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Anonymous 54593

Does anyone else have an affinity for colored lighting?

I’m getting my first Phillips Hue light bulb today and I’m more psyched than I’ve ever been the last seventeen years of my life.

Anonymous 54596

My mom loves those light cords, we bought one that you can change colors of but for some reason you can't set it to be yellow. Where do you plan to put your light? I'm happy for you.
I hate rooms like the op pic, with a huge screen and lights, it makes me think of consoomers who live their life for netflix and wasting tons of time and money on movies

Anonymous 54601

hey that’s my room. >:(

nah i’m kidding. that’s really sweet! i’m just putting in this lamp-bowl thing i got from ikea, and i can’t wait to get some pink warm lighting to set the mood for my room. do most people obsess over rad lighting setups while the world is in shambles? no, but i’m glad someone gets it. <3

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