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random shit that pisses/pissed you off Anonymous 55140

a thread for anger. me first:

>be me

>be sitting in room, thinking about past
>remember "friend" in hs that would always compliment me
>compliments, in my past, have always been cruelly double-sided, false, or used to manipulate me
>don't tell her all that. just kindly ask that she not compliment me so much, it makes me a bit uncomfortable
>she gets mad and starts calling me a bitch instead
>runs off and tells all our friends that i'm "ungrateful" (lol?)
>become even more isolated than i was before
>fast-forward to now
>getting mad all over again

now you

Anonymous 55175

What a weirdo friend, who knows what she was thinking.
My dad annoys me so much I dread being home for the summer
>doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom
>when he washes his hands he doesn't dry them well and gets all the doorknobs wet
>every room he enters smells like cigarettes, smokes 3 cigarettes in a row
>drinks all morning on the weekends and then he just sleeps all day (that's ok at least he doesn't annoy me when he is sleeping)
>constantly tells me what to do like I'm a little kid like "put on a jacket" I'm not even cold or "sit here the light is better" and gets angry when I don't listen to him oh my god it doesn't concern you at all why does it matter if I don't listen?
>doesn't do any work around the house can't even cook an egg
>doesn't shower for a week or two at a time, is a manual laborer
>whenever someone expresses an opinion he plays the devil's advocate and makes strawmann arguments
>when someone tells him something he did is bad he makes himself out to be the victim, I don't remember him ever apologizing he just makes us out to be crazy
>brings up our faults from years ago, one time he brought up an instance when I talked to him about how god is real because my kindergarden teachers told me so, which I don't believe anymore, and compared it to me now, I am 21, telling him something I was taught in college is real
I'm sorry I know I sound like an angsty teenager but he angers me so much, I have to rant somewhere, I love him he is my father and he is not a bad man. But living with him is exhausting.

Anonymous 55236

>parents were neglectful/emotionally abusive
>left years ago, never looked back
>still get nightmares at least once a week about them
>pisses me off that my dreams get stolen and destroyed by those assholes even years after the fact
>sometimes wake up screaming profanities at them or punching the wall in my sleep
>have actually had dreams about murdering them
I wish my brain would stop this shit, I don't appreciate it. I want to dream about sex and anime swordfights again. I wish they would both hurry up and die but that might take another decade or two.

Anonymous 56199

>tries to report a mild injury in a former job
>gets falsely let off the job due to shortage of work
>applies for multiple jobs
>slandered in the community, most places don't want to hire me
>jobs end up making me leave due to toxic workplace (didnt want to stay anyways)
>my predators were all 10+ years older than me, all of them were in a position of power, one only my age (how fucking unbelievable)
>realize how people can be cruel
>realize how people can pretend to be your friend and not give a fuck about their shitty manipulative behavior
>waiting for karma, for all of them

Next time a job does this, its going to court. I have yet to learn my lessons. No more miss nice girl.

Anonymous 56209

> Decide to try and better myself for the nth time
> Start by trying to leave 4chan because the constant incel toxic talk makes me feel like shit
> Go to reddit for some self improvement, disease specific and lesbian communities
> People upvoting highly retarded posts, upvoting comments with wrong info
> Try to communicate and give another POV as nicely as possible
> Get downvoted and banned
> Making your own posts is impossible because of the 56 rules and having to be manually approved by a mod
> Nothing i can do since the mods are on a power trip and mute me without answering

Guess it's back to 4chan then. I wish there was a middle ground beyond here because it's so slow :/

Anonymous 56213

Go to /fit/ if you want to self improve then? Or even lolcow's /g/. Too bad all the intellectual boards /Sci/, /his/, /lit/, are full of losers and politics.

Anonymous 56214

Have you tried talking with people outside the internet?

Anonymous 56227

Even my formating is retarded now,fuck

Thanks, i used to, it's one of the best boards but i'd still aways get distracted over incel stuff. Now at least i know how to ignore idiots better and move on, so it might be what i need

It's one of my goals

Anonymous 56231

It's never too late to reach for it, anon. You need to communicate with real people while you still have the chance.

Anonymous 56303

>elementary school gym class
>school kept trophy room of records
>remember there was a record for situps that senpai held and i wanted to break
>i trained for months doing 100 situps a day at home
>went to gym class on the day of the tests, did my best
>I broke the record
>i was so happy
>turns out my narcissistic liar attention whore of a backstabbing "friend" lied (i have confirmation from her counting-partner that she lied) and said she did more than me
>she got her name on the trophy instead of me
>found out that day that friends can't be trusted and hard work is overrated
Fuck you Allison you dirty lying skank.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79691

Moved to >>>/feels/53943.

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