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Anonymous 53848

Why aren't there more male sexy cosplayers?

Anonymous 53849

Same reason there's not male titty streamers… er… ab/muscle streamers.

Anonymous 53853

Where's the money? There's a reason for the ratio between male and female strippers.

Anonymous 53856

All the sexy guys are busy lifting heavy things and hoping no one mogs them on /fit/

Anonymous 53862

There's a very limited number of sexy males and very limited number of males willing to dress up in costume. The two small groups rarely intersect.

Anonymous 53868

i feel like men overall are just getting uglier. most are out of shape (either too fat, rail thin, or that disgusting skinnyfat build). they go bald at 25 and seem to age absurdly fast. guys who are 30 now look 45. and they get caught up in the worst trends, like the pube beard/neckbeard/soyboy look, or the school shooter glasses, or trying to act gangster and wearing backwards baseball caps.

it seems like a large amount of women are still conventionally attractive. the average woman is much cuter than the average man. women have significantly more social pressure to maintain their looks to a high level, whereas men think it's fine to let themselves go because they have a "good personality"…which usually involves unhealthy sleep habits, weed dependency, obnoxious behavior, and video game addictions.

if there are fewer attractive men, there are fewer attractive male cosplayers (or general eyecandy).

Anonymous 53899

>US woman
Those numbers are distorted by unhealthy amounts of obesity.

Anonymous 53905

> willing to dress up in costume.
Why do people even do that? I cringe physically every time i see cosplayers

Anonymous 53926

>the average woman is much cuter than the average man.
Because the average man barely does anything for his appearance. Regularly showering and brushing your teeth is considered adequate. Sure some guys go to the gym but girls do to, gyms are pretty 50/50.

Imagine if suddenly every girl stopped doing their hair and makeup and the streets were full of women how they look right after they got out of bed. That's how men look all the time.

And I'm not saying men should change that. Good on them.

Anonymous 53928

>Regularly showering and brushing your teeth is considered adequate
Combing your hair and wearing good clothes would instantly get you in the top 20% of attractive men here. But at the same time men expect to get a woman who will dedicate at least 6 hours per day to her appearance.

Anonymous 53931

>men expect to get a woman who will dedicate at least 6 hours per day to her appearance
I don't think they do. How many jokes and memes and sitcom tropes are there about women always taking forever to get ready?

Obviously men like the end result, but fundamentally it's an arms race created by women. Guys wouldn't suddenly stop dating women if all makeup disappeared from the face of the earth.

Anonymous 53955

It's very much and arms race by women and for women. I think by and large women go way too far when it comes to makeup, but to abstain is just shooting yourself in the foot when the "baseline" look of a woman is highly made up. But when it comes to men, it's not like they choose to not make themselves look good, it's that they don't know to do it.

If you teach them, they'll see the value in it almost immediately. Think about the stuff that men fall back on to be more attractive. Number one is muscles, number two (a far number two) is clothes. Usually it's just muscles. I taught my bf about doing his eyebrows and he was stunned by the instantaneous improvement it was for him. Best part is that it didn't cost him months of work. Just five minutes of maintenance. He loved it.

Men do see the value in it, but they don't know how to get that value for themselves.

Anonymous 54003

Lifter's high: the sensation when one finishes a real good workout with all those muscles aching and getting stronger

Anonymous 54038

I thought the same and then I went out in the real world and realized men don't fucking care.
Like absolutely not.
90% of the shit women do to "improve" goes completely unnoticed by them. There is a small minority demanding it and women who spend a lot of time on their "beauty" end up with them complaining about what shallow fuckboys men are.
Just the same as 24/7 gymrat spergs complaining that they can't get their deep love dream waifu but only trashy bar skanks when they do nothing but present their body.
Its basically go route A and complain no one from route B is there.
I haven't touched any "beauty" products but a razor, soap and a toothbrush for years and this was the best decision I ever made romance wise. The only downside is that actually other women often talk shit about me now. But my relationships (or better that one relationship) worked out great.

Anonymous 55356

>the average woman is much cuter than the average man

How are we cuter on average? Two thirds of both men and women are either overweight or obese.

Anonymous 55359

Fat looks a lot better in women because some of it goes to our hips, boobs and thighs. Men put weight mainly on their stomach which is not a good look.

Anonymous 55812

>Imagine if suddenly every girl stopped doing their hair and makeup
>That's how men look all the time.
Please don't legitimize those make-up remover apps.

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