

Actually finally, can mods ban the scroteposter already?

Anonymous 54086

This statement in particular makes perfect sense not sure what you're trying to do.

Anonymous 54087

Oh anon. I addressed your arguments in some pretty wordy posts actually, I didn't just laugh and call you fugly and a dude.

You said I'm delegitimizing rape, when I had never mentioned rape. This is why I specified I had never said I was raped, but I have indeed gone through some similarly terrifying experiences. I also mentioned that some of these events would also legally be considered as rape, and how it follows from this that I'm just faking that they were harmful I genuinely don't understand, so you will have to be a lot clearer. The laws around events like this have been designed as they are because the consequences of these events, in terms of psychological harm, are often pretty similar to PIV rape.

Is your position that nonconsensual fingering and choking in a threatening situation should not be a big deal, and is not going to give people legitimate trauma unless they choose to feel bad about it? How should rape laws be changed then, so that your cherished male friends wouldn't have to suffer after doing something that isn't even harmful? If this is not what you're trying to say, how is your position different, and how does it relate to what you're saying here? Are you just fishing for more details for your coomer purposes? Not gonna happen kek.

Anonymous 54095

Ana bait. Men don't objectively find that BMI range the most attractive unless they're fetishist. The ideal BMI range for women is 17-20 in develped countries, look up the dozens of studies done by Swami et al.

Anonymous 54104

>It fetishizes the idea that men are violent animals to be feared, avoided, and imprisoned.

Not her, but it's true (aside from the imprisonment part obv).

>It removes the ability of women to bear any responsibility for their actions, and teaches them they are powerless over their situations.

Tell me how women have any power over not getting raped or otherwise assaulted when men are stronger then them.

>It delegitimizes actual claims of rape, a serious fucking crime.

Acknowledging men are dangerous as a whole is not going to delegitimize a crime that's already dismissed in court more often than not because of "lack of evidence." If anything, it'll do the opposite since it'll do away with the idea that a woman "could've just gotten away if she'd tried harder."

If you're lucky-enough to have never been sexually assaulted or been trapped in a situation with a man that could have easily escalated to you dying if you didn't do what you were told, good for you. But drinking the "WAMEN STRONK" feminist kool aid isn't going to do anything but give you a false sense of security at best.

Anonymous 54107


>used to go to dark alleyways and got mugged by randos a few times, I realize they're dangerous and I'm done with unknown alleyways
>"wow you piece of shit, you should just learn about yourself and not wallow in your trauma. Just go to the alleyways or you're enforcing a narrative that unarmed people are powerless against muggers with knives and guns in dark alleyways"
>thanks, it was a bad idea to go to unknown alleyways, I'm solving this by not going to further unknown alleyways if it's avoidable
>"you're delegitimizing true alleyway knife murders, which also happen in alleyways, if you don't go to alleyways now because of your bad experiences. Imagine how bad it must feel now to be a rando in an alleyway, they probably feel like shit now. Should they be locked up like animals then huh huh?? stop harming yourself and doing so much harm and wrong to everyone you absolute retard monster and go to the fucking alleyway"

Anonymous 54235

Nice to know we can get raided with no one doing anything.

Anonymous 54236


Men ruin everything.

Anonymous 54237

saw a moid post hentai literally rn. damn it's annoying.

Anonymous 54260

Men are men regardless of location. Culture varies and can at least be changed to mitigate those differences.

Anonymous 54445

Why do guys conveniently forget that women date ugly men all the time?

Anonymous 54494

>most men don't even try to get a woman off during casual sex
>Dating always has an element of danger due to the size difference
>You'll never earn respect no matter how hard you work.

I can't tell if you're just being sarcastic and it fell flat, or if you're just a retarded moid.

Anonymous 54497

Have you ever considered that you live in a good area and that you don't get assaulted because the precautions you take work? Or that working in a place with a lot of women means that allegations will be taken much more seriously? Or that the women in your life don't want to make anyone sad by bringing up past assaults out of the blue?

You have to be careful because otherwise you're fresh meat. Men don't have to worry about that. The only reason assault rates are 50-50 is because women neurotically plan their lives around not being in danger while guys don't see any problem with taking walks alone in the middle of the night like fucking retards.

Men can hurt you if they want to. Your safety depends on them being nice rather than anything you have any actual control over. Any relationship with them is an exercise in trust because you can't truly enforce your boundaries with them, which also means you will never be their actual equal. And then people will try to excuse anything that happens as being your fault because they want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend they could have stopped it if they were the ones attacked instead.

It's shit, but it's reality. No amount of "working through" is going to change that.

Anonymous 54519


1 pl8 OHP
2 pl8 bench
3 pl8 backsquat
4 pl8 diddly

Anonymous 54526

If you have mostly female friends, you and your friends are not going to be assaulted as often, as explained in >>54061. Women who can mostly interact with other women or at least avoid spending time in almost all-male environments are very lucky, but it doesn't mean everyone is in a similarly safe position, unfortunately.

As for stranger danger, I also thought it was mostly exaggerated, but this was before I actually started walking alone in a large city and got bothered a lot in areas that to me seemed totally normal, and also before I thought about the selection effects involved. Women already restrict their movement and avoid a lot of assaults because of this, not because many men wouldn't take the opportunity. To quantify this out of curiosity, the last two times I went on a late-night walk I counted the men and women I saw walking alone (past 11pm, in a big city but a carefully selected good area where I myself generally feel pretty safe because there is always one or two cars in sight and someone would hear me). I saw 1 lone woman for approximately 18 lone men.

Women are already staying inside, and if they went out at a higher rate, they would be assaulted more frequently. Whether this is an acceptable cost for our general safety is a value judgment, but it bums me out that we have to do this. Especially when men pull out the crime statistics and say they are victims more often than women, so we have less to worry about. Nope, we have way more to worry about, we're just being rational about it and avoiding the assaults, though with a cost in freedom which we shouldn't have to pay.

Anonymous 54634

Because they aren't the ugly men getting dates, which clearly means the system is rigged and it's absolutely not their shit personalities that're driving women away.

Anonymous 54635

I have seen the personalities of the ugly men who get dates and they are if anything worse than the ugly men who do not get dates, due to being far more aggressive (which comes with a significantly higher degree of selfishness, self-importance, and abusive, controlling tendencies). I think women only date ugly men if they themselves have severe self-hatred and insecurity issues, which the very worst men are able to exploit. Every relationship with an ugly man is a garbage fire based not on love but on hate; the hate that an abusive man can have intersecting with the most intimate form of hatred of all, self-hate. Women who willingly date ugly men need to be cut off from that toxic relationship and put into therapy.

Anonymous 54637

Then who are ugly women supposed to date?

Anonymous 54639

Ideally even if all the non-ugly men are in permanent relationships, which is unlikely, then ugly women could become attached to a non-ugly couple.

Anonymous 55102

Moral of the thread: Get a gun and always CC.

Anonymous 55125



Anonymous 55354



>When I ask this question, the answers usually have something to do with sex or attention.

Only mentally unwell 4chaner's say that we have it easier. Humans are social creatures, the incel's real problem is that there autism and schizophrenia prevents them from forming normal relationships. They see women in our society being desired only for looks which makes them become jealous and envious. They think that if they were born a woman people would like them not knowing how ugly non-Stacy women are treated.


Anonymous 55377

>tfw average yet spergy woman
>have also not been hugged (except by mom) for years and have never had sex while approaching mid-twenties
Bruh. My str8 manlet friend has had more success than me and gets far more hugs from pals.

Perhaps I could get laid if I went to a club downtown where people are drunk, trashy, and horny, but no one wants to date or love me long term. This is the same experience as most average men. They could easily sleep around with drunk sluts (applies to both genders) but dating is hard.

Anonymous 55378

I'd say it's definitely easy for women. Men at clubs who aren't attractive have to try really hard. You can see it in how fast and aggressively they come onto you. They have to spam tactics to maximise their chance of getting laid.

Anonymous 55387

Didn't you read her post? What the fuck is the point of easy sex? Sex sex sex, that's all you normie retards think about.
Is getting laid with any stranger gonna give her a long term relationship? Is fucking a drunk stranger and being used like a cum rag or living dildo gonna be a good experience for any of the parties involved? If having easy sexy with Stranger #1 doesn't lead to them dating, should she go for Stranger #2, #3, #4, #5 and rack up a high body count which men see as a red flag for relationships? Fuck normies and their stupid clubs, fuck you.

Anonymous 55396

Basically this. Even a lot of incels, deep down and if they hadn't memed themselves into woman hate, feel
>tfw no gf

Women of the same looks level roughly have the same success on the LTR scene as men.


Oh, I'm in love with him. But he hasn't even attempted to use me for sex (despite allegedly finding me attractive) since he's reported finding casual sex unfulfilling.

Even if he had I would have said no for the same reason. Guess I'm just not good enough for him despite demonstrating being wife material! Oh well!

Anonymous 55397

I think you should look for someone else.

Anonymous 55398


>Guess I'm just not good enough for him despite demonstrating being wife material!

Anonymous 55400

Oh dw, I'm moving on. He's just an example of men getting easy affection and anon (who I guess was male? f) asked.

I do realize the idea of a woman who is marriageable posting femcel-tier things is humourous.
Man, I'm just lonely though. I just want someone to dedicate my life to and I'm trying my hardest. Why is it all so complicated?

Anonymous 55402

Dedicate your life to yourself

Anonymous 55406

>Some people

Scrotes aren't people.

Anonymous 55407

Keep looking, anon. Don't shut yourself away and go insane from within your own ego. Just find someone you can do that with together. I'd suggest finding somewhere more along the traditional side to visit rather than a club, but I don't know how you'd feel about that.

Anonymous 55824


>If you're another lanky little brat wearing jeans, polo shirts, whatever hideous shoes you males like, with a hitler youth haircut, reconsider your life.
Some dude in 2012 really messed you up.
It was eight years ago, come on.

>even homosexuals know better than you.

>wear some makeup, shave your ugly jungle limbs
Uhh, I still actually want a dude.

>Why do you think so many girls are into effeminate looking gook boys?

I don't use twitter enough and I'm not a woman of color, so this taste is irrelevant to me.

Anonymous 55933

Wow this place is useful! All I can ever find on most other imageboards is an ocean of dick-pics, toxicity and bullshit. There is some very eye-opening material here that I have been unsuccessful finding elsewhere. I am lonely and looking to start a relationship. This seems to be a good place for advice. Anyone here who has managed to form and sustain a healthy relationship plz would you be kind enough to tell me how it started? Did you meet at university/work or did you try online dating and succeed? Online dating seems more scary because of the obvious safety concerns around true identity…

Anonymous 55957

Thanks anon! My e-mail is [email protected] or if you prefer, I have a discord server https://[[read the rules]]/ZmuWNut :D

Anonymous 55958

Oops! Anyway my username on discord is Synth_247.

Anonymous 55959

What is this woman hate thing here? Wizchan? Go back to wizchan will ya

Anonymous 55994

You forget two very important things, that minors here are women and we hate ourselves.

Anonymous 56014


people think stupid things because
A)they don't think very much
B)they think only of things that are convenient to them,and mold their entire thought patterns around the concept of convenience for the self

that's it,they either don't think much about it or want only the answers that can satisfy them as soon as possible.
Thinking "women have it easy" is basically a cope.

Anonymous 56035

fuck off moid

Anonymous 56036


Anonymous 56037

Also, spend a fuckton of money on you hair and style it everyday, shave every inch of your body, wear makeup, skincare…

Anonymous 56040

a) its literally against the rules for you to post here b) you post is incel garbage and wont "fix" society, you want to regress it

Anonymous 56043

>I should have elaborated about the echochambers
no you shouldnt, you should delete your posts and leave. no one wants or needs you explaining shit to them

>Implying that the 'progress' made was positive at all

it is. the world is universally a better place for everyone other than pathetic incels who before would have been handed a submissive "trad wife" for them to abuse. you dont see that because youre too delusional to see how hard people other than you had it/have it and how theyre lives have improved from people like you not being in control anymore

Anonymous 56046

you understand how the changes effected you. if you understood how they affected others youd come to the conclusion than your view point is wrong

Anonymous 56049


Anonymous 56055

Is this an AI generated meme?

Anonymous 56057

At least change the image of the girl as well, she has none of the traits in your description except for having bones

Anonymous 56060

Don't you have more unsuspecting strangers to wave your ass at lizzo

Anonymous 56073


Oh fuck

Anonymous 56075

Let's be fair the male model in this and ops picture also shaves their body has makeup on and styles their hair.

Anonymous 56076

Since when do you have to spend money to have good looking hair? I don't even use shampoo or conditioner most of the time.

Anonymous 56088

Yeah lmao. But your average joe isn't shaving his body ime.

Do you not wash your hair? or are you on the low-poo thing.
Every woman i know spends on shampoo and conditioner, treatments for when it's too dry and damaged, dyeing sometimes, cutting it… not to mention spending energy and time to style it. Shit adds up over time.
My male friends and family members get cheap haircuts. That's it.

Anonymous 56091

Don't forget about how a lot of women on the streets end up getting trafficked or killed compared to men.

Anonymous 56096

Yeah I am on the low poo thing. Never had any issues with either dry or oily hair, and my hair is about a foot long with no split ends. (Sage for ot)

Anonymous 56098

Didn't anyone tell you? Incels arn't real, they're actually just volcels unwilling to adapt or change their appearance to meet societal expectations of them.

Anonymous 56100

>there's no constantly growing endemic of involuntarily celibate women
because women just accept that finding a mate is futile and use healthy methods of coping like knitting, whereas men are aggressive hypersexual degenerates who react with inappropriate levels of rage and depressive behavior, blaming everyone else for their own problems.

Anonymous 56104

Exactly, because woman are more willing to settle, there are more men that identify as not being able to get a mate.

Anonymous 56107

If I had naturally nice hair I wouldn't use anything but my hair has been a disgusting puffy/frizzy piece of shit since I was born and I have to spend hours styling it just for it to stay normal for a few hours or less

Anonymous 56145

I hope by "normal" you don't mean straight lmao

Anonymous 60551

Well spoken

Anonymous 60593

stop spending so much time on imageboards.

Anonymous 60756

>men are so used to instagram
im like 90% sure that the userbase of instagram, like all other major social media, is majority female

Anonymous 60767

Yes. Instagram is way more popular among women, so is any kind of "visually oriented" social media like Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest, tumblr, etc.
Moids like youtube, but that's got tons of uggos and autists pontificating about random shit.

Anonymous 60778


Most /fit/izens are just autistic/ socially inept, and as you get bigger, a lot of the time you end up turning girls away. the average guy on fit is well above average looking (look at the /cbt/), but tries to become bigger instead of working on themselves socially.
There's nothing easy about dating, especially if you're awkward, for men or women. Muscle doesn't help, if anything when you're big and muscular it intimates women.

Anonymous 60781

>women put less emphasis on men
Aren't threads here full of posts about how terrible men look
/fit/ is full of manlets, they'll never learn

Anonymous 60782


>Aren't threads here full of posts about how terrible men look
They look terrible because they are terrible.

Anonymous 60789

Most men are normies and don't think that shit at all. Why be angry about fringe groups of men online who you'll almost never come across or interact with unless you purposely frequent certain places online?

Anonymous 60790


"The pursuit of sex and companionship is older than antiquity, it is eternal.

It is a curious dance between two amateur chemists trying to make their hearts and loins go boom.

Rejection is the sour companion of love and lust.

Most men understand this. Others boil with rage and resentment at the notion that, maybe, not every woman is dying to have sex with them.

Entitlement is one of the defining ethos’ of our time and from this slag heap of selfies has emerged the incel movement.

If you haven’t been paying attention, incel is shorthand for involuntarily celibate.

After all, why shouldn’t the big-bosomed blond with the sparkling personality and a take-me-home-to-mom sweetness want to sleep with these guys?

Alleged Toronto van killer Alek Minassian included himself in this lonely hearts club whose patron saint is California spree killer Elliot Rodger.

In July, I wrote a column about a Sudbury man named Alex Stavropoulos.

On June 3, 2019, he stabbed a young mom walking with her baby in a craft store parking lot. The woman’s artery was severed but she miraculously survived. Her child was also injured.

Stavropolous told cops: “I was angry at white women. I like white women, but they won’t f— me. So, I wanted to see what it felt like (to kill a female child) … I had my mindset. I was going to kill a child and was waiting for the right opportunity.”

He pleaded guilty in January to two counts of attempted murder and breach of probation. Now the Crown wants him designated a dangerous offender and psychiatric tests have been ordered.

In response to that column, I received an email from a man who clearly identifies with the plight of the sexless. I won’t name him.

He wrote: “And what about when they’ve … done the exercise, they have a good job, and they still get ignored and shunned by women, is rape justified then? At what point does a man’s suffering for lack of intimacy or sex become acknowledged?”

My retort? No. Get a personality.

Then the writer asks: “Let me ask you something Buddy, about your incel article. What is somebody supposed to do who lives every day in misery because no woman will have sex with them?”

As a hormone-charged teenager, I’d ask myself that question frequently. So did all but the most handsome.

Incels seem to believe they are entitled to sex with any woman they want.

Porn videos like Against All Bods, A Few Hard Men and Bonfire of the Panties aren’t marinated in that much misogyny.

But for some of these hapless losers, frustration turns to fury. Cops say Minassian fits in here, so does Stavropolous.

At its worst, the incel movement is ridiculousness bordering on parody. A big giggle if not for the deadly consequences.

Take Cole Carini, 23, of Richlands, Virginia. In June, our Cole went to a clinic with one amputated hand and missing fingers on the other paw. He also had shrapnel wounds on his neck and throat.

The lawnmower exploded, he told cops. At his suburban home, the lawn was a mess of weeds and untouched. There was, however, evidence of an explosion.

Detectives found a note in his home that said he was now approaching “the stage of hot cheerleaders.”

“I will not be afraid of the consequences no matter what I will be heroic I will make a statement like Elliott Rodgers (sic),” the letter said.

In Sudbury, Stavropoulos will be back in court Oct. 2, pending psychiatric assessment, The Sudbury Star reports.

When he was arrested, he explained himself to detectives: “I don’t get laid.”

Like other incels, he can’t be bothered to ask why."

As the article quotes, these are not fringe groups. These are dangerous, mentally ill people who have injured and killed innocent strangers minding their business. It is a complete lie to say that "ou'll almost never come across or interact with unless you purposely frequent certain places online" because they never stay confined, not online (see this thread) not in real life. You think that mother ever frequented incel spaces?

Anonymous 60802

>At what point does a man’s suffering for lack of intimacy or sex become acknowledged?

I honestly think lack of intimacy or sex is not the problem here. Incels need friends. Male friends who will not judge them. They think sex and intimacy with women fills the void created by lack of genuine friendship, but it doesn't work like that.

Anonymous 60803

Tbh I hate muscles like that on guys, soft guys with s but of chub are much better

Anonymous 60804

"I did everything right, i went to college and don't buy avocado toast but i still can't buy a house! Those bastards lied to me, surely the best course of action is to kill the suburban family down the street that has a nice house with a pool but won't let me live in it too!"

This is how ridiculous they sound to me. Where does this entitlement that they DESERVE to be liked and coddled come from holy shit. It's like as kids they never got past the stage of throwing tantrums because your little friend has better toys and It'S NoT fAIr.

Anonymous 60808

>as long as she breathes
Are you from Turkey. Because moids use that line here also

Anonymous 60815

>As the article quotes, these are not fringe groups
the article names a grand total of 4 (four) incel murderers across all north america lol
if that isn't fringe then i don't know what is

Anonymous 60817

Most of the men described were not members of "groups," they interacted on the peripheries if at all. Elliot Rogers had more posts on Bodybuilding.com than on PUAHate, the dedicated incel forum he frequented. Minassian was just a lurker on /r9k/. Trying to turn these individuals into a shadow empire or a hidden murder-cult that all women must look to normal men to be protected from.

This is one of the things I dislike about every time a man talks about incels.

Men decapitate women they date on Tinder. Not incels, just fucking men. Men with girlfriends and a lifetime pattern of sexual fulfillment and positive experiences with women murder women all the time. But every man who has beaten his wife or murdered his mistress or raped a sixteen year old must have been a diabolical initiate into the incel shadow cult in secret and if you looked under his arm you would see the mark of the beast there, because otherwise there would be some reflection on the nature of fucking men in the action.

Anonymous 60824

well, most homeless people, female or m*le, are drug addicts and absolutely deserve to get fucked tbh

Anonymous 62187

Lol, getting raped is just "paying taxes" for being pretty. Holy shit, why are some moids like this…

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