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Anonymous 53790

How can I meet men without using the internet? I cant online date because of my job but im an absolute spastic. Where can I go to meet men that actually want to form a real connection? I just want intimacy.

Anonymous 53791

are you a student anon?

Anonymous 53793

I wish, no Iv'e already graduated

Anonymous 53794

Do you have any hobbies.

Anonymous 53795


not many, I like pottery and exercising but neither attracts an element im very interested in.

Anonymous 53799

Flirt with strangers. Not absolut suspicious ugly strangers. Just chit chat on a bus stop or that cutie in the market. Emotionally mature men love women making the first move. Try to not be a sperg tho.

Anonymous 53801

>Try to not be a sperg tho.

Anonymous 53802

Cold approach men at the gym. You'll know who looks like someone you'd prefer.

Anonymous 53803

lmao you can be a sperg a little bit. just don't spend the entire time talking about how you like to make dolls out of hair or something

Anonymous 53808

first nice get, Second I am not interested in speaking with the masturbating homeless men who ride the bus I use and I never see single guys at a market, they are either with their wives/Girl friends or are having their mom buy yheir groceries for them.

Iv'e tried but they either think they're hot shit and show how extremely arrogant they are or they just grab my butt.

Anonymous 53812

You're at a gym, anon. Anyone there is either high on their ego, or low on self-esteem. If you want someone more recessive to talk with, try approaching someone who doesn't read like an arrogant douchebag. Someone more average, or even weak. Also I hope you reported anyone grabbing your ass. Seriously.

Anonymous 53813

I didn't report because im afraid of getting ostracized by the other trainers that work with him. Im over meeting guys at the gym, even the weakest skeleton and the fatest of neckbeards think that working out once a week has granted them their chad card and that im approaching them because of it.

Anonymous 53816

we have tinder and similar for that purpose. unfortunately everyone wants to be elitist and says "tinder is a joke". it's only a joke because you make it a joke because you're insecure…this is why we cant have nice things.

flirting with coworkers is a good way to get fired and activity groups dont really exist. so i guess normies expect you to get married by the time you graduate and if not, you can go die alone? theyre frustrating and stupid.

Anonymous 53817

I wish I could use tinder but I would get fired on the spot if they found out I was online dating, It drives me nuts, I worked my ass off through college and now all I hear is that I wasted my time and I should have been looking for a BF there. i worry everyday im going to end up a bitter loser who does Latch-hooks and color by numbers

Anonymous 53818

You have to find the will to break the cycle if you don't want to fail. Of course you're going to fail, at first, but that's where the learning experience comes from. You cannot get a callus without making friction.

Anonymous 53819

Bookstores, record stores, small concerts, lefty political orgs

Anonymous 53823

What kind of job would fire you for online dating?

Anonymous 53829

Record stores are a really good idea. Im going to take a swing at that.

I can't say specifically without doxxing myself but I work in law enforcement

Anonymous 53834

any organizations in mind? i’ve always thought joining a political/volunteering organization was a good way to meet some friends but i don’t know where to start.

scratch that, i just have no idea how people even join things like that in the first place.

Anonymous 53835

trump rallies might be a good start, those people actually have jobs and compassion, just wait for the next one

Anonymous 53836

mind blowing how quick trump supporters have become a lefty political org overnight. honest to god scares me how times really have changed.

Anonymous 53850

Please don't make me tap the sign.

Anonymous 53892

Record stores, libraries, cofee shops, I guess?

Anonymous 53972

>I never see single guys at a market

I've noticed that they're in there, but you need a trained eye to spot them. These people don't linger or deliberate. They're on a mission; they know exactly what they're there for and the fastest route to get there. They zigzag from point to point at 150% walking speed.

I'm not sure that'll help you actually talk to one there, but at least you'll be able to recognize them.

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