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I wonder how many people here are men larping Anonymous 54338

like damn,a lot of posts mirror the stupid shit i see on /b/ or /r9k/ in a frightening way,it's a good thing this community is a little more regulated

Anonymous 54340

Yes we are ALL men larping. Very boring. Please leave us alone to our male hobby now.

Anonymous 54341

Whatever floats your boat lol

Anonymous 54343

Dick pic rating thread when then?

Anonymous 54344

Thats gay, were all men here bro, you some kinda fag?

Anonymous 54345

hell yeah

Anonymous 54347

I think about 95% are men larping with the occasional cis woman posting typical cis woman interests which aren't received well (consensual romantic rape fantasies threads for example like in 50 Shades of Grey for example, extremely popular among women and not well received on this board)

>inb4 we're just women not into that

Fair but it's weird you can't even see the appeal of something that appeals to other women so much.

Anonymous 54348

Yeaaah women having opinions? That can’t be, must be men. Roasties only talk about one thing and it’s rape fantasies.

Anonymous 54349

Why do your opinions have to hurt and belittle other women?

Anonymous 54351

Women aren’t free from criticism from other women? Fuh-males aren’t a hive mind.

Anonymous 54352

Why do you feel the need to criticize what other women masturbate to? Why do you feel the need to control female sexuality?

Anonymous 54353

>NooOo you can’t just tell women sexualizing abuse is bad and patriarchal psyop, how am I gonna get underage doormat gf now
Panic more scrotoid

Anonymous 54355

Now you're the one accusing me of being a man. Women sexualizing whatever they sexualize is not bad and it's certainly not a "patriarchal psyop", it's their female sexuality. You sound like one of those who want to force conversion therapy because you don't accept people being attracted to something you don't like. Stop oppressing female sexuality and let women enjoy what they enjoy.

Anonymous 54356

>a lot of posts mirror the stupid shit i see on /b/ or /r9k/ in a frightening way
Because this is the female version of 4chan. It's filled with the same mix of healthy people, trolls and bitter losers, it's just that a bigger part of them have vaginas instead of dicks. What, do you believe girls aren't capable of being trolls or bitter losers?

Anonymous 54357

I genuinely don't understand why that situation would lead you to believe that most users are men. If anything, it does the opposite for me. You can easily go discuss your rape fantasies in any porn community that's predominantly male and they'll welcome you with open arms.

Anonymous 54358

Do you have any proof the patriarchy made El James write 50 Shades of Grey and not her desire for porn she would actually, finally enjoy and her frustration at not finding any?

Anonymous 54359

Not really, women's fantasies are different from men's. It's difficult for a woman to discuss her fantasies with men because they have different expectations and might not understand her preferences.

Anonymous 54360

I hope ya rapemaidens (male) get picked kek

Anonymous 54361

I remember when 4chan was full of threads against 50 Shades and anons were like "If you're into rape, that's fine! That's your kink! You should get rape horrifying and traumatic!" and I'm like …no, I'm not that. I'm into the verbal no and initial resistance without any real pain or trauma and with lots of pleasure, enjoyment and "melting into it" as the act progresses, I am not into "horrifying and traumatic" and I def don't want that in my porn.

Anonymous 54362

Bitch you’re just into playing coy then

Anonymous 54363

Tell that to the people who think what I enjoy is rape because the uke says "No, stop!" a few times.

Anonymous 54364

That doesn't really change my point though. Who's generally more against porn and kinks, men or women? 4chan is a predominantly male site and nobody is kicking the women out of /d/ (ironically more accepting than /h/).

Anonymous 54365

I've never seen a thread on 4chan about sexual female media popular with women. Twilight is hated, 50 Shades is hated, Starfighter is hated, Junjou Romantica is hated, Diabolik Lovers is hated and they are all extremely popular with women.

Anonymous 54366

I'm sorry, I interpreted what you said incorrectly. I don't disagree with what you said then.

Anonymous 54372

What makes you think it is regulated? Moderating communities outside of a small, tight-knit group where everyone can be identified as an idividual is impossible.

Anonymous 54373

I don't see porn or gore here

Anonymous 54374

damn, that's a low bar

Anonymous 54378

I read the italian newspaper and I thought I had ended up on diochan for a second.

Anonymous 54379

lol,sei italiana?

Anonymous 54396

What the cazz pensavo di essere l'unica qua

Anonymous 54421

How had you interpreted it?

Anonymous 54430


Imagine being this ass-blasted that women don’t want to discuss your rape fetish. There’s a separate board for nsfw. Go there.

Anonymous 54431

You say that as if you aren't talking to a woman, yourself.

Anonymous 54432

Why don't women want to discuss women's fetishes?

>>54365 these are all works by female creators.

Anonymous 54436


Anonymous 54437

This isn't the media board, none of those series are going to be discussed here.
We do have a nsfw board where people discuss their fetishes. The problem is that we are pretty dead too.

Anonymous 54438

>The problem is that we are pretty dead too.
I think the hostility women encounter when talking about what they enjoy, like >>54430, is the reason for that. I love Starfighter, it's an amazing yaoi comic made by an american woman, and I don't know where to discuss it without being accused of being a man because the comic starts with the typical bodice ripper "rape" only women write about but nobody can accept.

Anonymous 54439

You are talking to a woman, I'm not sure if you are a woman yourself though.

Anonymous 54440

Eh, hostility from other people is pretty common in imageboards. I don't think most people here are threatened by it. If you brought more Starfighter fans I'm sure you'd be able to have a discussion, even if some people would have negative opinions about it.

Anonymous 54455


Current state of CC.

Anonymous 54461

Okay… I only like rape as portrayed in women's erotica where it's sweet, pleasurable and without any consequence other than falling in love.

Anonymous 54463

No, you have it wrong. I like self-inserting as the assaulted, that's why I only like it as it's portrayed in women's erotica because it's how I like imagining my self-insert in my fantasies. My fantasy is not about doing something to anyone, it's about men I am attracted to doing something I want to me while I deny wanting it.

Anonymous 54466

That's their fault, not mine. I'm not going to be sexually frustrated and unhappy just because men are incapable of understanding the difference between a fantasy women have full control over and reality women have zero control over.

Anonymous 54469

I buy my own erotica, silly, I don't ask my partner to buy it for me. And I am an individual woman with my own needs, not a mindless drone in a hivemind. Yours is not progress.

Anonymous 54471

Are you saying consensual sex between two adults is a crime against women now? Or are you saying women writing erotica that works for them is a crime against women? Sounds like you want women to be miserable tbh.

Anonymous 54475

Only under very strict and specific conditions, please. I don't get off to the idea of just anyone "committing a felony against me". My fantasy lover must be my idea of attractive, and he must show he loves me and care for me or my self-insert in ways I appreciate. I don't enjoy works that fail these conditions.

Anonymous 54476


A fetish is a fetish, it's not real life.

Anonymous 54477

>Unless by some mental gymnastics you're saying you don't really mean no, and no means yes. Except when you don't want it to.
What's wrong with that? It's my fantasy, I do what I want.

Anonymous 54480

sis let her read her common bodice ripper fantasy books in peace wtf. like i'm pretty sure she's just talking about liking classic yaoi and shoujo tropes? this thread is ridiculous

Anonymous 54481

>you seem to want to
I don't know how you got that impression, honestly. My partner knows I'm happy to satisfy myself through masturbation and I don't push him to do anything he doesn't want to just like he respects my preferences, that's why he's my partner. I don't want a partner who thinks I can't satisfy myself. I am already sexually satisfied thanks to masturbation and erotica that helps me get turned on enough to achieve orgasm. You fix yourself since you are so hellbent on not understanding other women.

Anonymous 54486

Simple really. He loves me and respects me, my happiness is important to him. I don't want a partner that's any different from that.

Anonymous 54488

First you say my partner is going to be a rapist, then when I point out I'm already happy with my partner you get shocked at the idea of a man respecting a woman's sexuality, now you use a word that's only popular among nazi /pol/ trash. Thanks for confirming this place is yet another anti-woman cesspool.

Anonymous 54491


>Nooooo!! Why won’t you let me talk about how I want to be raped sweetly without being criticized? This is misogyny!!!

Anonymous 54492

You sound more and more like a dude on /pol/ who saw a random graph on the internet, didn't understand it, and expects the world to confirm to his ideas 100%, not even understanding "statistically" doesn't mean "every single time". That's the fault in your logic. I'll keep living my life while you ramble, thanks.

>"Female sexuality"?

Yes, female sexuality. What makes a woman orgasm.

Your obsessive control over other people's thoughts is seriously creepy.

Anonymous 54495

Disregarding a woman's reality when it doesn't fit in your preconceived mental scheme and disregarding her own needs and well-being is pretty misogynist and a cause of suffering for many, many women.

Anonymous 54500

ITT “””fellow menstruator””” in denial about porn addiction and being groomed into rapeshit.
Go back to Twitter coomers. This is why you can’t stop having abusive boyfriends.

Anonymous 54502

ITT: projection

Anonymous 54506


Ah yes, the suffering of not being able to keep your sick fetishes to yourself. Rape victims will truly never know such pain.

Anonymous 54507

Women who read, write and love fantasies like 50 Shades of Grey aren't the ones raping women.

Blame men for refusing to understand a woman having a fantasy (about a man they are not) does not entitle them to anything. You have no right to blame innocents.

Anonymous 54509

LMAO so much for supporting women's sexuality huh? I guess it only counts when it benefits your agenda. The amount of hypocrisy.

I too have a consensual rape fetish, but only on male/male or male/dom female and through voyeurism or self inserting into the dominant role. But I guess my rape fetish would be acceptable since it fits with her agenda. :^)

Anonymous 54512


Anonymous 54620

Anonymous 54623

>it's weird you can't even see the appeal of something that appeals to other women so much.
found the male

Anonymous 54625


This woman-denying attitude is why this place is dead.

Anonymous 54629


>books written by a woman
>largely enjoyed by a female audience
>if you talk about them you're a man

Anonymous 54630

you'd think women would read more books than just 50 shades of shit

Anonymous 54633

*rape fantasies
feminazis have spoken

Anonymous 54636

50 Shades was literally just Twilight AU fanfiction.
It was originally posted with proper kink tags so people could find it and ALSO know what they were getting into.
Honestly, when people police womens fiction in a way they never would with mens, it pisses me off.

Anonymous 54640

Men don't read, though.
Men have hobbies that get all kinds of policed, and if men actually read books then their books would be policed as much as their videogames are.

Anonymous 54641

>some women like a book series
>take this to mean women are a hivemind and should all be okay with you shitting up the board to talk about your fetishes in unrelated threads
just stop. it’s like you’ve never used an imageboard before.

Anonymous 54644

Dude, your totally not /r9k/ board is already shit.

Anonymous 54646


whenever i see a thread that's like…about men, e.g. "what men think about x feminine quality", or "why do men do THIS" or "what sorta boy do u like ;3" i immediately think it's a guy.

i'm going to say like 1 out of every 3 cc users is a dude.

Anonymous 54647

The focus on short/virgin/submissive men reeks of short incel dudes desperately trying to find validation.

Anonymous 54652

pope innocent.jpg

"If they don't like what I like, must be a moid!"
Just because you like to call your boyfriend daddy doesn't mean the rest of us do.

Anonymous 54675

I could say the same about you. You're the one who sounds like a guy. The kind who ignores anyone who doesn't want to feed into their self-pity complex and refuses to believe women can like short/virgin/submissive guys.

Anonymous 54980

>consensual romantic rape

Anonymous 55002




>she says no but secretly she loves it

All romance novels written by women for women into that.

Anonymous 55008


>Just because you like to call your boyfriend daddy doesn't mean the rest of us do.


Anonymous 55009

This board is full of sexually submissive moids, who of course HATE sexually submissive women

Anonymous 55010


I can assure u I'm not a moid. Calling your boyfriend "daddy" is beyond pathetic. Not everyone enjoys being sexually submisse I can tell you that. You are dumb

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