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Anonymous 54869

if a woman likes a trap, then what is she? gay? straight? something else?

does anyone here like traps?

Anonymous 54870

"Traps" are just men. Why would she be anything other than straight?

Anonymous 54871

Wait, is Gretrel from Sinoalice a trap? Wouldn't that make him Hansel?

Anonymous 54873

I don't know anything about the franchise; but from my thin knowledge Hansel dresses like Gretel because he's crazy and loves her (and she died somehow).


Not all traps are girly and passive, though.
Pic related.

Anonymous 54874

[sensual] Promare …


Anonymous 54875

>pasive, girly, skinny, small and cute
What if I'm not into crossdressers but this is my ideal mate?

Anonymous 54896


I used to love them as a cope for being interested in women (am bi). It gave me the pass to lust over femininity/female imagery while also being able to say "yeah well no homo cuz he's a GUY." Helps that I also like women with smaller breasts hahaha…

So if it's with that purpose even subconsciously I'd say it's a lil gay, maybe less so if there's a focus on the maleness rather than the "female illusion."
But interest in real life femboys is different (more str8 I'd say), and mtfs also different from both.

TL;DR is that I see all I've mentioned as some sort of bisexual attraction, not that it really matters. It can be argued as either straight or gay interest for both men and women which is why I'd class it as such.

Anonymous 54900

i don't like traps, but i love crossdressers and crossplay! i think the male form is beautiful and female clothing accentuates it in a really interesting and attractive way. i'm not into the look when it's actually "passing", tho.

Anonymous 54902

not really. straight femboys and lesbian trannies are probably the majority, even though some of them are more bi than they admit. the main issue is that most would rather be pegged than have normal sex.


>the first
Last I checked English speakers didn't invent hijras, two-spirits or whatever various polynesians are doing.

Anonymous 54940


never heard of traps being used in this way.
very interesting

Anonymous 60604


Anonymous 60623

The (in?)famous question about "are traps gay?" for men has already been answered since years, OP. Guess what the answer was? (video related)
You're still straight for liking them, especially if you focus on their dicks.
However, if you happen to like reverse traps to the same level as some men like traps, I have some bad(?) news for you.

Anonymous 60625

For me they're in the perfect valley of peak 'feminine' signalling (which I am painfully weak for in a male context) without tipping over into actually being women. I just think of myself as a straight person with kinks.

Anonymous 60677

It's like the equivalent of "tomboys" for moids. It's certainly a questionable preference, but technically hetero.

Anonymous 60678

it makes her a based heterosexual

Anonymous 60680

but what if she's attracted to the fact that they look like women? a woman loving femininity is pretty gay

Anonymous 60681

>it makes her a based heterosexual
you heard me

Anonymous 60683


Anonymous 60687

Silence, globo homo.

Anonymous 60688


Traps are only gay if you're a man argue with the wall

Anonymous 60696

Konachan.com - 285…

traps are straight if you're a man, because they look like girls. if you wanna bang something that looks like a woman and you're a woman then that's GAY

Anonymous 60698



Anonymous 60704


no. acceptance

Anonymous 60707


yes, accept that you're wrong

Anonymous 60708

How is liking a cute boy gay in any way? Just because he dresses that way doesn't make it gay, even if you're attracted to them only in drag he's still a boy with a penis at the end of the day.
>they never played dress-up with their bf
You're missing out

Anonymous 60709

anon living the life

Anonymous 60710


I like traps when they still have a masculine resemblance.

Anonymous 60712


This, pretty yet still masculine crossdressers are kinda cute. Picrel lives in my head rent free. Too bad most attractive femboys are gay.

Anonymous 60714

If you mean the anime-esque astolfo crap, then that is literally just fetish stuff for men. I mean I like twinks as well, but that is just too much.

Irl traps though can be quite cute, wouldn't mind it if my bf was like that

Anonymous 60717


i like a trap as long as they have masculine features in some sense, in real life they're cute but almost always gay or pornsick

Anonymous 60719

I don't think it's gay because they aren't actually girls.

Anonymous 60721

it's not gay, just gynephilic because they're feminine

Anonymous 60733

i only like 2d traps when they're "draw a girl, but call it a boy". never got 3dpd interest because they're almost always skinny white uggos

Anonymous 60977

anyone wanna share details about traps you've liked? I've only met a few IRL; lots online though.

Anonymous 60985

Straight and a pedo because you'd be into shota and cute young looking boys.

Anonymous 60988

>still a pedo even if they're over 18
ok redditor.

Anonymous 61022


Anonymous 61358


>pedo because you'd be into shota and cute young looking boys.
Care to explain and clarify what's your definition of a non-shota and a non-young looking boy?
You better not post one of those ugly old farts from your favorite NTR hentai, anon.

Anonymous 62399


Either way, Bridget is the most beautiful boy and so do all blonde traps.

Anonymous 62404

I hope you legit like that character and are not a tranny. I got my eye on you.

Anonymous 62420


Sure, sure.
Watch all over this thread too, then. And always remind them their biology and why are they specifically part of the "LGBT" acronym.

Anonymous 62574

Is this a boy??

Anonymous 62580

not into otome stuff, sorry chief

Anonymous 62584


Anonymous 62643


Anonymous 62648

Meant for >>62574


Otome stuff like that is fine too.

Anonymous 62657

i think it depends on quite a few more factors than just physical appearance and random mannerisms. for example, tieria from gundam 00 is sometimes called a "trap" even though he really doesn't get mistaken for a female. but he's clearly intended to skirt the gender boundaries given his gundam name, random pink cardigans, and occasionally being dressed in a dress for espionage. but he does not act "female" at all. he's the most obnoxious and autistic elitist little shit at the beginning of the series until he got some character development and turned into a well-rounded but still-not-feminine human-like being. i would absolutely not consider having a thing for him being anything but straight for a woman because overall, he still acts and is perceived as masculine (to me and i assume to most people).

Anonymous 62666

Being a trap doesn't really have anything to do with personality, it's about being visually convincing as a woman when dressed as one. How they act outside that visual effect doesn't matter for the term.

Anonymous 62675

z example.png

>tfw attracted to fictional traps but not necessarily "IRL traps"

Seeing an IRL fat gay man's absolutely destroyed asshole for the first time really disillusioned me. It felt like I finally understood/empathized with the men that have disgust for extremely long labia flaps. I have mild interests in exploring a guy's g-spot but if he's already ruined himself with tons of other men and absurdly sized toys I don't think it would be very fun for either of us.

Also I agree with the others saying it's a form of bisexuality identity exploration, like baby steps before finding out if you are truly a lesbian or not. This is particularly accurate for me because I was raised in a highly homophobic home and just like >>54896 said, it kind of gave me a pass to enjoy the feminine form while also feeling like it's "morally okay" because he's actually a guy underneath.

My tastes have expanded since those days and I'm more open to women than I was before.


This is what gets me; why is it (seemingly) not socially okay for women to like femboys/effeminate men? It just feels like something that's constantly gatekept both by straight people ("haha your guy is a manlet, he looks like a faggot") and gay people ("he needs a REAL dick in his ass and you can't provide that lol").

IRL, it really only seems like very few men have this body type but it's one of the few male body types that I actually like.

I truly wonder if it's yet another self-misandry moid problem.


>if they wanted
key phrase there

Anonymous 62692


I've read multiple studies on the futanari/feminine hermaphrodite phenomenon. As it is, conventional science seems to suggest that men who consume futa or trap porn, usually referred to in the studies as "transsexuals" or some variant thereof, are straight due to it being so feminine as to trick the male viewer, or at least in the cases where you otherwise couldn't tell such a thing from just looking. In some studies the penis attraction is explained as anything from projecting their own penis attraction onto the penis of the juxtaposition because men apparently like looking at their own schlong, to an optical illusion of the brain implying something similar as the aforementioned, to simple narcissism. Very well any of the three, really. It is worthy to note that participants otherwise consume nothing of suspect and otherwise consider themselves straight.

Following a similar logic, it should probably be gay for a woman to like any of those things due to them effectively being viewed as women when they so pass. However, I've also studied the Sexology of just female attraction as a baseline, and women seem more attracted to abstractions rather than the physical. This is further backed by women being the primary consumers of written erotic content. The most I've ever gotten off was to a text game. In fact, I've seen pretty convincing studies that imply women do not actually find men physically attractive at all, but instead the individual values that singular woman personally attributes on a case-to-case basis. Some of those studies tracked blood pressure, heart rate, and brain signals when being shown various pictures, and women invariably showed more responses when viewing pictures of naked women than to pictures of naked men. The only exception was women responded to gangbang porn videos, but on the inverse also responded to lesbian porn videos. It went so far as to compare other nonsexual pictures, and that study suggests women find men as attractive as a set of snow-capped mountains. My own two cents is that it's about anticipation.

I can reasonably see two interpretations of this. That girls as a baseline are so narcissistic as to prefer their own form similar to how men are attracted to their own penis, or all women are inherently lesbians who just have the occasional tryst. Or I suppose it could all be a social construct of what would largely be one's own individual making. Nonetheless, interesting stuff.

Also, feminine boys are not traps, they're feminine boys, and I don't think liking them is gay. The problem seems to technically arise when you can no longer tell.
You say that, but it just might be only girls who think that way, and that the exceptions are just that, exceptions.

Anonymous 62693

>tfw attracted to fictional traps but not necessarily "IRL traps"
isn't this normal?
like i love astolfo but im generally not enthralled by 3DPD

Anonymous 62694

this is a cute boy

Anonymous 62695

Bjorn was 15 when this picture was Taken, he doesn't look as pretty as a grown up

Anonymous 62698

A goat is fine too.

Anonymous 62706

>I truly wonder if it's yet another self-misandry moid problem.
Somewhat, but it's not limited to moids. Women here also freak out and accuse posters of being incel moids if they say they like short/effeminate/shy males. IRL women will also imply you're a closeted lesbian or you can do better upon knowing of your non-normie tendencies.

Anonymous 64334


she is a hömösexual my friend

Anonymous 65965

Right. If a woman likes a trap, she's right.
Like, everything good in women, but with dick. Perfect.

Anonymous 66209

Then you shouldn't waste time and force those moids into a relationship. You are not going to ask them politely, sit beside them, ask them out directly if they want to do something later, if you fail you fail and try with the next one until one gets hooked.

Anonymous 66361


I think this fixed picture solves many problems.
Other feminine boys who happen to have a bit more masculine features should be added too, and also a TERF idea where no trap is a tranny unless specifically said by the tranny, like Jun Watarase where it is canon that he gets hurt everytime he gets called a boy.

Anonymous 66362

Typical tranny beh…

Pic related for the last part, an obvious distinction from the normal trap.

Anonymous 66363

Most people consider men straight for liking traps, therefore I think it would make you at least somewhat les. Liking somewhat Shinji doesn't make you gay.

See >>66361. First two are straight, the last one is gay.

Anonymous 66393


Most of the "trap" characters in anime prefer to be refereed to as men anyway. It's trannies misinterpreting the character personalities and twisting them to their perversion.

Anonymous 66398


Anonymous 66546


>Most people consider men straight for liking traps
NTA but I'm 100% sure it isn't the case and the only way it "could" be is by assuming a trap is identifying himself as a "she," therefore a man wouldn't be gay whatsoever for liking "her" even if they are of the same sex.
Yes, that's why I struck the word girl in it since the original meme implied trannism, despite the fact that Ruka is a male and identifies as such.

Anonymous 68574

It's something else. It's pan.

This is why the term pansexual exists. It's for people that'd fuck ''woman'' with a dick or ''man'' with a vag.

Anonymous 68592

Anonymous 68593

people still using funnyjunk in 2013+7 is the saddest part of this

Anonymous 68607


Almost everyone here is still nonetheless focusing on the penis rather than a trap's feminine appearance (like the moids do), and said people are not doing mental gymnastics on why is liking a trap totes gay; the ones that do probably have listened to too many men's mental gymnastics on why traps are 'straight' for them, despite the consensus of this "question of the first fifth of the century," having ended that traps are certainly gay for men to like.

Or, ending this eternal debate in a simple sentence: just keep loving your favorite traps and don't mind much about sexual orientation!

Anonymous 68609


I like traps only when they still have masculine characteristics, like a descent muscular build and broader shoulders. The "draw a girl, call it a boy"-type traps do not interest me whatsoever. I'm straight, I have no interest in what is essentially a female body with a cock slapped on. It's the concept of a crossdressing cute feminine guy I like, moreso than anything else.
"True" 2D traps that look indistinguishable from real women can't be really called gay or straight imho. They're a fantasy fetish, there is no irl equivalent to a perfectly passing anime trap. Asking if it's gay to like what is essentially an anime girl with a penis, is like asking if it's bestiality to like a cartoon furry. The concepts are so divorced from reality it's better to think of them as isolated fetishes, rather than sexual orientations.
Men who like 3d trannies/femboys are undoubtedly gay/bisexual, with either a fetish for feminity as a concept (thus an attraction to crossdressing men) or an attraction to the penis alone, without fully being attrated to a male appearance (repressed gyay/bi).

Anonymous 68628

>fetish for femininity as a concept
I wish there was a term for this since this is basically my own sexuality. Femme women+femboys+femme transwomen. I can "love" people outside of this range, but I won't be as attracted.

Anonymous 68649

It's called gynephilia.

Anonymous 68671


like this?

Anonymous 68673

a more definitive video.
if it's gay for men then surely it's not gay for women.

Anonymous 68674

he isn't masculine at all feature wise tho anon

Anonymous 68877

I-Is that Sneaky?
Never seen that picture if it is him.

Anonymous 68907

If a woman likes traps, she is gay. If a man likes traps, he is gay. The existence of traps is inherently gay therefore being one or being attracted to one is gay, regardless of your own parts. I don’t make the rules.

Anonymous 68922


If he is then he is heavily photoshopped there. But I envy the relationship they got ngl. I would like if I had something like that.

Anonymous 68928

Now THIS is the right answer.

Anonymous 68978


Shit! I just had an Eureka:
Or, maybe liking androgyny itself is inherently gay for both sexes?? Given how traps happen to always have an androgynous face–different from a normal anime girl's–and reverse traps, sometimes, also follow this principle of androgyny, e.g., Kino.

Anonymous 68980


Albeit, most reverse traps will almost always look very shota, yet nevertheless they are still girls, therefore it is 100% gay to like them.

Anonymous 68981

Do traps have dicks? yes
So is it gay for a man(person with a dick) to like a trap((also a man) person with a dick) also yes
Do women have dicks? No
So it's not gay for women to like traps
Checkmate atheists

Anonymous 68982


Yeah, I have to admit that this may be an impossible question to give a proper answer to, but at least cute soft boys exist and will definitely stay with us forever, so there's that.

Anonymous 69005

….this is a boy?

Anonymous 69054


Yeah, according to the tags.
Wished the artist drew him more toned, though. But I absolutely love that small line between his pecs, whatever it is called.

Anonymous 69060


inner pectoral line

Anonymous 69061


>inner pectoral line
Oh, my. Thank you so much for telling me that!

Anonymous 70232


god i love ryo akizuki hes such a fucking cutie

Anonymous 70233


traps are for closeted dykes and trannies, erotic cute shota's is where its at

Anonymous 70234

i call that being based

Anonymous 70237



Anonymous 70241

coomer brain rot

Anonymous 70246


Anonymous 70262

Himitsu no Akuma c…

Welcome to CC.
Enjoy your stay.
Why not both, tho.

Anonymous 74462


Anonymous 74463

She is objectively right.

Anonymous 74618

Yeah but they are so uncommon!
Why aren't they more popular?

Anonymous 74622

They make men insecure.

Anonymous 74672

I hate reverse traps. I'm attracted because it looks like a very cute boy, but I'm disgusted because it has boobs and vagina. It just seems like a waste of a character that could have been a great bishonen.

Anonymous 74673

People have different fetishes and we all have to deal with it, anon.

Anonymous 74679

Can anyone suggest some series/one-shots/whatever with reverse traps? Or tell me about your favorite revvie.

Anonymous 74708

Does W Juliet count?

Anonymous 74885


Because "haha waifu with peepee is funni uwu" memes.

There are plenty of cute boys and bishounens out there. For me, I hate traps because they're just "make a flat chest girl and call it a boy" with little to no masculinity other than Schrodinger's dick. A good design would be like Narancia from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Anonymous 74899

>trap x reverse trap
W Juliet is based.

Anonymous 74931


I hate Astolfo and the worst part is that he ain't like that in Fate/Stay, trannies just misinerpreted his character and ruined his fandom.

Bedivere is better. He is actually relevant af.

Anonymous 74948

I can get under astoflo as a trap shota but then again it sucked how the fans saw him. I dont dig the lame pink hair either. You cannot fix bad design, it's like Alexander. Alexander from Fate was supposed to basically be Alexander The Great wish was a cute manlet, not super manly but still did the heroic deeds he did, he was brave despite his tastes.

Fate version: a fucking Bara ginger guy that makes no sense with his historical description. Fate usually makes bad designs except for Lancer, Saber & Archer.

Anonymous 74956

I really like moids that can look like cute girls but I don't like trannies and never will tbqh. Because to me being able to look cute in general is an aesthetic, a rare aesthetic that I find so precious. Very few pull it off naturally and even then it only lasts from boyhood to whatever long lasts the young adulthood of that moid, there is no way that keeps being the case in mid adulthood but its fine things made of matter must age and degrade to eventually pass away so new life can take place.
Besides there is a lot of fitting styles they can jump into as they age like Bjorn Andersen did. Beauty is beauty.

Anonymous 74961


Trannies literally hate the whole idea of traps/crossdressing because acknowledging that a man in a dress is still a man would destroy their entire ideology.

Anonymous 75917


What about moids with masculine bodies but feminine faces?

Anonymous 75934

Is liking cute boys the absolut cope for girls that can't be cute themselves?

Anonymous 75935

i think it's the exact opposite. i have a general ''cute'' face and a petite body but i like cute boys because they make me feel more mature and beautiful (also more dominant but let's not get nsfw…)

Anonymous 75936

You can have the fat ugly balding men all to yourself. I will keep coping with the cute boys.

Anonymous 75939


>not liking men with cute bishi boy faces and fit bodies
My taste has evolved past the point of human comprehension

Anonymous 75940

same.. i wish they were less rare

Anonymous 75941


All the girls I've known that were into cute boys weren't cute at all. Just like the girls I know that like korean idols (boys and girls). It's like they were obssessed with somebody else's life that was cute so they could ''inhabit'' their cute life. Does that make any sense?

>If they aren't cute boys they must be fat ugly balding man.
>Non fit bodies, baldness and faces that don't look like 16 yo teenager models can't be attractive.
Okay. I like 3D with all its ''flaws''. I have a softspot for receiding lines and men that have passed their 40s. 70s Marlon Brando looks very handsome to me.

But do you like 3D? Questions to the anon above you too. The closest I've been to liking a cute boy was when I had crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio or Jared Leto. Do you use the 2D FanArt as inspo or is it the only thing you feel attracted to?

Anonymous 75961

Uh, i've been around koreaboos all my life and i can tell you that they are generally very very cute looking. Most of them are underage, so they already have that cuteness to them and coupled with the asian cutesy style, makeup, beauty ideals, etc makes them a lot cuter than the average girl. Not denying that there are a lot of uggos that prefer cute boys, but all of my friends have generally been extremely conventionally attractive tbh

Anonymous 75968

Can't agree with what you're saying, basically because as I've seen, praising the korean or japanese culture and pretending to follow their beauty styles and stuff doesn't actually make you prettier (adopting some ''beauty ideals'' as you said wouln't affect your appearence, it just determines your preferences I think). At the end, a bunch of whites, blacks or any other ethnicity that isn't japanese or korean and takes the korean or japanese fashion and beauty style usually fails miserably, not because they are specially ugly, but because it looks awkward and cringe. At least that's what I think. Most fujoshis idolize cute boys (the ones that don't have a stong preference for bara) and some of them can truly be physically disgusting in terms of hygene, and terrible when it comes to style. Another perfect example are all those pedos that are obssessed over lolis and moe, that doesn't make them less disgusting. Bad bad hygiene and alimentary habits will affect them even though they praise some cute figurines.

Anonymous 75974

Idk man, if you look at the new wave of e-girls you'll notice a good chunk of them are weebs who cosplay. To cosplay you'd have to follow asian beauty aesthetic and i think it compliments them a lot even if they are white. Like Belle Delphine is honestly a 10 in my eyes. I agree about the fujoshis and loli stuff though, i just don't think i've met many of them. I guess i'm more referring to tik tok girls.

Anonymous 75978


>Like Belle Delphine is honestly a 10 in my eyes.

Anonymous 75985

im ugly and im proud

Anonymous 75988

I like cute women and tbh it kind of is.
While I have a round features, I'm too tall, strong, and have a weird vibe so I can't pull off OTT cutesy looks. People have called me cute unprovoked, but I know I'll never be endearing in a certain way that small/friendly women are. I'm not super mannish, but more ladylike than girlish.

Nothing wrong with being attracted to a different aesthetic than your own, though. I know for a fact there are small lesbians into big women, and I'm sure there are femboys into rr who are as well.

I assume by "can't be cute" you either mean mature or "masculine" facial features or body, not weight or hygiene (since those are easy to control without surgery).

Anonymous 76004

she's one of the prettiest women i've ever seen tbqh, so no bait.

Anonymous 76005


It's the opposite for me, I'm short and look a bit younger than my age so I always feel more comfortable and attracted to shorter guys with more youthful features. Tall, manly men are intimidating to me.
And in 2D I just think pretty anime boys are hot, it's as simple as that

Anonymous 76006


>If they aren't cute boys they must be fat ugly balding man
>posts ugly balding old man
every time

Anonymous 76010

That's the spirit, really.

>Nothing wrong with being attracted to a different aesthetic than your own, though.
Of course, my question isn't supposed to be mean.

>I assume by "can't be cute" you either mean mature or "masculine" facial features or body, not weight or hygiene (since those are easy to control without surgery).

Yes, more matue than masculine, really. I was just wondering if the idea of cuteness itsef was something very attracting to girls that ''do not fit'' in the cute category (because of different styles or whatever), and that's not necessarily bad I think, unless there's an obssession: I don't want to interact with anyone who isn't 2D or I feel insecure about my image because of 2D characters, etc.. There are cute boys in real life and I guess there's many anons in this thread that like real cute boys over 2D cute boys. What I think is troubling is people with self-image issues that worship 2D shota and korean idols (almost as fake as the first).

I'm judgemental but that's it, I'm not telling anyone what I would think that they should do, I just want to argue a little bit.

That's surprising, could you post some photo of other girl/woman that you find pretty? I'm curious if it's Belle's facial traits or E-thot style what you like.

So you like both real cute guys and 2D. That's interesting.
>And in 2D I just think pretty anime boys are hot
Like pic related? He looks like a child.

>Marlon Brando

>posts drawing of a prepubescent femenine-looking guy with coloured hair, fishmouth and swollen eyes from crying

enjoy the ride

Anonymous 76014

Is liking older men an absolute cope for your daddy issues?

Anonymous 76015

Brando was a fatass. He only slimmed doen for movies. He was a pain in the ass to work with too.

Anonymous 76032

I just call this kind of aesthetics cute moids in contast with the handsome moid or the rugged moid.

Any of those 3 can be conbined for different results. This can be fine looking so long as the moid is mentally sane. Blah blah.

Trannies get the bullet though. (Or just go to male prision/psychward)

Anonymous 76087

Not really.
Actually, the real cope of girls who 'can't be cute themselves' is liking Disney princesses and kawaii stuff a little too much.

Anonymous 76118


Twunks are the superior variant of the trio.

>74885 said it well IMO. There needs to be masculinity more than Schrodinger's Dick. Trannies of both kinds have ruined trap and fujo/fan spaces when it's just an aesthetic preference like Anon said. TiFs take every cute moid and make them post tit chop or whatever for their delusions and TiMs are always deluding themselves that they're every cute moid in media.

Anonymous 76121

I think it's a gray area. I don't think liking traps is an automatic "you're bi" but I think that if you like normal men and also like traps, you're straight and if you like women and also like traps but not normal men I think it's still ok to say you're gay.

Anonymous 76143


They're pretty older than my father :3 Cope harder 2D androginous ejoyist.

>Brando was a fatass
He was fit before getting fat.

>He was a pain in the ass to work with too.

Yea but at least he was talented… right?

From my experience they madly love cute guys too (koreans, white but femenine looking guys and 2D), what you suggest is a fair addition to their tastes.

Anonymous 76145

I wish there were more deep voiced traps like lio fotia.

Anonymous 76161

Same. In general I wish more traps were androgynous rather than just being anime girls with penises

Anonymous 76169

Deep voice you say?
This goes beyond the 'trap' category (literally an anime girl with a penis), but this is still so funny and it still makes me laugh.

Anonymous 78331


Femboys are the ultimate straight womans choice. A regular boy has dick and abs but comes loaded with gay shit such as sports, desire for shopping videogames and useless shit and listening to boring shitty podcasts.
A gay dudette is gay but she has a partner that shares her interests.
A femboy has the best of both worlds, a male body but with enough /hb/ness to keep up with you, good interests and a great, empathetic personality.

A reverse trap is 200% gay. Not only you are fucking a woman, you are also putting up with the dumbness of a m*id.

Anonymous 78349


I like pretty looking boys but I hate calling them femboys. Back then they were just pretty boys or flowerboys like they are called in Korea.

Anonymous 78355

They’re not talking about prettyboys though, this thread is about traps, who intentionally try to look like women through their clothing and hair. Of course guys like the one you posted are superior, because they don’t tread into the territory of trying to be the woman. They are masculine and beautiful.

Anonymous 78356

really pisses me off that all the hot feminine guys and cute crossdressing guys are just gonna drink the tranny cool-aid, mutilate and eventually kill themselves

Anonymous 78363

>does anyone here like traps?
nope i do not like them at all in fact i hate faggotry in general
lesbians dont count because there's nothing degenerate about desiring women

Anonymous 78370

isn't that actually a chick ? i think i remember them posting something about being trans or whatever. i mean looks like a girl to me

Anonymous 78401

Nah, not all. But more than before yes if they have autism they will be swayed away by the tranny lies.

Anonymous 79531

that's @shirogane__sama . She's a biological female.

Anonymous 80236

im stuck in the hellish limbo that is hunky men in womens clothing
not quite masculine, not quite feminine, and fucking impossible to find porn without the dude being a scrawny fuck

Anonymous 80256

Lance Hart is a fairly buff dude that sometimes wears lingerie or stockings in videos, if that does anything for you. Unfortunately most of it is lame femdom stuff that turns me off entirely.

Anonymous 80258

>watching real flesh porn

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