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Anonymous 54012

How do i begin my transformation into an egirl? Im gonna be an iconic internet persona then livestream my suicide.

Anonymous 54013


Anonymous 54014


Anonymous 54015

Anonymous 54016

Start streaming. Copy other e-girls, watch make up tutorials, learn as you go.

Anonymous 54018

Thread upvoted 👌

OP 54019

She's cute. Who is she?

Anonymous 54020

Also I'm not OP, name from another post carried over /shot

Anonymous 54024

That’s Ciara Horan. She died of an overdose a few months ago.

Anonymous 54025


she's alive

Anonymous 54027

start with posting your face pictures on 4chan or a chan imageboard with mainly guys, even if youre not a 9/10 theyll still most likely orbit you because woman

Anonymous 54034


Speaking as an e-girl, you don't want to go down that road. I thought attention was exactly what I wanted when I was in the worst of my depression, but all it did was end up making things so much worse. Take some time to yourself to improve your life, explore interests you have, anything that doesn't involve being an internet personality who does nothing but lure in others with their looks and "not like the other girls" mentality. It gets very, very depressing after a while.
Also, you don't ever want to deal with having literally everybody you know secretly know about things you've done online. One single person who found out about what happened to me online meant that they spread it far and wide, now everybody who I consider a friend knew even before I became friends with them. Fantastic.

Anonymous 54035

op wanted to livestream their suicide though

Anonymous 54036

I'd definitely work on her depression first and foremost and address why she wants to garner attention with her death. I actually wanted to do the same for a while until I became more alright with being alive, as weird as that sounds.

Anonymous 54391



>live stream suicide

get some help, bpd/hpd-anon

Anonymous 54394

i used to want to bring attention to my death. now, even though i am not very suicidal if i hypothetically killed myself i would just want to pass quietly

Anonymous 54690


thats greaso/Eliza/Ciara Horan. One of those tripposters on 4chan

Anonymous 56443

people always say this but i cannot tihkn of anything more demeaning

Anonymous 56457

>keep dream journal
>master lucid dreaming
>become electronic girl
>aquire dream fame
>collect 24 effects

Anonymous 126115

Be slutty and attractive

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