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abstract couple.jp…

Anonymous 54622

Is it wrong for men to say they will only be with/date a virgin? what about if he himself is a virgin?

Anonymous 54626

I won't say it's outright morally wrong but it hurts his chances and raises questions about why he may have those preferences to begin with. If he himself is a virgin it's a bit more reasonable.

Anonymous 54627

It's kinda like how people here wouldn't date a boy who jacks to porn everyday or porn addict. Also
>what about if he himself is a virgin?
Well I guess he's not being hypocritical, u know like douchebags who shitstick everyone in town but want a virgin girl lol so..

Anonymous 54628

This as well, you don't ask people if they're a virgin right away. Don't do a chrischan

Anonymous 54632

It's not wrong if he himself is a virgin.

I'm the same. I just think it makes more sense to want to lose your virginity to a fellow virgin. But the older you get, the less realistic it will be to find someone like that.

Anonymous 54642

It’s not wrong to have preferences. It’s wrong to blame everyone else that you can’t find a date because of your preferences and rage about how other people are immoral because they don’t meet the “pure virgin” fantasy, which is usually the case with these types.

Anonymous 54643

>what about if he himself is a virgin?
Yes, it's idiotic for a virgin male to think he has enough relationship value to set terms for a relationship. Aside from low intelligence this also demonstrates a lack of self-awareness, a controlling, entitled attitude, a lack of personal class–announcing preferences is in poor taste–and poor character, which are likely the real reasons he is a virgin.

Anonymous 54650

Jesus Christ
Stop being so alienated

Anonymous 54653

Non-virgin men are worthless. Pair bonding ability is important, and they either destroyed theirs or never had it to begin with.

Anonymous 54655


good post. what happened to love? who still loves singly and utterly? why are men repulsively promiscuous? the very thought of a guy having "hookups" makes my skin crawl, it's a visceral reaction from deep within me. we need a wertherite revival.

Anonymous 54656

Why do you creeps talk like a mra redpiller trying to pass as a woman

Anonymous 54657

idk, because you think only men can write stupid terminally online shitposts about goethe?

Anonymous 54658


Men aren't really promiscuous though. Most of them cannot get casual sex whether they want it or not, so they don't have sex outside of long-term relationships. Only an increasingly small minority do, and very few young (16-24) men do. Also, lack of seriousness and love is hardly a man problem, it's a societal one. Childishness, insincerity, consumerism (the need to constantly get something novel and discard what you have), a unique and debasing style of social status obsession, and lack of structured and good social etiquette. Everything becomes lesser. Porn is also a problem (oversexualising everything, among others) but this is largely a shared problem.

>What a friend of mine once said is true: a pilot of the Special Assault Unit is merely a machine. He just steers the apparatus. He is only a molecule within a magnet that sticks fast to an enemy aircraft carrier, possessing neither personality nor emotions.

>If one thinks about it rationally, this act is incomprehensible and, to try to put it in a plain expression, these pilots are, as they say, simply suicidal. Since I am nothing more than a machine, I have no right to put my case forward. However, I only wish that the Japan that I dearly love will someday be made truly great by my fellow citizens.

>In such an emotional state, my death may probably lead to nothing. Nonetheless, as I stated at the outset, I feel very honoured to have been chosen to be a member of the Special Assault Unit. It is true that, once inside an aircraft, I am mere hardware, but once disembarked, I do have emotions and passion as I am also a human. When the woman for whom I cared so dearly passed away, I emotionally died with her. The idea that she waits for me in Heaven, where we will be reunited, makes death not particularly frightening for me, since it happens only on my way to Heaven.

>Tomorrow is the day of the assault. My idea is too highly extreme to be made public, but I just wanted to express the true feelings inside me, so please forgive me for my disoriented thoughts. Another liberalist will depart from this earth tomorrow. Although he may appear forlorn, he is in fact very content.

>Once again, please forgive my selfish ranting.

Anonymous 54659

I think this man's gf was already engaged (maybe arranged marriage?). She died to tuberculosis four months after marrying.

Anonymous 54660


>Men aren't really promiscuous though

Male poster detected

Anonymous 54661


Absolutely correct

Anonymous 54663

Nah, because I think you're men pretending to be women
r/gendercritical never had this mra speak bullshit

Anonymous 54665

"mra speak," right-o. i don't go on reddit because the tenor of conversation there is humourless and dry. r/gendercritical is not the be all end all of women on the internet and cc is not exclusively a refugee camp for r/gendercritical.

Anonymous 54668


Mra speak, yeah. No wonder this place defends incels so much.

Anonymous 54671

Your attempt to separate male language from female language is asinine. This isn’t the circlejerk you’re used to on reddit. People actually have their own opinions here.

Anonymous 54673


"…and still bond with the women we love"

It's common sense that men get bored of their wives within the first years of marriage and most of them cheat. A promiscuous man is likely to get you an STD, since men are the group with the highest incidence of lot them. A promiscuous men is uncapable of being a REASONABLE (and note that I'm not even saying good) father or husband. We live in a absurdist society that enforces men's irrationality upon us as something normal and natural. Women get called "whores" even though men are the only ones acting like fucking primitive animals when it comes to sex. There's no scientific argument that supports the absurd ideas that "promiscuous men are normal and good" but "promiscuous women are bad/not normal". What they use as argument is that "men have higher sex drives" and that "men are wired to spread their semen to as much women as possible". Why do they only ignore civilization and morals and bring up this talk when it comes to justify men's primitive behavior but ALWAYS magically forget to mention that in early days of humans, women wouldn't get pregnant only once and only by one man, that women would also have sex with multiple men and that men would compete among themselves for a woman? The only reason why promiscuous women are repudiated and promiscuous men are only not repudiated, but socially awarded for their behavior, is because os men's interest on being assured of the legitimacy of their paternity. That's why they have divided women into "whores" (bad ones) and non-whores (good ones), it is also a way to make women hate each other. Divide to conquer. Men NEVER had to comply to the social and religious rules they themselves have created. I'm pro monogamy and would like to live in a society where couples are monogamous but the truth is that men have NEVER been so. "Monogamy comes from the intention to control a woman's sexuality and reproductive capacities and to ensure the legitimacy of paternity, whose parent-child connection is not visible as in motherhood. Raising children from other parents is not interesting, both economically and socially (for the maintenance of male power), so how to guarantee male heredity? Surrounding any other relationships of women, ensuring that they will only be penetrated by the man who craves fatherhood. Monogamy never applied to men. They were never restrained from their desires".

Another thing is that is often said that men are naturally more competitive than women, which might be true. But it certainly isn't what we see in our society. Men have deep bonds among themselves, they are in overall strongly united cause only this way they can keep patriarchy. It's women who are competing among ourselves for them, for their attention and being rivals of each other

All we have today is a society that was created by men and FOR men, everything was made to align to their interests and to preserve male supremacy

Anonymous 54674


Handmaiden spotted

Anonymous 54676

>Men have deep bonds among themselves, they are in overall strongly united cause only this way they can keep patriarchy.
>It's women who are competing among ourselves for them, for their attention and being rivals of each other

Sad truth. I wished it wasn't so.

Anonymous 54677

>Men have deep bonds among themselves, they are in overall strongly united cause only this way they can keep patriarchy. It's women who are competing among ourselves for them, for their attention and being rivals of each other
Are you projecting personal experience onto the whole? Because outside of your fantasyland echochamber, or perhaps personal experience being unwanted, it's the exact opposite. Do you think men have simps and orbiters? Do average-looking men have hordes of women thirsting (actually harassing) after them? Not at all. High-status men like actors and models only, a statistically irrelevant portion. Idk where this victim complex came from you can easily control men because they do not really compete with women, instead do our bidding, and are basically 'pick me!' in a gender. Men are born nothing and worth less than nothing if they don't manage to gain resources/power or at least have the effort/ambition to do so, hence competition and the sense of a 'provider' and male suicide rates lol, their worth is determined by this in society's eyes and often in their own eyes (depending on their identity) and that of their peers. This is society's view and always has been, not even my words. Women are the selectors, men orbit around women. Also, they're not unified at all, neither are women, but men are particularly divisive because they compete to have worth. Now I don't know what fake or isolated/irrelevant shit you read on reddit but this reads like satire.

>Men NEVER had to comply to the social and religious rules they themselves have created.

What evidence do you have of this aside from wanting it to be true? You realise in the middle ages an unmarried man had to marry the women he had sex with (if he wasn't already) and if he were married there was a good chance he'd be executed. Meaning only elites who have the resources to be unbound by laws or a man and a women who are close enough to keep it secret but apparently not close enough to want to marry (or have other circumstances).

Anonymous 54678

The same bullshit opinions you can find on any mra forum, only with the genders reversed to keep up the illusion, eh?

Anonymous 54679

You’re the only one here spending time on mra forums. Go back.

Anonymous 54681


Male poster spotted and you are either extremely cynical or fucking dumb. Apparently is a combination of the two since you actually seem to think you're gonna convince someone it was woman who posted that. You are incapable of understanding my comment, otherwise you wouldn't bring up such dumbass "arguments". The only reason why there are men going after women and not otherwise is because you created and imposed this form of
social interaction between the sexes, by controlling and repressing women's sexuality. You teach women to not have sex at the same time you cry about not getting sex from women. Cause sex is all your primitive mind can think of but it isn't our case. You prohibit generations and more generations of women since the beggining from getting education and working outside of the house and then you cry about women picking men based on their status till today. You cry about women picking men based on their status at the same time you are against women becoming financially independent and rejecting the idea of being "housewives" or "traditional". That's good that you can build up your value in society throughout your life, cause a woman's value is solely determined by her fucking appearance and nothing else. And even if she's good looking, It is 1-over as soon as she hits 40 2- she can't rely on a "male provider" cause once he dumps her and she has no education or a job, she's is pretty much fucked. Now, here's where you cynicism is highlighted: when you deny that men are unified and that they don't comply to monogamy and castidy. You know it's the truth. It is common sense and it is out there for everyone to see. Male friendships, any interactions between men. Our history is made of men working along other men only and subjugating women. The WHOLE history, not only ancient greece or rome where you got to point of fucking each other in the ass while talking about how "women were inferior in all ways and should receive less food and nourishment than males". Men are socially awarded for behaving like whores worldwide. Harems still exists in certain cultures and it doesn't seem to be something very limited to their countries when here in the west we see disgusting degenerate men like Dan Bilzerian being proud of and praised by taking pictures with tons of prostitutes around himself

Anonymous 54684


>your brain on bad memes

Anonymous 54707

agreed with men are the problem, men act like sexually depraved women are the problem when actually a sexually depraved society created by men are the problem, fathers teach their sons to be proud of promiscuous in front of their daughters and expect it not to register

Anonymous 54710

If he's also a virgin then it's not wrong, if he isn't a virgin then it is wrong.

Anonymous 54715


There aren't sexually depraved women. There are only women trying to get resources (money,etc) through sex/sexuality. Men are depraved: they are 98% of pedophiles, zoophiles, etc. They are the group with the highest rate of HIV. Why do you think gay men behave the way they do? Cause they are men dealing with other men. See the lesbians, women dealing with women, on the other hand for example: aids and other STD's are almost non existent among them. Still, our absurdist society keeps calling women "whores" in the name of male supremacy and keep encouraging men to behave like animals even though they are the only ones dying for being whores (exactly what they deserve though) and risk passing it to women who are normal, civilized, beings

Anonymous 54716

men dont take responsibility for how low they set the standard and most dont act like leaders of families

Anonymous 54717


They never did. They never cared for things like family, monogamy and "traditionalism". They ONLY want it from women. Like ALWAYS, men expect to get it all without offering absolutely NOTHING. All of these fucking incels have the chance of finding a virgin "traditional" wife. Now, what are the chances of me finding a virgin man, who WANTS to be virgin and behave like a decent man and is not secretly gay? All of those fucking incels are nothing but whores who just haven't had the opportunity of being whores and on top of that they cry about it

Anonymous 54718

I hear try church but i never leave house

Anonymous 54719

Extremely based. Anyone who identifies as "incel" is just an insecure wannabe manwhore and as such will never be an option for women who believe in pair bonding.
True, but you don't need to become hypersocial to go to church. It's a relatively easy thing to do as there is a sort of social script for what to do in a church. And if it fails and you don't meet a pure husbando, you can always go back to 2D copes.

Anonymous 54722

You people sound like incels trying hard to roleplay as manhaters.

Anonymous 54723


And you sound like a handmaiden and also a tranny

Anonymous 54725



Anonymous 54728

You still sound like role-playing incels.

Anonymous 54761

you can love men and still realise the average modern man is a romantic failure who ruined marriage

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