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Anonymous 54328

What are ways that moids can do to help challenge and change the institutional and systematic misogyny in America.

Assume that the moids are just every day moids who hold no office and aren't wealthy.

What is some good literature to help expose them to the plight that women face every day and to help give them an understanding to our cause.

Anonymous 54329

Lol they will never care, we should stop trying to appeal to male pathos seeing they have fucking none. Just look at the libshits and how far #NAMALTing has gotten then. This is the pinkpill. Women need to funnel all our resources to awaken OTHER WOMEN to their own plight.

Anonymous 54330


Who cares what moids think? Serious question.

Anonymous 54331

>Assume that the moids are just every day moids who hold no office and aren't wealthy.
Nothing. What exactly are they going to do? It doesn't matter if you teach Joe Schmo that objectifying women is wrong, because he doesn't actually get to mould his sons; the plutocrat-owned media gets to decide what the next generation believes and the gender divide is one of the most powerful tools they have in keeping the population divided and in-fighting.

Anonymous 54350


I'm sorry anon, but I refuse to believe that the situation is entirely hopeless. Look at the progress we've made in the past 100 year and explain to me that things aren't going to get better as time goes on.

There is much work to be done, but we are making progress.

Anonymous 54435


Anonymous 55817

>Women need to funnel all our resources to awaken OTHER WOMEN to their own plight.
This. Being the demographic with the largest market focus and highest amount of spending money, we need to stop directing finances to the homosexual and transsexual men with a misogynistic stranglehold on the beauty industry.

Anonymous 56474

How do we wake women up?

Anonymous 56476

Basically this, the idea that you're going to change peoples minds or create a better culture is dumb because you're ignoring the material forces behind this stuff, culture is now a product created by people who's only concern is profit. Feminism can and is integrated into capitalism but only ever the weakest forms because while the people who hold power when enlightened enough are more than willing to give concessions to women if it costs them nothing, the moment that feminism is actually a threat to the status quo it goes out the window

Anonymous 56477

Mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends can be a much bigger influence on men than the media. Also, a common man doesn't necessarily have any less influence than a common woman. Recall that feminism in the US partly sprung out of abolitionism, and many of the men involved in it expressed feminist views/support.

Anonymous 56478

I'm not saying that men can't be convinced of feminist causes, I'm saying that the issue is systemic and buttressed by material conditions, if you want to make q difference organize and actually address material conditions,making culture less sexist or whatever doesn't matter as much when stuff like landlords pressuring their female tenants into having sex is a thing

Anonymous 56479

>expose them to the plight that women face every day
Which is?

Anonymous 56480

>landlords pressuring their female tenants into having sex is a thing
Alright, but then what can be done about that? At least in the US, women already have legal protections for that, and homeless shelters.

Anonymous 56486

I think that anon is going about it the wrong way. Culture is important, you need to get to the bottom of what makes these men think propositions like these are ok, they don't really respect us or see us as equal, it's like women are dolls or NPCs. That is what needs to change imo.

Anonymous 56487

Things like pressuring tenets for sex or threatening to fire an employee unless they sleep with you only works because there's economic inequality that can be leveraged for abuse and protections against this stuff in the US isn't great because it aggrandizes what are defacto economics parasites and so even if it's technically illegal to rape your tenets the legal protections aren't particularly strong and it's within the interests of the powers that leave to maintain the power imbalance

Anonymous 56488

As long as the power imbalances that exist that allow this stuff to happen it will keep being a thing, if you want to abuse someone you need some leverage over them such that prevents them from refusing, coroporate culture is nominally progressive but the reason why it still allows for the sexual exploitation of women is because the power imbalance inherent to the system that will not be challenged

Anonymous 56492

So then what are you advocating for as a solution?

Anonymous 56493

But a power imbalance will aways exist in some way no matter the economic system. At home by family, at school, by people working in the government / police, you should focus on the root cause that causes so many men to be okay with taking advantage of us too.

Anonymous 56495

Depends on if you're looking short term or long term, if you want something actually workable in a short time frame involved with tenants rights groups and do what you can to support affordable housing
There's a big difference between sexism under capitalism and what sexism would look theoretically in it's absence, a moid being sexist without economic leverage while still bad doesn't have the same level of coercion behind it because sexism is largely reliant on women being economically vulnerable to coerce them into making certain decisions or to ignore their consent completely, the idea that a more equitable system would be just as bad about sexism doesn't make sense to me

Anonymous 56496

get involved with tenants rights*

Anonymous 56498

Liberalism can never truly be anti-sexist because capitalism conflicts with that. Do you not see sexism as an issue when you say that there isn't a power imbalance or are you implying something different? How can sexism be an issue if it there isn't any material reason to put up with it? At that point you can just ignore it and tell people to fuck off

Anonymous 56501

At this point you're complaining about moids being mean to you instead of you know actual exploitation, if you can just dip it's just being mean and not an actual systemic issue

Anonymous 56502

So if we have enough women's shelters for women targeted by this sort of abuse, that should in theory eliminate the problem of landlords taking advantage of tenant women, right? And yet, most sexual violence still occurs between partners and personal acquaintances.

Anonymous 56503

You don't think that economic insecurity makes it harder for women to leave abusive spouses? That people's sexual abusers tend to be people they know doesn't mean that there isn't material backing that's being used to twist their wrist into complying, your employer is a personal acquaintance just one that has the ability to seriously harm your life if they want

Anonymous 56506

>is that even a major factor in the current era? in most abusive couples they're both working and the economic difference is pretty slight. the problem is people's love for their abuser, low self-esteem, etc. not usually money.
It's still very common, just because most households are dual income doesn't mean that you can always leave your husband and make it on your own financially, often it's only by pooling your income with your partner that you can make do.Similarly abusive parents usually rely on the fact that their kids usually don't have the resources to leave their parents

>well yes, that's one way to put it. but even just being groped can have severe consequences for people's self-confidence, you understand that right?

The point is that absent coercion it's up to women whether or not they want to deal with abusive people, it's still horrible but you can't be made to do anything if the person abusing you doesn't have leverage

Anonymous 56644

>economic inequality
No, it's a sexual inequality, moids just simply don't have the same sort of market value when it comes to sex, they aren't the providers of sex, they are the consumers of sex.

Anonymous 56646

>is that even a major factor in the current era
There's a reason that domestic abuse is concentrated heavily in areas and countries where women either don't work or make significantly less.

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