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Astronomy General - Pale Blue Dot Edition Anonymous 5406

Are there any stargazers among us?

>What intrigues you the most about space?

>Any favorite astronomers?
>Do you own a telescope?
>Any favorite planets, stars, constellations, and/or astronomical phenomena/celestial bodies?
>Do you believe in intelligent life on other plants?
>Any cool fun facts to share?

Anonymous 5706

Do any telescope owners have a recommendation for a reasonably priced telescope for a beginner?

Anonymous 5707

Just look with your eyes! Geez!

Anonymous 5708

Hello manposter

Anonymous 5746

What do you want to see? I have a celestron 130 and can see quite a bit. If you just want to look at planets get a cheap refractor off of craigslist. Download stellarium to get a good idea of what's around you, and what various memeifications look like.

Anonymous 5749


Astrophoto is fun.

Anonymous 5765


Anonymous 126075


Anonymous 126213

I know old thread, but hearing that pale blue dot speech always makes me want to cry for some reason.

Anonymous 126635

I just want to know what the liquid surface of Jupiter and Neptune look like.

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